Astrological Anointing Oils. By Black Earth Botanica.


Each oil is crafted with intent in small batches on astrologically corresponding days or events. 10ml black glass bottle with steel roller ball, all natural essential oil blend in a jojoba base. (Essential oils are not recommended for the pregnant or nursing, and never to be taken internally. Although rare, discontinue use if irritation occurs. Volatile oils may discolor clothing or oxidize jewelry)

Moon. (JASMINE, NEROLI, SANDALWOOD, MUGWORT) – Moon rules water sign Cancer, and embodies intuition, sensitivity, femininity, and dreaming. This anointing oil is made with white night blooming flowers, lucid dream enhancing Mugwort, plants from the sea, and those sacred to the water element, with the essence of the tides. Of particular use during full moons, when honoring feminine deities, and rituals of clairvoyance and intuition.

Sun. (TANGERINE, AMBER, FRANKINCENSE) – Sun rules fire sign Leo, the heart, and represents individuality, positive upward energy, warmth, and opportunity. This anointing oil was made of scarlet smokey amber resin, sacred incense, warming spices, and a ray of uplifting bright citrus that stimulates joy and marries the blend together.

Venus. (GERANIUM, YLANG YLANG, CARDAMOM) – Venus rules earth sign Taurus, and air sign Libra, and evokes love, sensuality, beauty and the arts. This anointing oil was crafted from beautiful and exotic flowers sacred to Venus, fragrant sensual cardamom, earthy aphrodisiacs and juicy mandarin topnotes to harmonize and balance. Of particular use during major Venus transits, Spring equinox, and for rituals of beauty, sensuality, and attraction.

Mercury. (LEMONGRASS, LAVENDER, BERGAMOT) – Mercury rules earth sign Virgo, and air sign Gemini, and stands for communication, focus, and our interactions with others. This anointing oil is made with herbs that promote clarity and thought, uplifting mints which are sacred to Mercury, lavender for clarity, fluorite for clear communication, and aromatherapy inspired extractions that calm and help you retain foresight when stressed, such as bergamot and lemongrass. Of particular use during major Mercury transits, retrogrades, travel, problems with electricity and rituals of insight.

Mars. (EVERGREEN, BASIL, PEPPER) – Mars rules the fire sign Aries (and co-rules Scorpio), and is evoked for defense, action, sexual charms and victory in combat. This anointing oil is blended with powerful protective plants, warming ginger root, ancient evergreen spikes (all stinging and thorny leaves, as well as spicy plants, are sacred to Mars), and a sensual marriage of pepper and tulsi. Of particular use during major Mars transits, retrogrades, for anointing protective rune staves, and rituals of empowerment.

Saturn. (VETIVER, PATCHOULI, MYRRH) – Saturn rules earth sign Capricorn, with it’s long groundbreaking transits, manifestations, restrictions, and deep karmic debts. This anointing oil was created with ceremonial sage, dark lingering resins, and magical medieval herbs that symbolize, and are sacred to, these sentiments. Of particular use during Saturn’s return, and rituals of releasing fetters; the scent of a symbolic shift to or from control. Life’s lessons made incarnate… passages through time.

Jupiter. (WHITE GRAPEFRUIT, OAKMOSS, CLOVE) – Jupiter rules the fire sign Sagittarius and represents luck, abundance, and living fully. This anointing oil was created from a blend of fecund fruits sacred to Jupiter, hoodoo lucky hand herbs, money drawing and gambler’s spices taken straight from rootwork traditions infused in a jojoba base, charged with magnetite and scented with grapefruit, oakmoss, clove, and other essential oils. Of particular use during major Jupiter transits, when you want luck on your side, to bring some fun into your life, and rituals for gain.

Uranus. (COFFEE, ANISE, MYRRH, SPICE) – Uranus rules air sign Aquarius, and is the force that jolts us out of our comfortability, or perhaps our mundaneness. It is rebellious, liberating, and sometimes destructive. What better scents to represent this planet but a blend of the most grounding and jolting? This anointing oil blends coffee, dark cacao and vanilla with rich piquant spices sacred to Uranus, and smells like an autumn latte. Of particular use during major Uranus transits, retrogrades, and rituals where you would associate coffee as a comforting smell or an energizing one.

Neptune. (CEDARWOOD, WILD CHAMOMILE, SEAWEED) – Neptune rules water sign Pisces, and is considered the higher octave of Venus. It presides over the areas of sensitivity, imagination, psychic gifts, and day dreams. It also holds presidence as the planet of Illusions; the gleaming, constantly in motion ripples of water. This anointing oil blends summer wildflowers, the tendrils of seaweed on a shipwreck, the nostalgia of the ocean, a plant based ambergris accord, seashore and psychic vision enhancing plants for a blend to aid the dreamer. Of particular use during major Neptune transits, retrogrades, honoring water deities, and even rituals of clairvoyance.

Pluto. (WHITE ROSE, ABSINTHE, BLACK SPICE) – Commonly called the “Sex and Death” planet, Pluto rules the water sign Scorpio and signifies regeneration, rebirth, transformations, and dark sexual magic. This anointing oil blends rare, sensual white roses with the sultry armoise and anise scent of absinthe, plant messengers of the underworld, and smokey black spices. Of particular use during major Pluto transits, retrogrades, and rituals of regeneration and dark energy.


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