Ad Orbita Tarot.


From the soil to the stars, Ad Orbita is a Tarot deck that explores ancient orbits of inner and outer space. Through 78 cards — Major and Minor Arcana — Ad Orbita journeys past the present’s night sky, into the sprawling, boundless realm of imagination. Finding growth in gravity both near and afar, we move through cycles that foster or foil the fears that swing along the path of our creative fate.

When will the tides turn?
When will a star give up and burn?
When will a bee, buzzing our ear from a lightyear away, be heard?

Wands seek balance within a star, in which the fire and light of two suns become one.
Cups look to the gravity of ocean waves that pull and rouse our own internal movement.
Swords follow the orbit of celestial bodies, bringing the path of distant galaxies closer to home.
Pentacles stem from the seasonal and botanical movement at our fingertips, the nearest connection to all things eternal.

The Ad Orbita Tarot holds:
– 78 hand-illustrated cards―the full Major & Minor Arcana.
– Beautiful, durable cards with Antique Gold gilded edges.
– A foldout with thoughtfully written meaning.
– A sturdy, two-piece keepsake box.

First Edition

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