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Love Letters From a Witch: Winter Witching

December 10, 2018

Love Letters From a Witch: Winter Witching

Winter Witching

Going inward or going underground to nourish the body, mind, and spirit is as necessary for productivity as it is feared. In this day and age the obsession with doing, doing, doing, and FOMO (fear of missing out) is silently killing our magic. Incubation, hibernation, sleep, and gestation, is not only a requirement for our well-being and the replenishment of our brain and physical body. It is an important and required way of engaging our creativity, emotions and recharging our magic. I encourage you to let your dreams and visions have time for rest. To integrate wisdom and living in the present moment with what is just right in front of you. Do not confuse this with giving up on your goals or being lazy. See it more like a moment to let things breathe. To create space that better cradles and supports being in the now. Just like an expectant mother will take in the nutrients needed and protective care for her soon to be born child, you must do the same for your manifestations and magic. While setting intentions and manifesting your desires are all the new age range, and can get you feeling like the energy is moving. The Wise Witch knows you don’t just dream up a big idea, sprinkle fairy dust on it, then call it a day. Intuition can summon forth an idea or project to be mused upon. Especially when it’s a monumental one meant to help on a larger scale. Whispers of inspiration begin to water and feed the dream with suggestions of activities that support the success of a vision. However, we must go back into the darkness, the void, the quiet to let it form as it should, if at all. When I feel a nudge of an idea, it also feels just as important to give it time and protective space to grow, evolve, and morph into its true form. Too many times I have rushed into action. Telling anyone and everyone what I was up to before the idea even fully came into being. This kind of enthusiasm can fuel us but can be short-lived. As sharing your dreams too early can rob them of their chance to be better than you could have imagined. This doesn’t mean you cannot share your vision, just be mindful with whom and what you are sharing it with. Inviting only supportive ears and supportive energy to keep the momentum until you feel confident with accepting full responsibility for manifesting your wishes. If you have any hesitation, lack of faith, or fear it will also hear you. When these things hear you they let you know by reflecting doubt, fear, scarcity, and downright non-constructive criticism back. The act of deliberate stillness can fortify you. It can allow you to get clear about what is actually needed and available to foster the manifestation of clear intentions. It can also sweep away the static or distractions that have nothing to do with what you are creating but somehow ended up in the same room with them. With the quiet, you can be heard loudly by your guides, ancestors, and spirit. Ever notice how we often we ask “around” the topic of what we want? Inviting in crumbs because the idea of the whole loaf feels, “too big”. The best thing about the quiet is losing our inhibitions to our expression. We can be honest and state what it is exactly what we want and desire, unedited, without worry about it being wrong. There is space to work it out, to edit, to rewrite, and revise until it feels just right to reveal. We can get strong by regenerating in the peace without the noise of other people’s wishes for us. Which are often wishes for themselves? These winter months can be a wonderful time to go back to things we left unfinished, or perhaps abandoned because the busy life called us to fulfill an easier to reach a dream. It’s a time to slow down, and notice the details that need to be tidied up, the contacts list cleaned up, the energetic and psychic drawers sorted, while enjoying visitations of familiar spaces and places you once haunted to gather your thoughts. It is also a great time to peacefully come back to your own practice. To honor what you got here in the first place. By doing so you can energetically inventory what you are finishing up, and leaving behind, so you may move into the beginning of the New Year with no unfinished business. This is the grace of the quiet. The place to clear the decks and begin laying the foundation of a new era. It’s a beautiful time to honor darkness because here is where the light and flame is born within, ready to radiate out and set forth in a new direction. May you enjoy this peace. May you feel the grace within you in the quiet. May all your visions receive all that they require to grow, thrive, and be made manifest out of the dark and birthed fully into the light of your life.

-Marcella Kroll

instagram @marcellakroll