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Love Letters From a Witch: Lonely Path of The Priestess

January 15, 2020

Lonely Path of The Priestess

Greetings to the Land and Sky Gods!

I haven’t so much lost my way, but have found a path back to myself by consistently obliterating all the imposed limitations bestowed upon me by old narratives and family of origin wounds. I can’t tell you how to do this or what the best direction is, but when you decide to free yourself from an inherited prison life architecture there is going to be lots of pushback, resistance to the change from the world around you, and learning to rely on your inner compass. You may be met with respect, absolution, gossip, slander, love, worship, and mistrust because of this soul mission. Whatever you do, don’t give up! You are not here to change anyone else, but you can heal yourself, and that can be the gift you give the world. Being an example can inspire them to do their work, and the healing can continue.

Often that means retreating from your surroundings to get to a quiet space to process your thoughts and anything you’ve picked up from other’s projections, family, social media, community, and what have you. You have to navigate the difference between what is solitude and isolation. There is a difference. Taking space is highly necessary when you are a highly empathic, sensitive, or intuitive person. Your emotions can run the show, and your internal compass can become erratic and off if you are always navigating in other people’s energy. To get clarity, you must periodically remove yourself from other people’s energies so you don’t feel confused, or trapped by energies that are not your own. No matter how much energy clearing you do, sometimes the best thing you can do is step back, and get to higher ground, so you can proceed with a clear conscious, and not just be reacting.

We have layers and lifetimes of systemic trauma, learned behavior, assimilation for survival, archaic patriarchal structures, and genocides to process. Nowhere in the history books does there appear to be evidence of working on healing our family and societal traumas. Communities may have tried, but if there was it was destroyed, and we are back at starting from scratch. I have to be direct and honest when saying that this job, this task, this life, and privilege of healing is so painful, and quite frankly sucks. However this is the path that is mine, and some of you have chosen to walk it too. Selfishly, I don’t want to come back again to do this human thing. I believe in reincarnation, but I also believe in evolution and ascension, and my spirit wants to GTFO of this 3-dimensional existence. Being in a body is uncomfortable (for me personally), but being trapped in your mind without hope is probably the worst kind of Hell I could imagine. I still dream happy thoughts and astral travel to beautiful places. There is still hope glimmering from an unknown light source (perhaps it’s the heartbeat of Andromeda, but I digress), but the reality of these moments are fleeting. I wonder if I will ever be happy, received, appreciated, loved by a partner, have a home of my own, and an actual community in the place I reside?

This all sounds so fucking trite and depressing, right? Sorry, these are the thoughts on this plane, in the air, alone in my thoughts to travel to meet my community. The people who support me, appreciate, respect, and receive me. See how funny that is, the answer is always right there is we open our eyes to it. Eventually we full circle back. Therein lies the problem with thinking one is terminally unique. It creates separation and dissonance in the soul. When all my soul wants is to be free and express it’s purpose, which is here to help you express yours and clear out whatever is blocking you from it. So here are three cheers to another year down and the close of a decade. These are my wishes for the collective conscious for the year ahead.

May your spiritual pilot light be lit from your truth.

May you find the soul community, love, support, and connection in the here and now.

May you claim your divine birthright to exist in perfect harmony with your truth.

May the blessings of your existence enhance, inform, inspire, and elevate the world around you.

Last but not least…

May you be seen, received, valued, respected, loved, and cherished in all of the healthiest of ways by those in your circle.




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