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Leah Samuels

Leah Samuels



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Leah Samuels is an astrologer and creator of Moonlight Offerings. An astrology reading with Leah is an exploration of your birth chart, a map depicting the location of the planets at the moment of your birth. Leah has an innate ability to access the ancient language of astrology and apply this knowledge to your everyday life. Leah’s intuitive practice is inspired by magick and the Moon. Her interpretation of your astrology chart is delivered with compassion and curiosity and many report feelings of validation and clarity found in this healing exchange. Leah trained under the brilliant author & astrologer Kelly Lee Phipps and completed the Tao of Astrology course. Since then, she has lived and worked in Oregon, Florida, and Colorado. She is honored to offer astrology workshops and read the charts of many beautiful souls at Ritualcravt.