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Laura Brown

Laura Brown


15 MIN | $30

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You will be booking an in-person session unless otherwise selected!

Laura Brown has worked as an Intuitive Counselor and Tarot reader for the past 17 years, lending her insight to one-on-one clients, in workshops and privately held gatherings. Laura’s unique reading style weaves together psychic insights with Tarot to provide you with a reading that is rich with detail and colored with depth. Her readings are both reflective, helping you to understand why things are unfolding as they are and your role in this process, as well as predictive, illuminating the paths before you and the probable outcomes with each. Those who Laura works with leave each session empowered with the knowledge of what steps to take and changes to make. Her reading style is very down to Earth, ensuring the insight and action steps are accessible and relatable. In addition to Tarot readings Laura also offers Akashic Readings.


Akashic Session:

The Akashic Records are an energetic storehouse for your Soul’s blueprint. They provide you with invaluable information on this lifetime and past lifetimes. These records are “read” based upon your questions and each session is channeled.
These sessions are also a frequency exchange that clears your field, providing you with clearing and healing that helps facilitate shifts in your energetic field. These sessions are great for those who are feeling blocked or stagnant in any area of life.
Those who are looking to connect directly to their Spiritual teams to gain insight into important life choices, trajectory and more will find these sessions a profound pivot point. When you purchase your session you will receive an intake form direct from me.
This form will help you to get clear on your intentions and questions for your session.

Intuitive Medicine Session:

Melding the intuitive with the tangible, Intuitive Medicine sessions provide energetic alchemy for those looking for insight into what is happening in an area of life, what is likely to come and the benefits of mentoring helping you to take the insight forward into your day to day.
Intuitive Medicine is a combination of intuitive counseling, mentoring and other practices. This helps you to facilitate desired changes, shift frequency and provide a definitive road map for what’s to come and how to navigate it.
A client favorite for years, these sessions have helped many make profound shifts, holistically. After scheduling your session you will receive an intake form direct from that will help me to prepare for your session allowing us to maximize our time together.

Quantum Healing + Activation:

Quantum Healing is a multidimensional, in-depth modality that addresses all components of being.
This modality transcends the current 3D reality giving me the ability to clear and release any misaligned energy impacting your current lived reality.

Quantum Healing addresses physical matters such as pain and chronic illness, emotional blocks from this life and past life, including trauma. It helps to clear the mental fields of misaligned thought forms, belief programming inhibiting growth.

Since all matters, is their base, have roots within your energetic field, this modality addresses what is often most neglected, your energy. Your template and energetic fields will be cleared, aligned, and upgraded according to your desired intentions. We will activate your highest vibrational, most optimal timelines and facilitate connection with your higher consciousness.

You will experience activations that amplify your psychic/intuitive abilities, clear blockages within all dimensions of being, and provide you with the freedom to explore and live a life of your design.

We will split our time between intuitive dialogue to hone in on your intentions and current obstacles. This portion will inform our healing session that follows.
These sessions are potent facilitators of release and cleansing to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Aftercare suggestions and guidelines will be provided along with any intuitive guidance that comes through.


You can learn more about Laura through her website and follow along with her at

@intuitivealchemy.co  |  https://intuitivealchemy.co/

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