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Laura Brown

Laura Brown


15 MIN | $45

30 MIN | $90

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50 MIN | $150


You will be booking an in-person session unless otherwise selected!

Laura Brown has worked as an Intuitive Counselor and Tarot reader for the past 17 years, lending her insight to one-on-one clients, in workshops and privately held gatherings. Laura’s unique reading style weaves together psychic insights with Tarot to provide you with a reading that is rich with detail and colored with depth. Her readings are both reflective, helping you to understand why things are unfolding as they are and your role in this process, as well as predictive, illuminating the paths before you and the probable outcomes with each. Those who Laura works with leave each session empowered with the knowledge of what steps to take and changes to make. Her reading style is very down to Earth, ensuring the insight and action steps are accessible and relatable. In addition to Tarot readings Laura also offers Akashic Readings.


Akashic Reading:

The Akashic Records are your invitation to deep, soul-level experience and a reconnection to who you truly are and what you truly are. You will be introduced to guides, both Galactic and Angelics, Ancestors, and a level of support and love you’ve never felt before. Akashic readings penetrate the veil and offer love, healing, and a greater, deeper connection to self. I channel the records through the Prayer of the New Earth, which connects me to the Pinnacle, or the Pleiadian High Council. They open the gateways for you to receive answers to your deepest questions as well as bring forth a variety of helping beings who wish to support you on your journey. My sessions are client-directed. You ask the question and I channel the answer. If you need deeper insight I ask for more and channel until there is nothing left to provide and then ask you to proceed with the next question. This puts you in the driver’s seat of the session.

You can expect: A session with me begins with a light meditation that is short but deeply grounding. I will then open the records and take a few moments of silence to see who and what comes forth and then begin answering your questions. Topics typically explored within the records have to do with past lives, chords, ties, vows, and oaths made during those lifetimes as well as relationships, patterns, blockages, and much more.

Intention: My intention with every session is to provide you with the deepest insight available at the time. I seek to help you understand your past lives, your present as well as the infinite possibilities for your future. Note that I said possibilities as we retain free will choice to change our path at any time. Typically if there are blockages, trauma, or vows from past lives the Pinnacle will provide solutions to release these.

Results: The results are that you feel clarified and hold a deeper understanding of your questions. This is a deep activation and an energetic transmission that connects you to your higher self, the Soul level aspect of you that is always available to assist you. Each session leaves you feeling uplifted, surrounded by love, support, and awareness that you are never alone and always have guides available to sweetly hold and support you.


You can learn more about Laura through her website and follow along with her at

@intuitivealchemy.co  |  https://intuitivealchemy.co/

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