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Justin Taylor

Justin Taylor


15 MIN| $25
30 MIN| $50


30 MIN| $50
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30 MIN| $50


You will be booking an in person reading unless otherwise selected!


Justin Taylor has been fascinated and involved with the esoteric since childhood. As an inquisitive student, he is devoted to learning and expanding on his practice. This quest for knowledge is what urged his study of astrology, tarot, divination and energetic principles. Justin Taylor is an unconventional diviner – he channels his innate intuitive gifts of astrology and tarot to bring forth the necessary messages meant for you, bringing clarity, insight and guidance to your life. Whether it is a straight forward tarot spread, or a detailed walk through of your unique astrological makeup; his mission for every reading is to leave you feeling hopeful, inspired and above all, empowered. It is his relationship to the mystical that will help reconnect you to the magic that lives within us all.

Synastry Astrology Reading: This reading is ideal for understanding the compatibility between two or more people, as we merge each unique chart together to grasp the overarching themes.

Astrocartography: An Astrology reading of your unique natal chart as it’s placed over a map of any location you desire. Astrocartography gives insight into how you might experience certain geographical locations. This reading is ideal for those thinking about any move or relocation.

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