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Horoscopes | September 2020

September 1, 2020

By Leah Samuels of Moonlight Offerings

This month begins during Virgo Season, with a Full Moon in Pisces on September 1st. Virgo is a mutable Earth sign that signifies the transitional energy between seasons. During this Full Moon, the Sun trines Uranus, which brings breakthroughs, and serves as a nervous system check-in.

Virgo is known for its skills in organization, discernment, and healing.

Mercury, at home in Virgo, uses critical thinking to make necessary improvements to yield more fruitful results. While Virgo focuses on the details, the Full Moon in Pisces is visionary, and connects us to a bigger picture. In other words, Pisces illuminates the “why”, whereas Virgo focuses on “the how” it will get done.

Virgo teaches us to exist in a growth mentality. Yet, growth is often a messy process.

On September 9th, Mars begins its much anticipated retrograde journey until mid-November. Mars Retrograde is a reflection and redirection period. It’s a time to integrate the personal changes resulting from this year’s external changes.

Mars Retrograde occurs in Aries – the sign of the leader, warrior, and survivor.

At the end of the month, Mars makes an exact square to Saturn, exacerbating confrontations between individuals & systems. On a personal level, an emerging sense of self may challenge the ways you’ve previously established your life. This aspect asks us to prioritize sustainable outcomes vs immediate results.

During Mars Retrograde, find your inner passion. Seek clarity on the roots of your anger. Protect your energy by practicing healthy boundaries.

Ask yourself what’s worth fighting for.

On September 17th, the New Moon in Virgo trines Saturn Retrograde. This is a time to be clear about your priorities and commitments.

On September 22nd, the Sun enters Libra, which is also the Fall Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere. The Equinox represents the balance between day & night, life & death, light & shadow.

As the sign of balance, it’s fitting that Libra begins on the Equinox.

Libra Season reminds us that in spite of how challenging this year has been, there is still beauty to be found.

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Process, Transformation, Release

This is a time to acknowledge where you’re experiencing resistance to change. As Mars retrogrades through your sign, you have an opportunity to become aware of, and consequently break repetitive patterns that have influenced your life. Stay present with this process and any sensations of feeling “stuck.” Begin to release old fears and redirect your energy. Embrace courageous change and transformation. Remember that internal progress has value, and can take many shapes and forms.


Creativity, Spirituality, Fruition

This month, take inventory of your resources, recharge your magical tools, and spend some time in creative contemplation. Remind yourself of the unique skills you have to share with the world. If you feel disconnected from that, this is a time to do some soul searching. When you establish a spiritual connection with your goals and intentions, you’re more likely to see them come to fruition. Virgo Season can help you get organized and stay on track. Remember that gratitude amplifies your blessings.


Energy, Adjustment, Recharge

A fire has been lit within you, and you may feel unsure exactly how to channel all of your energy. If you’re feeling restless, view it as “creative tension”. Sometimes tension is necessary to address inner conflict and act with passion. With Mars Retrograde, you may need to seek out different avenues to express yourself, or adjust your path to make room for new ideas. Be mindful of your energy levels to avoid burn out or depletion. Find healthy ways to recharge, balance out your emotions, and sit in stillness before moving forward. This month, pair logic with intuition, and your actions with precision.


Redefine, Self-Love, Appreciation

This month, you’re encouraged to create your own definition of success. Celebrate yourself and what you’ve accomplished thus far. This is a time to redefine your role in your life- whether that be in your work, family, or communities. Rather than calibrate your achievements based on external feedback, take some time to look within. Do you feel proud of who you are? Are you living in integrity with your personal values? This month, take some time to reflect and reconnect with yourself. Prioritize self-appreciation and self-love so that you can extend that care more freely toward yourself and others.


Potential, Passion, Assessment

This month brings the energy of potential. Trust that when something feels right, it is right. Although, a spark of initial inspiration isn’t enough to sustain long term results. Ask yourself what skills you’ll need to develop your passion. This is a good time to take a class or invest in your learning. You may feel drawn to planning for your future. Honestly assess how you will move through challenges and barriers that are bound to come up when moving beyond your comfort zone. View this month as a time to open up your options.


Growth, Transitions, Self-Respect

Happy Virgo Season! This month, recognize how much you’ve much grown. Don’t believe old stories of not being “good enough.” Instead, stay in the energy of self-confidence and respect. Prioritize self-validation over needing it from others. This is a time to rebuild and reestablish your sense of self. Notice which endings you are resisting. Transitions may be challenging, but when you choose to let go of the past, you free up a lot of energy for your present and future self.


Patience, Renewal, Closure

You have some renewed energy available to you this month, Libra. How will you use it? It’s important that you tap into the possibility of fresh potential. When life feels like a slippery slope, look within to see what’s worth holding onto and fighting for. Also, what can you allow to slide away? This month, confront the parts of your life that still need closure. Reflect on all that feels unresolved in your heart, and apply balms of patience and forgiveness toward yourself.


Clarity, Agency, Goals

This month begins to reveal your path ahead. Pay attention to your head space, and try to keep it clear and constructive. Have you been anticipating the worst, or do you believe that a positive outcome is possible? The more you align with potential, the more likely your actions will influence the results. Although external circumstances can present challenges, get in touch with your personal agency in whichever ways you can. Stay connected to your long term goals and trust that your efforts have been worth it.


Foundation, Patience, Balance

Although something may have brought you fulfillment in the past, it may no longer have the same emotional effect. Because of this, you’re looking forward to what comes next. Remember to have gratitude for any security you’ve built in your life thus far – whether that be in the form of a relationship, work, or the faith you’ve cultivated in yourself. This gives you a foundation to grow and expand from. Be patient in this process. When irritability arises, practice that which helps you feel balanced. Emotional regulation is something to focus on this month.


Replenish, Harmony, Nature

This month, focus on replenishing your energy. It’s easy to overwork and overextend yourself, so you may need to do something that breaks up your daily routine. When you direct your focus on what’s going right, rather than on what’s going wrong, you’re more likely to cultivate more of that. Try to act in ways that establish harmony within your environment. For example, give and receive in equal measure. If you can, connect with nature, which teaches so many important lessons.


Intuition, Emotions, Surrender

In times of uncertainty, lean deeper into your intuition. Feel into situations rather than overthinking and overanalyzing them. Your word of the month is surrender. Surrender to what is beyond your control. Surrender to your authentic experience, rather than your expectations of what things should be like. Most of all, pay attention to the messages that your emotions are communicating to you. You may need to put something on hold so that you can reassess your direction. Trust that if you do this, you will be ready to move forward with deeper integrity, alignment, and future success.


Relationships, Love, Improvement

Although you may like to focus on yourself and new ideas, you’re feeling a responsibility to your relationships. This is a moment of growth and expansion for you. Yet, this month may be a time to take a small break before moving forward on your personal journey. Appreciate the people in your life that help you feel loved and supported enough to take risks. Regardless of the state of your current relationships, Virgo Season is a reminder that there is always room for improvement. Even in these challenging times, find something small to celebrate about yourself and those you love every day.

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