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Horoscopes | October 2019

September 30, 2019

By Leah Samuels of Moonlight Offerings

The zodiac is a reflection of the seasons and the turning of the wheel. Libra is the sign that ushers in the Autumn Season in the Northern Hemisphere. Libra, represented by the scales, holds us in the balance between light and darkness. The natural world is tethered between bounty and decay, and Libra invites us to find the beauty in both.

This is a time to honor nature and the Earth, and acknowledge that we are all a part of its cycles and seasons.

The Sun in Libra lives for love, and puts a spotlight on relationships. Although Libra knows how to artfully place a rose-colored tint onto life, it is also the sign of justice and fairness. This month presents challenging aspects between the Sun in Libra and Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. A reminder that all relationships come with responsibilities, including the one with yourself.

This month, prioritize what truly matters to you.

With Saturn now facing forward and Pluto turning direct on October 3rd, it’s time to integrate the lessons these planets have taught us while retrograde. Actions toward greater love, honesty, and balance are all worth the effort.

October 13th is the Full Moon in Aries. Aries brings you back to yourself, and is likely to deliver some hard hitting truths. Pluto has a strong presence during this Full Moon, amplifying the potential for major shifts and breakthroughs. This is a time to claim your emotional needs, with compassion and accountability.

Honesty and commitment to growth are key ingredients when it comes to love and fulfillment.

Scorpio Season starts on October 23rd, followed by the New Moon in Scorpio on October 27th. Thus begins the plunge into Scorpio’s cauldron of transformation. Scorpio rules the realm of the subconscious, and invites you to investigate the depths of your desires and motivations. It’s also a time to connect with spirit, ancestors, and guides.

We end the month with Mercury Retrograde beginning in Scorpio, which lasts from October 31st-November 20th.

When we answer Mercury’s call to turn inwards, we are gifted with the wisdom and beauty of healing and renewal.

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Choice, Authenticity, Foundations

This month, choose mindfulness over defensiveness. Pick your battles wisely, and be aware of what’s worth your stress. Stay focused on what matters to you, and allow the rest to fall away. When you are honest about your needs in your relationships, there is more of a chance that they will be met. Deliver your feelings with authenticity, while also considering others. If there’s something you’ve been keeping to yourself, this month, it’s time to air it out. Strong foundations for relationships are built with love and integrity.


Beautify, Cleanse, Heal

New possibilities are opening up for you. Though, you must close one door to open another. This month is a good time to organize and beautify your living space by clearing out what’s no longer needed. This may also come in the form of tying up or cutting away loose ends when it comes to your past relationships. Heart healing is a theme for the month. Trust in this cleansing process and allow yourself to go through whatever motions and emotions you need. As you acknowledge the ways that you hold onto your past, a renewed sense of hope for the future arises.


Trust, Inner Wisdom, Stability

This month brings the potential for big shifts that will bring you greater stability in the long run. If there’s a big project or idea you’ve been ruminating on, design a solid plan to help it come into fruition. You may need to cut yourself off from the external world a bit so that you can focus and hear what your intuition has to say. Cultivate coziness and warmth this month, a space where you can settle more deeply into yourself. Now is the time to trust your inner wisdom. This month is about turning dreams into realities, churning ideas into gold.


Feelings, Perspective, Fluidity

This month, focus on what’s going well, so you can cultivate more of that. Trust that the actions you take to improve your life will pay off. Celebrate your successes while also holding space for your challenges. Spend time with those who support your happiness and well-being, and take measures to treat and take care of yourself. Spend time at home this month, becoming grounded and finding comfort in your own space. Also, notice when your feelings begin to cloud your judgement. Emotions are fluid, and often situational. Allow them to move through you as such.


Communication, Intuition, Beauty

Your theme for this month is self-expression, despite all fears of judgement. This month, allow creative energy to move through you. Become a channel for emotional wisdom and intuitive messages. Time to get deeper in touch with your inherent artistic nature. As you cultivate a more honest relationship with yourself, you better understand others. In doing so, you can communicate more effectively in your relationships. Work on polishing your own internal mirror this month. Then, choose to reflect honesty and beauty that you see in others.


Resources, Attachments, Fulfillment

This month, focus on your resources. Resources can come in the form of finances, emotional support systems, and attachments. Your personal energy levels also count as a resource. Assess all of these areas of your life and notice when fears or other issues arise. This month has the potential to help you get clear about the best ways to delegate your time and energy. Notice what fills you up and what depletes you. Spend more time on the things that feel prosperous in the form of happiness and love, while also considering your bank account. Find the balance, here.


Transformation, Potential, Action

Happy Libra Season! This year brings big changes and transformations for you. Time to take up more space in your life. Choose to express what you want, need, and desire. You may feel some inner conflict about your next steps, but now is the time to get your whole self on board. Libra Season infuses you with a fresh perspective. Consciously act on this energy of potential. Embrace the unknown, leaving your old fears that no longer apply to your current situation behind.


Boundaries, Mystery, Adjustment

This month, spend some time existing in the mystery and unknown. Bring awareness to how you create boundaries and protect your energy as you sit with your decisions and plan your next moves. What you’re working toward will find its way into fruition, but the path may need some adjustments. Each time you find a solution to a problem or overcome an obstacle, you grow stronger and closer to what you want. Rather than force it, invite the answers to come to you. Maintain both a compassionate and practical outlook when dealing with others within your current situations.


Connection, Commitment, Priorities

This is the time to prioritize friends and community, and focus on your collaborations. This month is about honoring your connections by showing up for them in a committed way. It’s also about knowing when it’s time to pull back and recharge. This month has a celebratory energy to it with an emotional undertone. This is an invitation for you to embrace the full spectrum of your experiences. Manage your responsibilities by carrying out endings and completions so that you can move on to the next thing.


Breakthrough, Trust, Change

This month brings breakthroughs when it comes to work and your communications with others. Align yourself with those who share your evolving values and support innovation. As you break down old and limiting belief systems, you’ll move into a more clear mindset. In order to take the correct actions, address the fears you have around change. Sometimes, it’s okay if you don’t know what the exact outcomes will be. Stay in tune with the big picture and trust that the right opportunities will reveal themselves to you in the right time.


Balance, Values, Attention

This month, address any imbalances in your life. This is an invitation to reassess your priorities and decide where you actually want to spend your energy vs where you’ve been spending it. Resolve to minimize distractions so that you can give more attention to what’s calling you. Priorities are connected with the concept of values. Be sure that you are valuing yourself and your authentic needs. If you feel out of touch, it’s time to get back into alignment with the spiritual web of existence. Sometimes, you need space to just “be” to remember who you are.


Connections, Opportunities, Exchange

This month is a good time to honor the deep connections and loving relationships you’ve cultivated in your life. Show gratitude for the people who share your values and offer reciprocal care and support. It’s time to get clear about your energy exchanges and what you want to focus on. Pay attention to the opportunities that arise, and double check if they are in alignment for you. Operate from a place of trust rather than obligation. Practice boundaries and honest communication. If and when challenging emotions come up, view them as opportunities for healing and expressing yourself in a new way.

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