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Horoscopes | November 2020

November 1, 2020

By Leah Samuels of Moonlight Offerings

We’re in the final stretch of 2020, and November arrives on the tail of a Full Moon. We are currently in Scorpio Season, a sign that values honesty and depth.

Known for its vast emotional range, Scorpio presents us with truths we cannot turn away from.

This time of year, which brings Samhain and Dia de los Muertos, is an invitation to venerate our ancestors and play in our shadows. Mirrored by the skulls and skeletons we see as decorations, Scorpio has see-through vision that can make us feel exposed and bare.

Here, we are reminded of our mortality, and those who have passed. Each of us are the result, and hold within us, all who have come before us. We carry both the gifts and trauma of our ancestry and lineages.

Scorpio teaches us to honor death, so that we can live with greater passion and authenticity.

On November 3rd, Mercury stations direct in the sign of Libra. This is a time when Mercury slows down to change directions. Coinciding with election day in the U.S, it’s a reminder to be extra intentional in all we do.

In the sign of Libra, Mercury amplifies themes of justice and fairness.

Mars also stations direct on November 14th, where it’s been retrograde in Aries since September 9th this year. Mars retrograde in Aries helps us examine parts of our identities, integrate anger and frustration, and challenge the systems (squares to Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn) that desperately need to transform.

Now, we are equipped with sharper tools to create change, moving forward.

The New Moon in Scorpio arrives on November 15th. With Mercury and Mars in forward motion, this New Moon activates a new cycle and new beginning in whichever house contains 23 degrees Scorpio in your birth chart. Sextile to Jupiter/Pluto in Capricorn, this New Moon brings a boost of energy, and perhaps messages from ancestors and beyond.

Use this powerful emotional energy to activate your magical workings and intentions on this New Moon.

Sagittarius Season begins November 21st, followed by a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Gemini on November 30th. This Eclipse Season picks up where we left off from the summer’s Eclipse Season, and prepares us for another round of accelerated growth and change.

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Change, Balance, Reciprocity

Conflict can be a constructive component of change. It helps you become more aware of the relationship patterns you find yourself engaging with. There’s no need to dwell on the past, but there is a need to learn from it. Now that you know better, it’s time to do better. Sustain more balanced relationship dynamics by turning the insight you’ve gained into action. Place value on reciprocity this month. If you tend to over-give, practice receiving more, and the other way around.


Emotions, Balance, Trust

There’s a deep emphasis on your inner world, this month. It’s likely you’ve been in your feelings, lately. The people in your life, particularly those you’re close to, may trigger strong emotional responses within you. It’s up to you to remain calm through discomfort. Stay true to who you are, and balanced within yourself. Your course is clearly laid out before you. Trust in what you’ve been building, and be open to learning from the twists and turns that present along the way.


Power, Release, Truth

Pay attention to your self-talk. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, so you know that words have power. This month, be mindful of how you use them. Also, be aware of any attachments or negative thought patterns you’re holding onto. Scorpio Season is all about letting go. If you’re struggling to move on from something, make a releasing ritual part of your daily practice this month. Candle magic, cord cutting, and simply allowing yourself to change in the ways you desire are all effective ways to break unwanted spells. Speak your truth to access your power.


Forgiveness, Possibility, Wisdom

With Mercury and Mars turning direct this month, it’s time for you to move forward, too. Sometimes, forgiveness is the key to moving on. You don’t have to forgive anyone, but you can forgive and love yourself enough to let go. Learn from the past so you don’t bring the same mistakes into your future. New possibilities are awaiting you, when you’re ready. Creativity and clarity are available to you this month. Apply your well-earned wisdom to whatever comes next.


Alignment, Introspection, Trust

This is a time to draw yourself inward and focus on yourself. Ask yourself if the path you’re on is in alignment with your spirit. There may be some adjustments to be made, or a clearer plan to be constructed. Balance the practical with spiritual. Cultivate trust in yourself, and listen to your own inner guidance. Introspection and meditation can assist with this process. Allow yourself this temporary time and space to be internal, if you’re feeling it. This time to yourself will prove fruitful in the long run.


Nurture, Balance, Organize

This is a time to nurture yourself on personal, physical, and financial levels. Tend to your emotional well-being by tending to these other areas of your life. You may feel inspired to cook a beautiful meal, or do something special for yourself or a loved one. Intentionally balance out your work life with something else that fills your cup. If you’re experiencing conflict between work and your personal life, re-organize your schedule so that you have some more time for yourself.


Retreat, Beauty, Timing

Seek your personal truth, outside the distractions of the outer world. Instead, ask yourself what’s truly important to you at this time. It’s okay to retreat into yourself a bit, and ask for the answers you need. With Venus in your sign this month, there’s an emphasis on beauty and love. When you live in touch with your heart, you offer warmth to others, as well. Move as slowly as possible, rather than try to force anything this month. Trust in the wisdom of your own timing.


Emotions, Cleansing, Opportunity

Happy Scorpio Season! Scorpio is associated with the beauty of the underworld, and all that’s deep and mysterious. This is a time for emotional catharsis, cleansing, and release. Scorpio is a sign that knows the value of grief and pain. Just be sure you don’t hold onto any emotional state too tightly. Allow all of life to move through you, with the knowledge that it’s all temporary. A new opportunity is on its way to you, now. All you need to do is be open to receiving it.


Recharge, Boundaries, Intuition

Scorpio Season brings an internal emotional focus. If you’re feeling emotionally drained, now’s the time to recharge. You may need to set strong boundaries with others, and share only with those who can hold space, or reciprocate your energy. Sagittarius is the sign of the truth-seeker. It’s good to listen and gather insight from others. But ultimately, take the space you need to listen to what your own intuition is telling you.


Surrender, Empowerment, Reflection

If you’re feeling external pressures, practice the concept of surrender. One of the phrases I associate with Scorpio Season is “empowerment through surrender.” Rather than resist, acknowledge how you’re truly feeling. Although you’re inspired by long-term plans, know what you can control right now, and what you can’t. This is a time for inward reflection, before you embark on your next venture. Create space within yourself to say “yes” to the right opportunities when they present.


Motivation, Honesty, Communication

There’s passion and motivation available to you this month, Aquarius. Be wary of impatience or agitation, as it can cause you to move forward too quickly. Although, this isn’t a time to withhold your emotions, from yourself or others. Stay clear, honest, and steady in your communications this month. You may feel moved to give your energy to others. Also, be sure you’re giving to yourself.


Awareness, Messages, Permission

Your attention may feel scattered this month, Pisces. This is a time to learn from your emotions. Your feelings bring important messages to the surface of your awareness. Therefore, it’s important to be in dialogue with them. Examine where you’re spending your time, energy, and resources. Are these activities draining or life affirming? Regardless of how you’re feeling or what you’re experiencing, maintain an open and hopeful heart. With Mercury and Mars moving direct this month, give yourself permission to slowly begin moving forward into a new chapter of your life.

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