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Horoscopes | November 2019

November 3, 2019

By Leah Samuels of Moonlight Offerings

The Sun has entered the depths of Scorpio Season, where its light casts illuminating shadows. November signifies the waning and balsamic moon phase of the year. This time teaches that there is wisdom within darkness. Scorpio helps to navigate spiritual and subconscious terrains, equipped with the power to transform what it touches.

This year, Scorpio Season is in overdrive, accompanied by Mercury Retrograde in its sign, from October 31st-November 20th. Throughout the month, Mercury forms helpful aspects to other planets, which gifts you with guidance on your path.

Mercury Retrograde is a call to clear the cobwebs from your mind, so that you can see yourself more truthfully.

Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio asks that you deliver messages to your past selves, apply healing to your wounds, and offer them forgiveness. Scorpio rules the grim and grotesque, but also knows how to soothe what’s unsettled within you. Scorpio shows that when you face your fears, you gain the power to release them.

Scorpio is ruled by Mars, a reminder that honesty is often accompanied by bravery. This month, take your time to process and investigate your emotional truths, and rethink whichever part of your chart contains 27-11 degrees Scorpio.

Self-reflection serves better than impulsive self-expression during this retrograde.

The Full Moon in Taurus arrives on November 12th, shortly after Mercury conjuncts the Sun and begins a new cycle. The Taurus-Scorpio axis represents pleasure and pain, attachment and letting go, comfort and discomfort. Here, between the axis of life and death, we arrive at the gates of rebirth.

Allow this Full Moon to remind you to experience your life more fully, passionately, and authentically.

On November 20th, Mercury turns direct, the Sun enters Sagittarius, and Mars has entered its home sign of Scorpio. Venus and Jupiter form a sweet conjunction in Sagittarius on November 24th.

Notice how the personal healing work you do for yourself translates to leaps and bounds of growth in your relationships.

We finish out a powerful month with the New Moon in Sagittarius on November 26th. This is a time to plant new seeds of life and inspiration within the rich compost of Scorpio Season’s decay.

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Self-Awareness, Power, Choice

This month, address some of the thoughts, behaviors, and dynamics that show up persistently in your life. This month is about understanding root causes. When challenges arise, remember that they offer an opportunity to deepen self-awareness. Rather than focus on what others are doing, look within. Reclaim your personal power this month and make choices that feel energizing and generative for your own life. The internal shifts you make this month will translate to positive changes in your external world and relationships moving forward.


Transformation, Honesty, Tenderness

This month offers a transformative experience for you, Taurus. You are ready to let go of some of the fears and worries that have been present in your life. You may feel nostalgic or tender about past relationships or past versions of yourself. Just be aware of what has a permanent place in your heart, and what is simply a memory passing through. This month is about knowing your worth, and being open to the fulfillment you deserve. It’s time to kiss shame goodbye. You are healing the past, calling in more love, and being honest with yourself about what you truly need in your relationships.


Cycles, Renewal, Support

This month, reflect on all that’s come into fruition in your life. You have worked hard to get to where you are today. Take a moment to reflect and appreciate the journey. You are in a cycle of completion and renewal. Endings are only feeding into new beginnings. There is work to be done, and steps to be taken to ensure this next cycle is even better and more fulfilling than the last. You don’t have to do it alone, though. Trust your knowledge and communicate to others how they can support you at this time.


Trust, Alignment, Pace 

This month, your message is to trust yourself. Now is not the time to waver. There may be delays occurring in your life, but you can use this time to get into deeper internal alignment. Slow down and take the time to consider your next steps, rather than quickly moving ahead or resisting change. This month is about pacing, and it’s up to you to set the right speed. Tend to your physical body. Breathe and find healthy outlets to release any excess energy, frustration, or fear. Surrender to peace, and practice healthy communication.


Foundations, Permission, Insight

This month, direct your focus toward your inner world and emotional foundations. Pay close attention to dreams, memories, and nostalgia. Rather than push away, address whatever wants to be seen and felt within you. This month offers an opportunity to tend to your inner child and allow it to have a voice. Be the type of caregiver to your younger self that you needed. Ask yourself which part of you is making decisions and calling the shots in your life. Allow yourself time to arrive at answers. As you work through the past, you’ll gain more insight into the present.


Emotions, Compassion, Truth

If life gets complicated this month, remember that you don’t need to have all of the answers. Instead, allow yourself time to feel into what’s true for you. As you discover and release some of the emotions you’ve been storing within your subconscious, be sure to practice compassion toward yourself. This will help alleviate some moodiness and allow for healthier communication with those around you. Resolve to no longer hide parts of yourself to appease others. Sometimes, in order to reclaim your energy, you have to let go of control. There’s no need to maintain an image of perfection. Your truest self is much more radiant.


Observation, Communication, Renew

This month presents the opportunity to observe your thoughts and make some changes to your communication style. Notice any patterns of avoidance that arise, particularly when it comes to being clear about what you want and need. As Brene Brown says, “clear is kind.” It’s okay to feel conflicted, as long as you communicate that truth. New ways of communicating may also come in the form of creative projects. You might want to revisit past ideas and see if they renew your inspiration or hold any relevant wisdom for your present situation.


Depth, Celebration, Love

This month’s themes are peace and power. Tis your season, Scorpio, and this month is a good reminder to give to yourself. Especially if you’ve been busy giving to others. You are known to love in an intense and passionate way. Release the expectation that others can meet you there, and instead celebrate yourself for the depths you can achieve. Consider giving yourself a gift this month, something to honor yourself in an authentic way. Time to re-evaluate your personal direction, with spirit in mind. Dive into yourself – because the love, guidance, and answers are all there waiting for you.


Reflection, Commitment, Breakthroughs

Take a moment to look back and reflect on how you’ve gotten to where you are now. Is there something you would have done differently? What important lessons have you learned on your journey so far this year? This month offers the opportunity to break out of old cycles. It’s also a time to consider how to continue building off of your recent successes. Remind yourself of all the ways you’ve used your inner strength, determination, and commitment to achieve your goals. This focused energy is needed for what comes next. Expect breakthroughs and new ideas to arrive this month. You don’t have to act on them just yet, but remember to offer gratitude for their presence.


Release, Softness, Heal

This month offers opportunities for reassessment. It’s a time to release past resentments and heal what’s been unresolved. Clear the air through dealing with unaddressed emotions, so that your relationships can move forward in new and innovative ways. This month presents an opportunity for you to practice stress relief. Steer clear of distractions and focus only on what needs to get done. That way, you can create time for intentional rest, too. In doing so, you’ll get in touch with a softer side of yourself. It’s in this softness that you find your center and the capacity to communicate from your heart.


Patience, Adjust, Inner Voice

Patience is an act of trust, and vice versa. Trust that the efforts you put into improving your life will yield results. This month, focus on cultivating calm and tend to the parts of yourself that feel restless or dissatisfied. At this time, you’ll gain deeper validation from looking within yourself than without. Continue to listen to and follow your inner voice. Remind yourself that you aren’t stuck, you are adjusting to something new and different. This month is a good time to re-organize your life and get your routine into order. That way, everything will be set up to fall into its right place, at the right time.


Presence, Reflection, Beliefs

The themes this month are perspective and presence, Pisces. Rather than attempt to push forward, find wisdom in the energy of resistance. You have accomplished a lot this year, and now is the time to reflect, take it all in, and mine the gems of meaning within it all. At times, it’s challenging to practice presence, because it can bring up the emotions we may rather avoid. Yet, this month offers profound opportunities for healing, and for letting go of old beliefs that no longer apply to your present situation.

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