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Horoscopes | May 2020

May 3, 2020

By Leah Samuels of Moonlight Offerings

May marks the midway point between seasons. In this transitional space, the Sun in Taurus urges us to synch with the cycles of the Earth. Taurus, by nature, is a slow and sensual sign. It can thrive with life-affirming habits, or dig its heels into what’s comfortable, yet stagnant.

As we ground into new habits and routines, consider sustainability alongside immediate changes.

On May 5th, the North Node shifts into Gemini until January 2022, which provides a fresh focal point for our collective evolution. Gemini, ruled by Mercury, encourages communication and information exchange.

Gemini approaches life with curiosity, healthy neutrality, and is open to changing its mind.

This energy requires us to identify and release our personal assumptions and expectations, so that we can view our lives in a clearer and more connected way.

As Venus Retrograde begins in Gemini on May 13th, we have time to do the important inner-work to untangle our illusions, and reconnect with our truth. Threads of connection between our past and present likely need healing.

Retrogrades are a time for reflection, rather than action. Take time to acknowledge your relational wounds, communication blocks, and listen to your inner creative voice.

On May 21st, the Sun enters Gemini, followed by a New Moon on May 22nd. In Gemini fashion, there’s various possibilities for the new beginnings this will bring. In the meantime, focus on what’s right in front of you, one day at a time.

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Truth, Release, Reclaim

Settle into routines that support your overall wellbeing, rather than your immediate desires. This may require you to pull away from your typical distractions a bit. In this space, you are faced with what you’re ready to leave behind. This may be an emotional pattern, relationship dynamic, or general way of life. Allow grief to be a natural part of this process. This month, practice clear and compassionate communication as you move forward into a new version of yourself. In doing so, you’ll reclaim your personal power and creative energy.


Presence, Inner Child, Openness

Happy Taurus Season! Although you’re feeling the difficulties and challenges of this time period, there are also moments of joy to be found. Savor these moments, to share with loved ones. You may find peace in memories that help you reconnect with your inner child. Ask your inner child to share their wisdom with you, and stay focused on who and what helps you feel more safe and connected. The Full Moon in Scorpio highlights relationships, and the co-existence of pain and pleasure. To live a more full life, soften toward the experience of both.


Change, Guidance, Pleasure

It’s an active month for you, as the North Node shifts into Gemini, and Venus, the planet of love and pleasure, retrogrades through your sign. The Gemini energy of change abounds. This is a time to renew your relationship to yourself, and deepen your connection with your spiritual guides and practices. Here you’ll find creative guidance and answers available to you. It’s likely that new projects and ideas will emerge, that will yield fruitful results. Allow yourself a bit of self-indulgence between your efforts this month. You deserve it.


Balance, Wisdom, Alignment

It’s important to balance your efforts and energy this month, and giving with receiving. You may feel like you’re working on something without the expected return. Perhaps there’s something here that requires a deeper look. Rather than allow yourself to spiral into worry, get quiet and remember the wisdom of your inner voice. There may be a boundary you need to set, or a shift in your communication style that’s needed. This month, notice how repetition forms habits and behaviors. Assess your values, and be sure you are reinforcing what’s truly in alignment for you.


Pace, Relationships, Balance

This month is about pace and potential. If you feel frustrated, remember that slow motion is still motion. Although patience is never easy, it does give you time to strategize and think things through. Stay centered, and try not to allow small issues to turn into bigger ones. Relationships are a big area of focus this month. Although socialization is way different than usual, reach out to those who you want to stay connected. Maintain balance with your external connections and time spent on your personal growth.


Work, Release, Freedom

This month calls for a focus on work. Work is a term that can be applied to your career path, or simply whatever you’re “working on” right now. Remember that emotional/shadow is real work, too. This is a time to address and release the fears that block you from letting your true self shine. If you acknowledge that you might never live up to your own standards, maybe you can find some freedom in your perceived “failures”, and pursue more of what fills your spirit.


Options, Stability, Internal

Decisions are never easy, Libra. Fortunately, this is a good time to weigh your options, and re-route some of your plans. Although disappointment is a natural response at this time, try not to focus only on what’s wrong. Implement the plans and routines that help your life feel more stable. As Venus, your ruling planet, retrogrades this month, allow yourself the internal space to consider your life and relationships from several angles. In doing so, you’ll arrive at greater clarity and a prosperous variation of your path.


Relationships, Emotions, Values

There’s a Full Moon in your sign this month, which can bring hidden emotions to the surface. Glean insight into relationship dynamics that were previously unseen. This can help you move forward by showing you where you’ve been stuck. Try to practice a non-judgmental approach in your interactions with yourself and others this month. It can be a liberating experience to remove value judgements from your feelings. Also, pay attention to your dreams and intuition, as they are likely to be heightened at this time.


Release, Honesty, Reflection

This month is about releasing resistance. Although it’s challenging to accept the current situation, there are deep reflections surfacing within you. As you acknowledge the memories that follow you from your past, there’s an opportunity to move forward into a new future. Bravery is required in this process of being honest about your pain. Compassion, love, and self-acceptance are beautiful tools to carry with you on the journey.


Patience, Collaboration, Connection

Take your time, Capricorn. There are projects and ideas stirring within you that require your patience before blooming into existence. Saturn, your ruling planet, temporarily shifted gears into Aquarius last month. This takes some of the pressure solely off of you. Collaboration is the key to your future success. Be sure to reach out to others when you’re feeling lonely. This month brings the potential for relationship fulfillment, but you must be willing to set intentional time aside for connection.


Values, Assess, Enjoyment

This month calls for a priority and value check. You may feel the urge to retreat from your connections with others because you need time to yourself and to reassess. Just be sure you don’t pull too far away. Spend time with the things you enjoy – books, hobbies, old projects, etc. This will revive your spirit and help you stay in touch with your creative side. It’s not selfish to spend time doing what makes you feel good. Ultimately, it facilitates more space in your heart to share and connect with others.


Dream, Possibility, Vision

This month, allow yourself space to dream. Intuition and creativity always begin in the dark. There’s a spark of an idea calling for your attention. Although, this is a time to plan, rather than act. In the complexity of the current situation, it’s hard to know what your options are. Slow down and take your time to consider multiple angles and possibilities. Even amidst the unknown, it’s okay to vision for the future. It’s okay to grieve for what is lost, and hope for what is still to be found.

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