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Horoscopes | May 2019

April 29, 2019


By Leah Samuels of Moonlight Offerings

Taurus Season (April 20th- May 21st) is a bountiful time of year. Enjoy the sensuality of the season. Taurus grounds and anchors us into our physical bodies to experience the world through the senses. Uranus, freshly established in this sign, shifts our relationship to the typical comforts that Taurus provides. Over the next seven years of this transit, our systems and foundations, including the Earth, are going through major transformations. As these changes occur, consider what you need to feel held and supported. Embed structures and routines into the fabric of your life to include a deeper level of care.

In May, focus on building support systems based on authentic needs, and establish root systems that honor the interconnectedness of our world. The problems of our planet will not dissipate on their own. Rather, we all must actively participate in solutions. The process of releasing collective baggage may not always be pleasant, but it is necessary. This month Mercury and Venus, while still in Aries, square off with Saturn & Pluto in Capricorn. Cut through falsities, and face challenges head-on. When Mercury & Venus respectively make their ways into Taurus, they will conjunct Uranus. When we notice and let go of what isn’t working, particularly in our relationships, we find space to nourish and grow what does work.

This month – tap into what’s essential.

May’s lunar cycle occurs along the Taurus-Scorpio axis, or the axis of life and death. This axis highlights the contrast between pleasure and pain, attachment and release. There is fruitfulness that awaits you when you are willing to reach beyond your comfort zone.

May 4th, honor the fertile New Moon in Taurus by setting intentions around the Taurean themes of prosperity, beauty, receptivity, and abundance.

Taurus is connected with the concept of self-worth. The New Moon is an opportunity to adjust your programming and conditioning around this issue.

May 18th brings the Full Moon in Scorpio, which is passionate and emotionally charged. Deep and honest feelings are illuminated and brought to the surface.

Full Moon Reflection- who and what remain in your life when you are truthful about who you are?

May 21st the Sun enters Gemini and conjuncts Mercury, its ruling planet. Connections, collaborations, and communications move more quickly during this time. The remainder of the month is great for processing, listening, gathering information, and moving your plans forward. We finish out May with Mercury in Gemini opposing Jupiter in Sagittarius (May 30th) and Mars in Cancer inching its way toward activating the planets and Eclipse points in Capricorn.

We are going through the spiritual adjustments that will prepare us for the next level of growth.

May helps us to appreciate and celebrate what we have. Metaphorically, we are preparing the ingredients of our lives to be refined and processed over the next few months. In the meantime, be patient with yourself, practice existing in this present moment, and care for the connections in your life that support your evolution.

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Transformation, Worthiness, Receive

What is worth fighting for, Aries? The small battles you’ve been facing, whether internal or external, are all indicative of this larger question. You are resilient, and can meet the challenges you face. Although, it’s crucial to ask yourself, what in your life is worth this effort? The answer to this question is your motivation and key to transformation. Your relationships, both conflictual and caring, help you to understand more about yourself. What kind of support do you need right now? Dig deep to find the answer, and remind yourself that you are worthy of receiving it.


Authenticity, Beauty, Reciprocity

Tis’ your season, Taurus! And what a beautiful time of year. Take your time with everything to soak it all in. Some of the ways you are growing are surprising you. The parts of yourself you may have once hidden or pushed away are now asking to be seen and shared. Through this process, you are transforming into a more whole and authentic version of yourself. Your connection with spirit is vital now. Continue to hold your dreams and visions in the container of hope and belief. Stay in the energy of abundance this month. Find the value in reciprocity, and the balance between giving and receiving.


Communication, Attachment, Renewal

If there’s something you’ve been worried about, this month will offer the opportunity for hope and renewal. Proceed with tenderness. Any feelings of “stuck-ness” must be addressed on the spiritual level first. Get curious and sit with what’s causing you discomfort. Stay with the sensation long enough for it to reveal its deeper messages to you. This month, be sure to communicate in a way that expresses and honors who you are. Themes of attachment and resources are also calling for your attention. New beginnings and fruitful ventures are ready to move into the forefront and take off.


Strength, Learn, Adjust

2019 is about amplifying your innate gifts as a caring, intuitive, and connective person. As you step deeper into your passion and power, other areas of your life may need to go through changes and adjustments. It’s really hard to let things go that have helped you feel comfortable in the past. But now it’s time to move on and step into a version of yourself that is more authentic. Use your inner strength to steer your life and your relationships onto a course that takes your personal needs into deeper consideration. Take some time to acknowledge the lessons in the difficulties you have faced, and resolve to prioritize your personal growth in learning from them.


Creativity, Patience, Balance

Consider time and pace. There are parts of your life that are flowing in a positive direction. There is also something calling for your attention that requires your patience. You may find it challenging to slow down and seek practical solutions, but it will all be worth it if you do. Take the time to figure out your best avenue for self-expression. Your energy is contagious, and when you are in a creative mindset, it radiates and inspires those around you. This month, seek balance. The process you’re in requires both action and reflection, will-power and surrender. Focus on what you can control and release what you cannot. Remember your magic and the support you have available to you.


Manifestation, Power, Expression

This month is about manifestation, Virgo. The stories that have been swimming around in your mind are ready for a release. It’s time to access your personal power and communicate what’s been brewing in your heart. This month you’ll have the mental clarity you need to make discerning choices and sound decisions. This is particularly helpful in your relationships. Remember, you are allowed to ask for what you need. During Taurus Season, you’ve got earth energy on your side, and you’re using the resources you have available to you to do something great.


Attachment, Comfort, Release

This month brings forward the theme of attachment vs letting go. This theme applies to many aspects of your life. Ask yourself what brings you a true sense of comfort. Are you holding onto something for its practical and/or sentimental value or are you simply holding on? Settle into your relationship with the items that surround you. What energy do they bring to your mental space? You may want to do some releasing rituals on the Full Moon this month to make space for more beauty and abundance to enter your life. When it comes down to it, what matters most to you is who you’re spending time with. Hold onto what really matters, and stay close to those who care.


Relationships, Power, Stability

Sometimes, you keep your defenses up for self-protection, Scorpio. Now, you are searching for people in your life who help create the conditions for you to let these defenses down. Notice how your nervous system responds to those around you, as that can offer you a lot of information. Assess stability in your relationships this month. This requires examining the power dynamics present within them. Challenge the places where you find imbalances in these dynamics. Move a bit slower than usual this month. Take deep breaths, and tend to your connections with those you know you can rely on.


Inspiration, Presence, Power

You’re blooming this month, Sagittarius. As you communicate your thoughts and ideas to others, you’ll find that your inspiration is contagious. This month, share who you are and what you believe in. You can listen to others’ advice, but ultimately you have the final say in the important choices and decisions you make. Stay grounded in your own power. This month, focus on cultivating stability and vitality. If you can, spend time outside and try to find avenues for adventure and play. Get into your own flow, and stay open to what opportunities present themselves to you.


Surrender, Change, Spontaneity

Change is happening, Capricorn. You’re currently in a period of evaluation regarding these changes. You tend to seriously emphasize work. Add a dose of spontaneity into your life this month to balance that out. Practice doing something simply because it feels good. Sometimes, these opportunities present themselves unexpectedly. Occasionally, allow yourself to surrender and give into what’s pleasurable vs what’s productive. This will help energize you and allow you to get more deeply in touch with your inner-knowing about what comes next.


Sanctuary, Depth, Alignment

How are you balancing your work life and home life? You often exist in the mental realm of ideas, but this month amplifies the need to ground. What does the word sanctuary mean to you? Find a peaceful space, whether it’s at home or outside, that helps you connect to something deeper and divine. This month is about internal alignment. Slow down, rather than rushing into things. Connect with the concept of slow change, particularly when it comes to your work. That way, the decisions you make are more intentional and come into fruition in more satisfying ways.


Honesty, Spirituality, Release

You’re discovering deeper meaning and purpose in your life, and as you do so, recognize and release the limiting beliefs that stand in the way of your authentic nature. You have a kind spirit, and it’s important to communicate in ways that align with that truth. Hold yourself accountable. Stay honest with yourself and others regarding your actions and intentions. This month, encourage a sense of peace by choosing a calm and centered approach. Those around you can learn from your emotional wisdom.


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