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Horoscopes | March 2020

March 4, 2020

By Leah Samuels of Moonlight Offerings

March arrives in the midst of Pisces Season and Mercury Retrograde. This is a particularly dreamy energy, to imagine, envision, and rethink your plans. Use this time to set yourself up for a proliferation of growth, come Aries Season.

Pisces Season delivers information through felt senses and intuitive knowing.

Pisces wants you to align with your natural flow of energy, rather than swim against it. If parts of your life are dramatically shifting, trust that it’s all orienting you toward a bigger picture on your path.

Proceed with compassion, toward yourself and others.

On March 4th, Mercury Retrograde travels back into Aquarius, a time to mine the gems of innovation and potential. On March 9th /10th, Mercury stations direct. As Mercury traces its retrograde steps in forward motion for the rest of the month, begin to move ahead with external communications, propelling your plans into action.

On March 9th, the presence of the Full Moon in Virgo blesses us with the gift of organization amidst a sea of Piscean energy and emotion.

Also, around the time of the Full Moon, the Sun conjuncts Neptune in Pisces, and Uranus conjuncts Venus in its home sign of Taurus. The outer planets signify that there are big stories unfolding, which will continue to impact us, both personally and collectively.

Acknowledge the undercurrents of spiritual influences at play.

On March 20th, the Sun enters Aries, bringing fresh energy and the birth of a new zodiac cycle. Around this same time, Mars, planetary ruler of Aries and action, aligns with Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in the ambitious sign of Capricorn.

The remainder of the month brings major shifts, including Saturn’s entrance into futuristic Aquarius on March 22nd, further activated by the New Moon in Aries on March 23rd/24th. Mercury leaves its retrograde shadow at the very end of the month.

It’s time to get situated in new realities, and embrace Aries Season aka “go time” for new beginnings.

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Evaluate, Organize, Action

This month is a time of evaluation. You are aligning with a new phase in your life. Take stock of all of the help available to you, spiritual and otherwise. Find your emotional center, then make a list of your next steps, moving through them in an organized and methodical way. Your actions require a level of thoughtfulness at this time. Remember, just because things feel uncomfortable, doesn’t mean that they aren’t right. Stay in your creative power this month- don’t turn your back on yourself.


Receptivity, Love, Creativity

Venus enters your sign this month, offering beautification and creative breakthroughs. There’s a lot stirring beneath the surface. Practice receptivity. Sink into your emotions, and see what information they have to offer. This will help you discern what’s actually in your control, and what isn’t. Be patient with yourself and others at this time. Seek support through community, but remember to trust yourself first. Express your love abundantly, and you will feel more full.


Clarity, Strategy, Vision

This month is a good time to rethink your career goals. Notice what’s working well, and what needs improvement. Combat imposter syndrome this month, and believe more fully in yourself. Spend some time getting organized. Strategize about how you can optimize your current situation. Seek clarity in your vision, and don’t be afraid to dream big. Re-evaluate what’s important to you, and align your goals with your values.


Curiosity, Insight, Trust

This month offers streams of insight and fresh perspective. At this time, it’s important to surrender to “what is”, rather than what you think things should be. As you do so, you’ll enter into a better flow within yourself and your life. Stay grounded in the energy of potential. Trust yourself to know when it’s time to pause, and when it’s time to act. Rather than overcomplicate things, allow the pieces of your life to fall into place with ease. Practice openness and curiosity as you surrender deeper into the unknown.


Self-Worth, Value, Inspire

This month offers an opportunity to assess your resources, finances, and self-worth. Honor and value yourself and your work. Also, honor who you are as a person, aside from your work. This month, notice if there is more room for partnerships and collaborations in your life. Join together with like-minded people, and connect with those who inspire you. When you’re operating from a place of knowing your worth, you’re more likely to invest your energy in what truly enhances the quality of your life.


Boundaries, Energy, Gratitude

Sometimes, when there’s harmony and alignment, fear arises. You tend to worry, Virgo. As always, be mindful of negativity toward yourself, and don’t allow it talk you out of the good things that are happening. This month, implement calm and relaxation techniques, and protect your energetic boundaries with others. Apply the solid advice you offer to others, to yourself. Practice gratitude and openness, so you can be receptive to the loving energy that’s present in your life. You deserve to feel good.


Sensitivity, Boundaries, Intuition

This month is about emotions. Your sensitivity is helping you feel more open and connected. This month offers an opportunity to turn inwards, to peer into your inner terrain. This time period is precious, so be sure to protect it. Remember that love and boundaries can co-exist. Your work on yourself has been paying off in a liberating way. At the same time, you are trying to discern what your intuition is telling you. Leading up to the Full Moon, pay attention to your dreams and the messages appearing in the world around you.


Assess, Stillness, Intuition

This is a time to assess your options, Scorpio. There are opportunities presenting, but things aren’t always as they seem. Take the time to gain a deeper understanding of your situation. As you do so, you’ll gain more confidence to move in the direction that’s right for you. Although there is energy and inspiration available to you now, be strategic in setting yourself up for the long term. Try to find stillness in this liminal space, and trust that your intuition will continue to guide you. You are exactly where you need to be, right now.


Intention, Goals, Release

This month, draw your attention inwards and focus on your personal goals. It’s important to slow down before making decisions this month. One of the symbols for Sagittarius is the archer, and this month reflects that point of tension before releasing the arrow. Practice stillness, and seek clarity in your intention. Know when it’s time to move on from something, and when it’s worth pushing through. Release what’s stagnant, and focus on what’s energizing to you. Endings are always doorways to new beginnings.


Communication, Emotions, Indulgence

Communication is a theme for you this month, Capricorn. Rather than assume that others know what you need, be sure you’re expressing yourself clearly. This requires actively understanding and honoring your own emotions. Your feelings aren’t wrong, they simply exist. Although it may be vulnerable at times, there is strength is standing up for yourself and acknowledging how you really feel. This month, give yourself some time to rest. Immerse yourself in books, movies, art and ideas that are nourishing or inspiring to you. Indulge in what feels good at this time.


Shift, Vision, Compassion

There’s a decision you need to make, but you’re waiting for more information. This month, the most reliable information arrives through your intuition. Are you listening? In order to get to where you need to go next, you must leave something behind – a relationship dynamic, emotional pattern, or something else in your life that’s ready to shift. The best thing you can do is bring love and compassion to the forefront. When self-love is the basis of your decision making, it won’t steer you wrong.


Intuition, Contemplation, Love

Happy Pisces Season! This month is about celebrating your strengths and acknowledging your inner power. Believe in yourself and what you stand for. Intuition, ideas, and channeled messages abound. Receive them with gratitude, and contemplate how to create tangible forms from your ideas. This is a good time to re-organize your daily routine in ways that best support your current needs. This month also shows that although it’s important to you to protect your privacy, it’s equally as important to let loved ones in.

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