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Horoscopes | March 2019

March 1, 2019


By Leah Samuels of Moonlight Offerings

The sequence of astrological events at the beginning of the month may throw you for a loop. And loops are connected with cycles. We are collectively swimming through Pisces Season, the last sign of the zodiac. Pisces is all about spiritual integration. This sign illuminates the threads of connection between your internal and external environment.

Boundaries get blurry, and sensitivity abounds.

On March 1st, Venus squares Uranus and enters Aquarius. This aspect produces a need for excitement and liberation when it comes to the Venusian themes of love, values, and relationship dynamics. Then, Mercury, the planet that represents cognition and communication, stations retrograde on March 5th. Mercury Retrograde spans until March 28th, spending the entire retrograde in Pisces. Pisces Season is known for being particularly emotional. You can expect a surreal, or dream like, energy to permeate the month. Mars’s travel through Taurus is a good reminder to keep your feet on the ground, and to continually check in with your body to ask what it needs to feel supported.

A useful way to move through Mercury Retrograde is to shift into a more receptive mindset. Piscean lessons teach us to let go of control, and surrender to the flow of life. Yes, Mercury Retrograde can notoriously create confusion, particularly when it comes to communication.

Mercury Retrograde can also be a good time for introspection, creative insights, and arriving at information in unexpected ways. Retrogrades always connect to the re words: reflect, recharge, remember, revise, revisit, redo.

The New Moon in Pisces on March 6th is conjunct Neptune. As the planet of dreams and consciousness itself, Neptune reminds us of the connection between our beliefs and reality. Maybe this Mercury Retrograde can help expose old stories about yourself you’re now ready to heal.

There is a choice now to envision something new for the future, rather than continue to subconsciously recreate the past. The New Moon is always a time for wishes, so use it well. Sow seeds of prosperity for your future, unraveling any cords that bind you from radiating your true essence and potential.

Perhaps the most significant event of the month is Uranus’s entry back into Taurus on March 6th. Uranus spends about 7 years in each sign. Uranus rules the realms of technology, change, disruption, and liberation. And Taurus is about comfort and the material world. The part of your chart that contains Taurus will undergo a revolution throughout this time. Notice changes to Taurean themes such as money, resources, food, pleasure, and the treatment of the planet. One way to heal through this transit is to view these themes through a more collective lens.

The Full Moon in Libra arrives on March 20th, in time with the arrival of Aries Season and the Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere. With Mercury Retrograde in Pisces and the Sun gearing up for a conjunction with Chiron, the ignition of Spring has a more tender feel to it than usual.

The Full Moon in Libra illuminates love, beauty, balance, and justice. Use these themes to bring awareness to your relationships so you can better determine when you are operating from a place of love or a place of wounding.

Ultimately, we can get a lot of healing accomplished from soaking in this month’s astrological weather. If life gets messy, that’s part of being human. Lead with compassion and also without compromising your personal boundaries. A loop is “a structure, series, or process, the end of which is connected to the beginning.” Although there will be twists and turns along the way, we end the month with Mercury (the mind) facing forward, ready to retrace its steps over the same path, this time with the energizing fire of April’s Aries Season to propel us into action.

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Solitude, Contemplation, Creation

You’re searching for some peace this month, Aries. It’s about to be your season, but first you must go through a period of contemplation and reflection. Take moments of solitude to feel into your own head space, and check in with yourself, spiritually. You may be surprised at how much you needed this alone time. Once you take time to yourself, you’ll feel like you have more to give and receive from your relationships. If you’re saying “no” to certain opportunities or invitations this month, ask yourself why. Also know that the right opportunities will be there when you are ready for them. If the emotional weather of Pisces Season is making it difficult to focus, think about what plans and routines you can put into place to still maintain the structure you need to get things done. That being said, the structure of your life may be changing in some way and now is a good time to reflect on that.


Reflect, Release, Redirect

Uranus enters your sign on the same day as the New Moon in Pisces. You can see the potential for abundance and wish fulfillment, but aren’t quite sure exactly how you’ll get there. Reflection is a beautiful thing. If something isn’t working out the way you imagined, now is a good time to let go of your “tried and true” way of doing things to make room for alternative options. Use the process of elimination to narrow your focus. This may bring up feelings around “loss.” Loss of control, or loss of abundance. Know that your dreams are still very much in tact, and you just might arrive at them differently than you expected. It’s beneficial to connect with people you trust at this time. Assess your relationships so that you can align with the people and communities that best support your growth.


Communication, Energy, Success

There are positive changes ahead for you, Gemini. This month, focus on getting clear about what you want, and nurture your enthusiasm for your ideas. Mercury is the ruler of your sign, and the planet of communication. There is so much power in the words that you speak, which is why “spells” are under Mercury’s domain. When Mercury is retrograde, its function turns inwards, and asks for you to acknowledge the energy behind what you’re saying. Check in before expressing yourself. When you are centered in inner-wisdom and knowing, your communication is more likely to reach others in the way you intended. Also, this month, assess your relationship to success and career in terms of the energy you’re putting into them. Is it feeling healthy and vital or are you placing emphasis on things that don’t feel as good? Notice the ways in which the energy you are putting out returns to you.


Vulnerability, Release, Change

Expressing vulnerability is beautiful, although sometimes uncomfortable. You may find yourself revisited by old worries or fears. This is because you are finally ready to release them. Reassure yourself that the changes and growth ahead are worth the discomfort. Get in touch with the energy of gratitude. What are you grateful for? This can help shift your focus when needed. You are going through a spiritual transformation when it comes to your belief systems. As you go through this, think about what you need to feel supported, and try to offer that your own inner-child. Stay close to those you care about, and who care about you. Allow yourself the tenderness you crave. Also don’t let old stories hold you back! Know that you are supported in taking these steps forward, into the unknown.


Emotion, Fulfillment, Connection

Ride the waves this month, Leo! There will be moments of emotional fulfillment and alignment, and moments when you feel like you’re free falling. In the moments you feel a lack of grounding, connect with the people who help remind you of your beauty and power. You are integrating some big energies this month. Feelings of overwhelm are a reminder to pause, rest, and recharge. Remember, you don’t have to win everyone over. You don’t even have to win. Life isn’t always a competition. You’re allowed to take the time you need to tend to your own emotions. The overall sense is that you have love and support surrounding you. Tap into that. Pisces Season is about surrendering to the flow of life. Do something that helps you “let loose” a bit, whether that be a creative project, relaxing at home, or going out for a celebration of some sort.


Intuition, Essence, Results

There is stillness when sitting with emotions or receiving intuitive guidance. Although it’s not the way you typically like to approach things, sometimes being still is exactly what’s needed before moving into the next phase of action. There will be some space for revelations to occur for you this month. Whatever has already been set into motion before the retrograde will receive momentum now. Move at a pace that encourages an overall sense of calm in your being. You are continuing to work on achieving balance between peace and drive, discipline and flow, spirit and tangibility. If you use the energy available to you this month, you will produce significant results. Additionally, tend to your spiritual and energetic maintenance. Mercury Retrograde in Pisces is an opportunity for reflection. What is the essence, or energy, behind what you do? Get in touch with it so that who you are can shine through more in what you do.


Pause, Flow, Routine

Spirituality is a high priority this month. Moments of daydreaming, “spacing out” and meditation are integral to your process. Sometimes you need to pause before taking the next step forward. Surrender to the spaciousness of this pause. Something new- an idea, perspective, or behavioral pattern, is trying to reveal itself to you. Step away from your usual routine to discover a new way of existing. This month, there’s a possibility to create something different in your routine that’s more in tune with your personal flow. Be sure to rest, stay hydrated, and take care of yourself in ways that support your health. There have been continual messages for Libra so far this year that call for introspection. This is because you are getting clear about your personal values, and you are searching for greater depth and wisdom in your life. Tend to the relationships that feel genuinely supportive to you and figure out what you need to pursue that truly makes you happy.


Rest, Evaluate, Self-Care

You’ve cultivated so much strength from relying on yourself and your own instincts. This is a reminder to continue to trust your inner guidance system, and stay loyal to yourself. There is a level of rebelliousness present for you this month- against the systems, people, and institutions that don’t align with your values. Don’t let that impact your sense of self-worth. On some level, you have to make your own rules. At the same time, you’re really needing some rest and TLC. You’re in a period of evaluation and need to clear your mind of stress. Search for the people and places that facilitate a sense of peace and calm for you. If action steps are unclear, then wait until you have the information needed or the go-ahead from your intuition. Also, remember that there is a difference between impulse and intuition. Acting from intuition is more centered in a sense of calm and inner-knowing. Impulsivity is often accompanied by a sense of rushing or urgency.


Pause, Align, Direction

There’s been a lot of growth for you, Sagittarius. Expansion is happening, in the spiritual and material worlds. You’re continuing to work on releasing limiting belief systems to see what you can do when you set your mind to it. That being said, Mercury Retrograde is an opening to press pause and reflect. This can be difficult to do, because your natural restlessness wants to stay busy on some level. Yet, you may be feeling the internal call to slow down a bit and settle in to your emotional self. Trust that when you do this, you are readjusting to where the flow of energy and abundance is directing you. Without this pause, you might not have the opportunity to get in touch with your next best moves. Once you align with your highest self, you’ll know what you want. And once you know, it may arrive even more quickly than expected.


Transform, Balance, Heal

You are going through some personal transformations this month, and this year, Capricorn. Check in with yourself regarding your accomplishments. If you don’t feel like you’re achieving your goals, then it may be time to redefine the meaning of success. If you are achieving your goals, check in with yourself regarding emotional fulfillment. If you are “successful”, but not feeling like you can share your happiness with those you love, then what is it really for? This whole year, you are working on balancing success with self-care, self-reliance with vulnerability, and nurturing goals that support your healing journey. In order to do so, you must cultivate self-love like never before. That means caring about your own spiritual fulfillment and nourishment. Self-forgiveness and self-acceptance are so important at this time.


Revisit, Emotions, Release

You are working to liberate old patterns this month, particularly when it comes to relationships. When past memories arrive, you may find yourself taking a trip down memory lane. Though there are benefits to revisiting the past, its also good to remind yourself of where you are in the present. Is there something that you need to let go of so that you can feel more fulfilled in the here and now? It’s time to leave behind the beliefs that stem from the past that no longer serve you. You may have identified what they are, but are still needing to spend some personal time with them to truly say goodbye. Allow yourself to do so, and also allow yourself to feel the sentimentality of nostalgia. Additionally, you are reevaluating what’s important to you in terms of resources. This month, with Mercury Retrograde, work on tending to your inner world when possible. Believe that you deserve to move forward with sense of happiness.


Imagination, Integration, Self-Love

From the beauty of your imagination, your vivid emotional world, and immensity of your dreams, everything is born. Remember this, as the New Moon arrives in your sign this month. Your sensitivity is heightened even more than usual, so be sure to take the time to wander into the spaces that help you feel most at ease. Big feelings arrive with any changes and transitions. Take some time to tend to and integrate these emotions. If you’re feeling stuck, view it as an opportunity to pause so that you can get into deeper alignment. Many directions are calling for you. Know that you can’t tend to them all at once. When you take the time to truly care for yourself, you’ll know where to place your focus. Choose a spiritual path vs one of avoidance. Remember to celebrate all of the things that make you special this month, Pisces. Your big heart, caring spirit, and intuitive nature are healing gifts to this world.


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