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Horoscopes | June 2020

June 1, 2020

By Leah Samuels of Moonlight Offerings

June lands us in Gemini Season, a mutable air sign that stirs up winds of change and transition. Gemini’s curiosity leads us to important questions about how to best proceed. Although seemingly scattered at times, Gemini’s prerogative is to gather information, and bring awareness to multiple viewpoints.

Gemini Season helps to identify and connect the dots which will eventually form a bigger picture.

Accompanied by Eclipse Season with Mercury and Venus Retrograde, this month brings some wild card energy with it. Venus Retrograde occurs from May 13th-June 25th, and spends its entire journey in Gemini, the sign of the storyteller.

Venus Retrograde is a tender time that encourages radical self-love and personal reflection about relationship patterns, values, and priorities.

June 5th initiates a series of eclipses on the Gemini-Sagittarius nodal axis, beginning with the Full Moon in Sagittarius, a penumbral lunar eclipse. Eclipses are catalysts for accelerated growth, and can carry emotional surges of energy to the surface of our awareness.

This Eclipse Season is a time to consciously release outdated beliefs about yourself and your relationships. Recalibrate your internal compass based on current circumstances.

Mercury Retrograde in Cancer begins on June 18th, another opportunity for deep reflection. Mercury Retrograde, in addition to communication mishaps, can be introspective and creative, shadowy and restful. Cancer Season begins on June 20th, followed by a New Moon Solar Eclipse on June 21st. This is a time to acknowledge collective love and grief.

In this darkness, plant seeds of emotional wisdom, care practices, and wishes of potential to carry forth into this next phase of life.

On June 25th, Venus Retrograde stations direct, entering its post-shadow phase, while Mars enters Aries on June 28th. This shift is significant, as Mars has a prolonged stay in its home sign of Aries due to its retrograde toward the end of the year. Our actions now will prove consequential in the coming months. Be mindful of how and where you place your energy.

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Surrender, Honesty, Priorities

There’s a chaotic energy to change. Trust in the truths that remain steady. This is a time to take a look at your priorities. What once mattered to you that doesn’t anymore? What’s important to this new version of you? This is a time to get honest with yourself about what you want and why you want it. Release any guilt about the past, and resolve to act and communicate in ways you think your future self will be proud of. Also, your intuition needs your attention. If something feels off, then it probably is. Get clear about what feels right for you, and allow that be your guide.


Love, Truth, Forgiveness

Your relationships are taking new forms. Remember that change is a natural process, and you are shifting into new ways of relating with others. Observe which bonds you’d like to strengthen and which ones you’re still in the process of letting go of. Notice and forgive yourself for any ways you’ve settled for less than you deserve. Self-love is the path toward clarity, but you must be willing to sit with uncertainty long enough to discover your truth. Remember that love is never wasted, and even loss is embedded with meaningful lessons.


Focus, Presence, Magic

Happy Gemini Season! There’s lots of cosmic action in your sign this month, which amplifies your energy and pulls your attention in several directions. Without clear focus, you might find yourself spinning in thoughts and ideas. Create daily rituals that require your presence. Now’s the time to focus on something that will move you closer to a goal, whatever that may be. Remember that skills are built through commitment and repetition, which is a foundation for magic and mastery. It’s okay to think twice about things this month while you check in for alignment.


Spirit, Messages, Release

Pay attention to signs and synchronicities as spiritual messages this month. Try to decipher the meaning of your dreams as a way to communicate with your subconscious. An emotional release is in store for you this month, which will help clear the path for more abundance in your life. Do your best to trust in this process, even when it feels uncomfortable. This isn’t a time for wishful thinking, as much as it’s a time for honesty with yourself. Where are you holding onto outdated beliefs about yourself? What still needs to be expressed? What happens when you shift your attention toward acceptance and healing? Remember that you are worthy of this and more.


Restore, Balance, Reconnect

This month is an invitation for personal restoration. As you move through this time, it’s easy to get thrown off balance or get caught up in what others are thinking or doing. With several planetary retrogrades, this month calls for you to slow down, connect with your inner wisdom, and re-evaluate your personal direction and desires. Self-discipline and moderation can help you get into deeper alignment, so you feel like you’re on the right track. Share your internal experiences with others and reconnect with friends and loved ones.


Stillness, Intuition, Healing

The abundance of mutable energy this month may invoke sensations of restlessness. Use what resources you have available to tend to your emotional health and wellbeing. Notice when you’ve been in a state of perpetual motion, and choose to sink into stillness instead. In these quiet spaces, you’ll find peacefulness that helps you connect with your intuition. Embrace your humanness by allowing yourself to experience a broader spectrum of emotions this month. Unresolved memories may float to the surface at this time, which brings forth opportunities for healing insights and fresh perspectives.


Power, Desire, Energy

If you’ve been grappling with some personal challenges, this month can bring some needed insight. Whether you’ve kept mostly to yourself or shared with others what you’re experiencing, this month encourages you to take your power back over limiting thought patterns and narratives. Try telling yourself a new story, where you are the main character, rather than a supporting role. Get in touch with the energy of personal desire. A shift in perspective will gift you with more energy, stronger boundaries, and a path toward new beginnings in your life.


Power, Transition, Evolution

Your words have power, Scorpio. Choose them wisely. Rather than ruminate in indecision, get clear about who you are and what support you need from others at this time. Notice the ways that fear influences your relationships, and where you’ve been holding onto past narratives. You’re finally ready to offer yourself a new story, and leave the past behind. Like a snake shedding its skin, allow yourself to exist in this transitory state right now. Although you may feel hesitant to trust in new beginnings, it’s time for this next phase of personal growth and evolution.


Perspective, Communication, Learning

This month brings a new perspective. The Full Moon lunar eclipse in your sign signifies endings and new beginnings. It’s okay if what once filled you up no longer feels satisfying. Now is a time to honor your past successes, and also be open to what comes next. Seek out new forms of communication and mediums for self-expression. Relate to the people and places in your life with newfound curiosity. Be willing to hold yourself accountable and make mistakes – it’s all part of the learning process.


Transformation, Routine, Healing

Major planetary significations of change have all been sitting in your sign, Capricorn. When this feels like a lot to bare, lean into the energy of transformation and rebirth. At this time, you’re being asked to release attachments to old ways of life or unhealthy patterns of behavior. Although there is grief in this process, there is also healing to be found. Allow yourself space to experience this process, which will open blocked pathways and reveal important lessons to you. Imagine and implement new routines that reflect your changing values and priorities. Inner peace is possible, especially when you can acknowledge and release the feelings that want to move through you.


Reconciliation, Vision, Potential

We are living in challenging times, Aquarius, and you are a collectively oriented sign. You may find yourself longing for the way things used to be, or spend your time visioning for the future. Yet, before moving forward with any goals and plans, tune into the energy of reconciliation with yourself. This is a time for self-forgiveness, and to learn from any mistakes you feel you’ve made with people in the past. Lovingly release yourself from any energy of shame or regret, and instead look ahead to the potential that the future holds. A new path is available to you, when you are ready.


Intuition, Boundaries, Change

This month brings an influx of intuitive messages. Although these messages may seem cloudy or disjointed at first, trust that a clear story is in the process of revealing itself to you. This month calls for enhanced energetic boundaries. When you feel left out or stressed out, it’s a sign to turn inward to fill yourself up. It’s easy to get pulled in several directions this month, and be influenced by what others are saying or doing. Although change is inevitable, it can still be difficult to manage. Remember to take deep breaths, and seal your personal energy so that you can focus on the best course of action for you.

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