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Horoscopes | June 2019

May 27, 2019


By Leah Samuels of Moonlight Offerings

This month kicks off with a New Moon in Gemini on June 3rd. Gemini Season emphasizes curiosity, intellect, and communication. Gemini values the exchange of information. It seeks sparks of interest to captivate its attention. This month, bounce around thoughts and ideas with others. Play in the realms of potential.

June’s Gemini-Sagittarius lunation cycle amplifies the need to expand your thinking, dream big, and imagine new possibilities.

Jupiter squares Neptune on June 16th, an aspect that occurs three times this year. This presents an opportunity to reconcile your ideas with your belief systems. Be mindful of who you trust and where you place your faith. The Jupiter-Neptune square can offer the experience of spiritual breakthroughs and creative inspiration. Though, you’ll need to apply discipline and focus to ground and follow through.

The Full Moon in Sagittarius arrives on June 17th. The Full Moon is an illumination point each month. Take note of what’s come into fruition so far this year. Sagittarius helps adjust your perspective to view the bigger picture. This sign encourages you to live your truth through the embodiment of your ideals. The Sun in Gemini and Moon in Sagittarius form the axis of knowledge and wisdom.

Together, these signs can assist in the development of a more open-minded approach to living and learning.

On June 21st, Cancer Season begins. Mercury and Mars oppose Saturn and Pluto as they travel through Cancer this month. As planets wade into this watery sign, they activate tension that will be present throughout next month’s Mercury Retrograde and Eclipse Season.

This Cancer Season teaches that imagination is an instrument for transformation.

It amplifies the evolutionary need to care more deeply, and strengthen our emotional bonds with one another.

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Presence, Communication, Potential

You’ve cleared space in your life as a result of all that you’ve said “no” to so far this year. Tap into the potential that this holds. You don’t need to know how everything will work out. Just stay present with your process. Rather than make quick decisions, take the time to tune into how you’re feeling. Communication is important this month. It’s a great time to process your thoughts with those you trust. Be sure to also take moments to relax, enjoy, and soak in some sunshine. Pat yourself on the back for all you’ve accomplished already this year and trust that the answer for what comes next is right around the corner.


Gratitude, Connections, Support

Tune into where your life feels steady. Express gratitude for the connections and community that support you, and know that you are worth it. You’ve been working hard, and this month, you can allow yourself to wind down a bit. Spiritual messages are coming in strong, so be sure to get yourself into a calm and balanced state of mind to receive them. Whatever you’ve been working toward, know that you’re in it for the long haul. Pace yourself accordingly. Many changes are being asked of you this year. Make the effort to calm down your nervous system and sink into this new groove.


Opportunity, Boundaries, Magic

Happy Gemini Season! Savor the connections that accompany this time of year and celebrate who you are. Each day brings new opportunities. It’s up to you to seize them. Your creative energy is flowing. Confront your fears around failure so that you can share even more of yourself with the world. When you work toward greater self-acceptance, it truly enhances your magic. Be mindful that there are others who may be jealous of your successes. Rise above it and stay strong in your boundaries, your confidence, and truth.


Receive, Rest, Recharge

As we gear up for Eclipse Season next month, know that big changes are on the horizon for you. You must be willing to let go of past attachments to make room in your life for more of what you want. Approach life with an open heart, ready to receive the blessings that you’ve asked for. Conserve your energy this month by taking ample time to rest and recharge. This is a great time for meditation, introspection, and cleansing your space. Gravitate toward what nourishes you. Trust that in doing so, you’ll gain the energy you need for all that comes next.


Expansion, Gratitude, Growth

Observe which parts of your life are moving in a positive direction. Stick with what you know works, but also create plans to expand even further. Allow your passion and intuition to guide you. At the same time, carefully consider all of your options. Confront the parts of yourself that still carry past fears of rejection. You are learning how to let your past go, so that you can welcome an even brighter future. Gratitude is one of the tools that helps you do this. When you practice gratitude, you recognize and attract what you want to continue to grow.


Strength, Inner-Resources, Breakthrough

Tap into your inner resources this month. Rather than focus on what you lack, identify your strengths. Your strengths are the parts of yourself that you can always call upon in times of need. You are resilient, caring, and intelligent, Virgo. When you’re too hard on yourself, you can miss the forest for the trees. Sometimes it feels like your hard work isn’t producing immediate results. Cultivate faith in yourself and your process. Challenges often lead to the breakthroughs that propel you further toward your dreams. Dare to dream beyond your limits this month.


Commitment, Connection, Communication

Sometimes, commitment feels unsettling. You’re assessing the meaning and purpose behind it. The most important commitment you have, though, is the one to yourself. Now is a good time to revitalize this connection. Assess what you’re putting your energy into. Does it offer the reciprocity you need? Prospects of new beginnings are on the horizon for you, and you’re craving emotional fulfillment. Be sure that you consider the long-term, rather than just right now. Engage in conversations that inspire and encourage you to explore new ways of thinking about your current situation.


Perspective, Priorities, Value

Do you feel like something is holding you back from your potential? Take some time to reflect on this. Although you want change to occur quickly, that’s not always what the situation calls for. Trust that the universe has your back and you’ll know when the time is right. This month, you’re encouraged to practice perseverance and patience. Approach your life from a bird’s eye view and reflect on where you’re at and how far you’ve come. Re-arrange your priorities this month to include more enjoyment. Place value on what feeds your soul.


Joy, Accountability, Purpose

The desire to live large is a part of your sign. You’re on a trajectory toward finding more meaning and purpose in your life. This month, you may feel the urge to let go of things that don’t spark joy. Just be sure you’re not acting solely on impulse. You are likely to experience waves of emotion during this month’s Full Moon. Take your time to gather information, and stay accountable in your relationships. Call in balance. When you operate from a place of generosity, you feel more abundance within yourself. Give when it feels right, and also notice when you need to replenish your own energy.


Routine, Transition, Balance

Draw your attention toward your daily routine. What lights you up, Capricorn? Try adding more of that into your life. Sometimes, ambition can feel lonely, and you’ve become accustomed to offering your support to others. Remind yourself that you deserve to be supported and cared for, too. It requires vulnerability to ask for what you need, and to be emotionally receptive to others. Yet, when you invite more care into your life, you have more energy to accomplish your goals. Next month’s Eclipse Season brings breakthroughs and changes. Surrender to these changes, rather than try to control them. Treat yourself with tenderness as you move through the transitions in your life.


Vitality, Acknowledgement, Protection

You have something to share this month, Aquarius. Yet it’s important to protect your ideas, too. It’s wise to wait until your thoughts are developed before expressing them. Use your intuition and inner-knowing to guide you. Although you are motivated by community-oriented ideals, it’s important that you receive acknowledgment for your personal contributions. Focus on your health and vitality this month, and people will be drawn to your energy and passion. Spend your time with those who you know support you, honor your brilliance, and are also willing to think outside the box.


Internal, Presence, Flow

Your home life and your inner world are calling for your attention. As you continue to engage with others in external areas of your life, you may find yourself longing to retreat into quieter spaces. Sometimes it’s hard to hear your own thoughts amidst the busyness of the outside world. This is a reminder to take the time you need to tune back in to you. Writing and journaling are great forms of expression this month. Choose peaceful moments over easy distractions. It’s always an option to stay overly busy, but you feel your best when you choose spaciousness, presence, and flow.


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