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Horoscopes | July 2020

July 1, 2020

By Leah Samuels of Moonlight Offerings

July begins in Cancer Season, accompanied by Mercury Retrograde until July 12th. Cancer is the crab – it has the qualities of both a soft heart and protective boundaries. Hydration, rest, and reflection are key components of this watery retrograde. Mercury Retrograde in Cancer encourages us to slow down and be more intentional with our words and actions.

This is a time to review and rewire our habitual responses.

Old wounds may re-emerge to be tended and cared for. This is a form of inner child work. We are also swimming through Eclipse Season.

Eclipse Season resets patterns, accelerates growth, and clarifies the origin stories of our emotions.

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn on July 4th/5th completes the Cancer-Capricorn series of eclipses that began in 2018. It’s also strongly interacting with the natal chart of the United States. The Cancer-Capricorn Eclipses have further revealed the problems within systems and institutions that don’t protect and care for all of its people. Cancer cares about healing.

This Full Moon, consciously break from outdated emotional contracts and close the door on dying belief systems.

Mid-month, the Sun in Cancer opposes Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn, which further highlights the work we have to do on this axis. On July 20th, the New Moon in Cancer opposes Saturn Retrograde in Capricorn. This illuminates structural changes. It may feel like we are cleaning up old messes, or fixing what should have already been addressed. At the same time, new ideas for the future are being dreamt up.

Connect with the support of your ancestors. Feel, vision, and imagine new possibilities for yourself and your communities.

Saturn Retrograde moved back into Capricorn at the beginning of the month and continues its retrograde through September. Saturn Retrograde is about personal authority and responsibility. It asks us to restructure our lives and seriously reconsider our commitments.

On July 22nd, the Sun enters Leo. Filled with fire and passion, Leo Season asks us to bring our gifts and talents forward.

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Initiation, Internal, Transition

This month has cardinal energy, which ignites sparks of initiation. A fire has already been started within you. While you wish to move forward with external plans, you are greeted with internal challenges. This is okay- turn your focus inward for a moment. Take time to care for yourself, and get your personal foundations in order. You are breaking out of old cycles and entering a brand new phase of life. Don’t allow self-doubt or criticism to talk you out of your truth and your path. Practice healthy boundaries, and offer yourself the authentic support you need through this transitional time.


Boundaries, Support, Communication

This month, focus on spiritual work. Your dreams feed into your reality. Although you may feel tired, this isn’t a time to give up. You are balancing a lot, right now. You may need to draw some boundaries this month to protect your energy. Get clear about what you need from others, and surround yourself with supportive people. There’s something you’ve been needing to say to someone in your life. Spend some time this month figuring out where your communication blocks stem from. Your messages are important, and your voice is needed.


Internal, Intuition, Partnerships

The more personal work you do this month, the better you’ll feel, and the more energy you’ll have for others in your community. Remember that inner work is just as important as outer work. It’s okay to exist in these temporary internal spaces, and it’s also very much needed. Trust your intuition when it comes to partnering and partnerships with others. Rather than make quick decisions, take the time to parse out how you’re feeling. Address the roots of your issues. Prioritize what you truly need, rather than settle for temporary fixes.


Flow, Intuition, Beginnings

Happy Cancer Season! Times are changing, and so are you. Rather than resist change, choose to go with the flow. Listen to what your intuition is telling you, and move out of any feelings of “stuck-ness” with decisiveness. There is clarity to be found, even amidst uncertainty. This month, watch out for projections in your relationships. Use your natural healing abilities to recognize and integrate all the different parts of yourself. Time to upgrade your perspective of who you are and how you show up in the world. Be open to the new beginnings this time period has to offer.


Emotions, Spirituality, Brilliance

Dive deep into your inner world and clear out emotional debris. This a time to uncover past memories, hidden fantasies, and abandoned creativity. There are changes occurring in your daily life, and the “way you’ve always done things” needs an upgrade. Restructure your daily routine to include more spirituality, discipline, and personal alignment. This month, take some time to consider what your gifts are, and how you can contribute to your community in ways that reflects both your brilliance and that of others.


Healing, Encouragement, Connection

You have an important role to play at this time, Virgo. Your innate healing abilities and critical thinking skills are needed. There are people who are ready to support you in this next phase of your journey. Leveling up requires you to believe in yourself and your work. Care for the worried parts of yourself with encouragement and gentle reassurance. Create a releasing ritual for your doubt, and trust in your path. You don’t have to move quickly this month. It’s best to feel your way into things, and connect with the ground beneath you before moving forward.


Consideration, Reflection, Movement

This month, you’re rethinking how you want to show up in the world. On a foundational level, a lot has shifted for you. Consider the collaborations, relationships, and communities you are a part of. Do they reflect your values? Respect your personal boundaries by expressing what is and isn’t acceptable to you. Clarity in movement and direction follows a period of reflection and indecision this month. Allow your emotions to inform your decisions, but not drive them.


Values, Decisions, Communication

This month, try to practice a healthy dose of detachment. This can assist you in seeing your situation more clearly. You may find yourself in a position where people are looking to you for leadership or advice. Check in with yourself to proceed in an ethical way, in alignment with your values. This is not the best time to make rushed decisions. Rather, continue to gather information and listen to others before moving forward. Double check all your communications. Be compassionate toward yourself along the way.


Reflection, Collaboration, Purpose

This month calls for some deep reflection. Which endings have you been avoiding? Although transitions can be strange, they can also bring a sense of completion. As you become more comfortable with discomfort, you’ll free up your energy for new projects and ideas. Close the door on the past to facilitate these openings. There are collaborative opportunities available to you. It’s more effective for you to work together with others than on your own. Continue to plan and prepare for what’s next. Move with vision and purpose.


Connection, Sun, Family

You may have heard the quote “the brighter the light, the darker the shadow.” The opposite can be true, as well. This month, remember to honor both light and shadow. It’s easy to get lost in the seriousness of the world’s problems, but remember to find room for joy and connection, too. Allow sunlight to break through dark clouds. You may want to actually go outside to soak up the sun and allow it to fill you up. This month, intentionally make time for family and chosen family. Engage with those who remind you of your true self. Share the abundance you have with others.


Internal, Self-Reflection, Alignment

This month, work through internal conflict by getting clear about where you stand on important issues and decisions. As you do so, you’ll communicate more clearly in your relationships with others. Don’t skip over this opportunity for deep self-reflection. Continue to learn and integrate new information, so you can find peace and settle into your truth. Remember that you don’t have to prove yourself to others, but you do need to feel aligned and truthful within yourself.


Balance, Relationships, Healing

You’ve been working on your internal peace, even in this time of uncertainty. You’re moving beyond self-doubt and into a more balanced place when it comes to who you are and what you stand for. All of the internal work you’ve been doing translates to your relationships with others. The greatest test is when old wounds get triggered or re-opened. Address these issues with honesty and openness when they arise. There’s an opportunity to heal something that’s been influencing a relationship. It’s time to either move through it or move on.

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