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Horoscopes | July 2019

June 30, 2019

By Leah Samuels of Moonlight Offerings

Welcome to Eclipse Season! July is jam packed with transformative astrology, as we continue to navigate Cancer’s cleansing and healing waters together.

Eclipses tend to act as catalysts for accelerated growth, often in the form of endings and new beginnings. We are closing one chapter and entering another.

July’s Eclipse Season is accompanied by Mercury Retrograde (July 7th-July 31st), which occurs three times this year. This Mercury Retrograde helps us get in touch with our intuition and receive messages from dreams, spirit, and our subconscious. Mercury also lifts up the metaphorical rug we’ve swept parts of ourselves under. The Eclipses occur along the Cancer-Capricorn axis, which brings forth personal and collective stories from our pasts that impact our present. We are swimming through shadows, and there is much wisdom to be found there.

Cancer’s gift is compassion- remember to apply it to yourself and others as we ride the waves this month.

The North Node in Cancer encourages us to center feelings about our self-worth on humanity rather than productivity. And, let’s center productivity around our humanity, whenever possible.

Although you can’t always change how you feel, you can shift how you choose to engage. Mercury Retrograde brings awareness to your self-talk and inner-dialogue. Pay attention to the way you speak to yourself, and the stories you tell about your life. An integral component of growth is taking time to reflect, restructure, and assess the trajectory you’re on.

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn on July 16th is an illumination of all that you’ve been working toward since January. Take note and celebrate what’s blossomed in your life since then.

Be honest with yourself about what isn’t working. Use your power to imagine something new, and call in the self-love and care practices you need to help you sustain your work and relationships.

Choose what you want to carry forth into the second half of the year and reckon with what you’re ready to leave behind. It takes courageous and tender work to become aware of, and release, our own outdated patterns. Yet, it’s just one way we personally contribute to collective growth.

On July 31st, we close out the month with a New Moon / new beginning in Leo on the same day that Mercury turns direct in Cancer. July’s astrology has the potential to provide us with the rays of awareness and action plans we need to shine through the next part of 2019.

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Self-Care, Activate, Sustain

You may think that the way forward is to push through and focus hard on your work. Yet, in order to truly sustain the work you’re doing, you must tend to your emotional support systems and foundations. Check in with your internal world. If you’re feeling unfocused or frustrated with the current astrology, take some time to find stillness and breathe before pushing forward. That tension you’re feeling right now- that’s the tension that creates growth. If you’re dissatisfied with something in your life, it’s because it’s time to change it. Beginnings are birthed from endings. Your main message this month is: what you need matters.


Priorities, Emotional Support, Worthiness

This month, prioritize emotional support over practicality. What if you let go of some of the extra burdens of responsibility you’ve been carrying around? For example, the responsibility to be right, or to be stable, even. You’re so often the loyal and reliable one, but sometimes you need support too. Communicate your needs to others, particularly to those you trust. Remember, you are worthy of being held, and what you have to say matters. You are not here to carry the weight of the world. The Earth is actually carrying you. Decide which responsibilities are truly yours and release the rest.


Attachments, Self-Love, Release

Examine your attachments this month. Be mindful of who and what you allow to access your emotional energy and space. Love always starts with yourself, and healthy boundaries are just one way to express self-respect. Detach from relationship dynamics that don’t uplift you, and check in with yourself about why you’re keeping them in your life. If you’re harboring feelings from relationships past, this is a great month to practice releasing rituals. Write a break up letter to your pain, to a person, to anyone who ever doubted you. Turn your attention and care toward yourself so you can get deeper in touch with the kind of love and support you need from others.


Intention, Purpose, Vision

It’s time to let go of others expectations of you, and resolve to define yourself for yourself. You don’t have to fully understand where you’re going yet, but the picture is becoming more clear. During the New Moon Solar Eclipse in your sign, set intentions for the changes you want to see. When you do so, focus on how you want to feel rather than what the results will look like. What does it feel like for you to be in flow, to have a sense of purpose permeating your life? Notice what promotes a sense of peace inside of you and choose to cultivate more of that. You’re getting a boost of cosmic energy this month, Cancer. Pay attention to your intuition and envision your path toward deeper fulfillment.


Reflect, Align, Truth

Focus on what’s right for you, rather than on what you want in the moment. Just because something sounds appealing doesn’t always mean that it’s in alignment. During Mercury Retrograde, it’s best not to make quick decisions, or take anything at face value. Look beyond the surface and get to know your options. Your desires are changing, anyway, and you’re ready to put the past behind you. Lunar Eclipses are an opportune time for breaking habits. Introspection and reflection are your guides this month. Take the time you need to say goodbye to the old you and make way for the new, more true, version of yourself.


Assessment, Curiosity, Celebration

This month, retreat into your inner world a bit so you can concentrate on what grounds you. You are re-structuring your schedule and priorities, particularly when it comes to your work and home balance. If you’re feeling moody this month, instead of reacting right away, get curious about the root of these feelings. In order to manage your external pressures and responsibilities, you must also tend to your emotional needs. As you do so, you’ll find that life gets easier. Also, be sure to celebrate what you’ve accomplished so far this year before moving on to the next thing. You deserve to feel rewarded for your efforts, and to enjoy the fruits of your labor.


Growth, Surrender, Soothe

You’re in a major growth period, Libra. As a Cardinal sign, you’re caught up in the waves of this month’s Eclipses. Rather than avoid them, surrender to riding it out. What’s causes you discomfort? Where are you feeling stuck? Breakthroughs and creative solutions arrive this month, but only when you’re willing to confront your issues. Be gentle toward yourself, too. Find loving ways to soothe your fears. When you trust that all is unfolding in its right time, you can relax more deeply into the ebb and flow of your life. There is something beautiful emerging from within, and it needs time and space to reveal itself.


Perspective, Self-Love, Intuition

You have so much to give, Scorpio. What does it feel like to give freely, without needing anything in return? If you don’t believe you’re in a position with enough to offer, rethink your beliefs about yourself. Water the seeds of your personal growth by turning your abundant romantic energy toward loving yourself. You’ve actively been releasing negative thought loops. A new perspective has emerged, and it’s going to take time for you to trust it. Reflect on a time in your life when you felt content. This will help you figure out the contributing factors and ingredients you need to feel more whole. Your intuition is loud this month. Listen to what it has to say.


Surrender, Release, Reflect

Surrender to the pull inward. Allow your emotions, both grief and joy, to move through you. Try to experience and hold space for your feelings without becoming too attached to them. This year, you’re going through a lot of growth. The foundations you’ve built provide a beautiful vantage point to reflect on the year thus far. Something you started several months ago has reached an important milestone or point of culmination. Celebrate these moments, and also honor when it’s time to close the door on what’s completed itself. Remember, you don’t have to overextend yourself this month. Protect your energy by taking the time you need to recharge. Life is always moving- sometimes inward and sometimes outward. It’s up to you to observe and follow it’s natural flow.


Connect, Heal, Transform

You’ve been working hard on yourself and have achieved a lot of progress. But, there’s only so much you can do on your own. The truth is, we often learn the most about ourselves when we are willing to take accountability and heal through our relationships. Look for ways to work in collaboration, and prioritize your relationships above personal achievement. When you extend your resources (whether material, emotional, or spiritual) and support others’, you’ll actually experience much deeper fulfillment within yourself as a result. Allow love and honesty to break down some of your walls this month. You’re going through big transformations this year, and the relationships built on genuine care are the ones that will carry through.


Awareness, Past, Lessons

Notice who shows up in your mind and heart this month, Aquarius. If something or someone from your past appears, search for the lessons they offer. What is the emotional charge these situations bring to your awareness? Perhaps you have moved on, or perhaps not. Eclipse Season + Mercury Retrograde often bring what’s been swimming in our subconscious up the surface. When we are conscious and aware of something, it’s much easier to address it. This month, practice giving yourself the advice you would offer to a close friend.


Process, Patience, Expectations

If you’re working on something new, take some time to assess how to best approach it. You have the support of others around you, but don’t allow that to put pressure on your process. Allow yourself the spaciousness to sort through your ideas. Expect delays, but don’t be discouraged by them. Set realistic expectations for yourself and strive for progress over perfection. Retrogrades teach us that sometimes things move backward before they move forward. Question if your new ideas are in alignment with your greater goals. If so, you must be willing to balance your dreams with effort & action. Make your moves deliberate and remember to practice patience with yourself.

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