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Horoscopes | January 2020

December 29, 2019

By Leah Samuels of Moonlight Offerings

2020 begins with planetary oomph, situated within Eclipse Season and other major cycles of change. January leads with Capricorn energy, offering the gifts of wisdom, integrity, and ambition. On January 10th, the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Cancer reveals wisdom of an emotional nature.

To level up in the ways you hope to in 2020, include the lunar qualities of intuition and relational intelligence in your goals and plans.

On January 12th, the main astrological feature of the month arrives in the form of a perfected conjunction between Saturn and Pluto. This aspect has been building in anticipation for the past couple years. Saturn & Pluto bring forth transformation, new beginnings, and a release of the past.

The Saturn-Pluto conjunction tests our foundations, reveals the underbelly of our collective systems, and signifies a need for structural change.

As Saturn, the planet of time, greets Pluto, Lord of the Underworld and harbinger of death and rebirth, we are reminded of the cyclical nature of all that comes and goes. As we gear up for a defining year of the decade, continue to heal generational wounds and honor the wisdom you carry deep within your bones.

This is a beautiful time to connect with ancestors, ground, and tend to your roots.

On January 20th, the Sun enters Aquarius, and then a New Moon arrives on January 24th. Aquarius is a future-oriented sign, attuned to collective energy. Aquarius Season will close out the first month of the New Year with qualities of insight, reflection, and motivation for renewal.

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Potential, Determination, Alignment

January brings new beginnings and potential in the areas of your life connected to the physical world, such as finances and career. Think about what you want to attract, and contemplate on how to make your ideas even more tangible. In order to trust yourself, it’s important that you acknowledge any feelings holding you back from moving forward with your plans. If and when challenges arise, view them as a test to your strength and determination. When you stay in alignment with your truth and your heart, everything else will follow. If something is clearly out of alignment, allow it to be released at this time.


Balance, Purpose, Gratitude

This month, practice balance between grounding and fluidity. Be patient, as you don’t have to force or rush anything. Trust your purpose and that what you are seeking is already on its way to you. When you release resistance to the direction your energy wants to move toward, you’ll arrive at a more authentic sense of stability. If you feel torn in a decision, go with a middle option. Remain open to unexpected inspiration and opportunities this month. As Uranus stations direct in your sign, welcome in progress and forward motion. With Jupiter’s placement in a fellow Earth sign, invite gratitude and visualize all the blessings this year will bring to you.


Power, Truth, Accountability

The first month of 2020 is about inspired action. It’s also about understanding your shadow self and what motivates you. Limiting thoughts are currently being released, so that you can step deeper into the truth of your own power. This process requires your honesty and accountability. Sometimes you have to put your own needs and priorities first, even if it disappoints others. As long as you are aligned with your purpose, it doesn’t matter as much what others have to say about it. It’s time to take greater responsibility, and hold yourself in loving and compassionate energy as you enter this new time and phase of your life.


Transform, Visualize, Receive

This month, you may feel pressure to transform. As emotions bubble to the surface, allow them to serve a cleansing purpose. Express your fears, and then release them. This month offers an opportunity to break out of old habits, cycles, and patterns, particularly when it comes to relational dynamics. You’re ready for fresh energy and to try something new and more empowering. Visualize possibilities of positive outcomes. This is a time to tune into your intuition, and contemplate what brings you authentic joy. Ask for what you need from others, and then be open to receiving it.


Trust, Contemplate, Adjust

This month, re-arrange your time and priorities so that you can make room for what you truly want to focus on. It’s natural to feel trepidation about the unknown, but trust that your guides have your back at this time. If you’re willing to put in the hard work now, you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment later. A seed of inspiration has already been activated within you. Now, it’s time to contemplate how to ground and channel your vision through your physical body and into the world. Slow down, sit with your schedule, and adjust as needed. Remember, you don’t need to do everything all at once.


Potential, Abundance, Trust

It’s natural to have hesitation about trying something new, but don’t allow your inner-critic to run the show. This month shows potential for harmony and deep alignment. You may find yourself asking if you can trust good feelings when they arrive. The answer is: yes! Allow positive energy in, so that you can cultivate abundance from a more empowered place. Notice when self-doubt creeps in, and engage in healthy dialogue with it. You’ve come full circle with something, and now it’s time to welcome in a new year with new possibilities.


Change, Boundaries, Compassion

Change is in the air. While you may experience some restlessness this month, remember to stay grounded, too. Now is the time to build from your own foundation. Maintain boundaries with others, so that you don’t take on emotional energy and issues that aren’t yours. In doing so, you’ll remain steady and planted in your intuition. Conflicting feelings of certainty and doubt may emerge this month. This is a natural response to transitions and change. Practice compassion, and search for a place of calm within yourself.


Momentum, Inner-Work, Connection

When you set your mind on something, you cultivate the energy to follow through. Feel into what motivates you now, and where there is momentum behind your actions. Although your external goals might propel you forward in some areas of your life, this month provides the opportunity to re-focus on your inner work. If you feel a sense that there’s something “missing”, seek your answers within. Balance your time between solitude and connection with others. Notice who supports your spiritual growth at this time, and choose to strengthen and develop those bonds.


Commitment, Intention, Strategy

As you enter 2020, take the lessons you learned from the past year with you. What did both your successes and “mistakes” teach you? Although it’s easy to get distracted with new plans and ideas, be sure you come to a sense of completion with what you’ve already started. This new year is a great time to recommit to the goals and actions that will enhance your life, long term. Move with intention, rather than haste. Since Jupiter, your ruling planet, moved out of Sag and into Capricorn, strategic plans will likely yield the best results.


Intention, Alignment, Values

Happy Capricorn Season! Hone your skills of discipline, integrity, and focus to create intentional change in your life. This is a time to have faith in your direction, and embrace this next phase you’re embarking on. Resolve to leave old dynamics behind so that you activate new patterns and put them into motion. Question if what has given you a sense of security in the past still applies to your present. Trust and expand into what’s authentic for you, now. True self-respect comes from living up to your own values. Choose all that brings you into deeper alignment with yourself.


Inspiration, Prosperity, Beauty

There is a new direction calling you on your spiritual path. Allow yourself to follow this inspiration to see where it leads. The seeds you plant now will prosper into the future. Visualization, meditation, and introspection can be supportive for you this month. Prepare for new possibilities and stay open to receiving. If you’re unclear about what to do next, sometimes it’s best to “do nothing, and accomplish everything.” Reach out to those who can support you on your path. Your message this month: build more beauty into your life.


Transformation, Healing, Goals

As a sign tuned into collective energy, you are particular sensitive to seasons and cycles of change. Endings and new beginnings always go hand in hand. Try to relax through it, and surrender to the transformations taking place. Your presence is naturally healing for those around you. Just be sure to fill your own cup before prioritizing the needs of others. Nourish your self-love practices by engaging with the different creative sides of yourself. Find outlets for your energy, such as journaling, movement, and ritual. As you enter this new decade, choose to support your visions with achievable goals and inspired plans.

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