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Horoscopes | February 2020

January 30, 2020

By Leah Samuels of Moonlight Offerings

February arrives in the midst of Aquarius Season. Aquarius orients us toward the future, bringing waves of fresh energy and ideas with it. Sometimes, discomfort brings forth the motivation for growth and change. Although its symbol is the life-giving “water bearer”, Aquarius is actually a fixed air sign.

Aquarius is associated with intellect and the mind, attuned to collective movements toward innovation.

Rather than fixate on problems, focus on possible solutions. During the first week of the month, Mercury enters Pisces and sextiles Uranus, the modern planetary ruler of Aquarius. This can bring flashes of insight, and glimpses of potential.

Your dreams are preludes to new realities.

On February 9th, the Full Moon activates the Leo-Aquarius axis in your Astrology chart. This Full Moon in Leo promotes self-love, self-expression, and awakens the passions of the heart. Aquarius highlights interconnectedness, and creates the vessels for your gifts, love, and brilliance to flow into a collective stream.

Give yourself permission to be who you are. Authenticity has an inimitable shine.

On February 17th, Mercury Retrograde begins in Pisces, where it will cycle back through Aquarius until it stations direct on March 10th. This is a good time to revise your resolutions, and rethink your plans. Honor your process and your privacy.

Rest, replenish, daydream, envision.

On February 19th, Pisces Season begins, followed by a New Moon on February 23rd. This emphasizes emotional sensitivity for everyone. This is a good time to amplify your psychic protection work, as you attentively water your seeds of intentions with care.

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Reset, Reframe, Goals

This month is a time to celebrate your successes, big and small. It’s also a good time to reset your goals and aspirations. Reframe what you’ve perceived as setbacks and view them as stepping stones on your path. Slowing down isn’t easy for you, Aries, but taking time to reflect can help you strategically plan your next moves. Practice objectivity and spend time with people who offer fresh perspectives. Learn from your experiences, so you can truly break free from repetitive cycles.


Trust, Change, Appreciation

It’s important to acknowledge all of your progress, including slow progress. Discipline is key this month, and helps you cultivate enough trust in yourself to take risks. Welcome change and invite the unexpected. Reward yourself for your hard work, but also know that you don’t exist in a vacuum. Disengage from relationship dynamics that drain you, and show love and appreciation for the people in your life who support you along the way.


Potential, Energy, Glow

Time to shake things up, Gemini. Let go of expectations so you can authentically enjoy the potential of what’s right in front of you. In doing so, you receive bursts of energy and fresh ideas this month. When you intentionally spend time focusing on your wellbeing, you’ll glow in a new way. This is a good time to learn something new or revisit old curiosities and interests. This month, show yourself that you’re capable of profound growth. Challenge your beliefs and perceptions about what you can and can’t do.


Transition, Shift, Love

Take some time to rest this month, Cancer. You’re going through a personal transition, and it’s asking that you leave something behind that no longer serves you. This might show up in the form of a relationship, or an emotional pattern or behavior that you’re ready to shift. Remember, discomfort is often a positive sign of growth. Share your inner dialogue with loved ones. You have a choice to push people away or bring them closer. Choose closeness, and to love yourself and others in new and radical ways.


Balance, Beauty, Truth

There’s a Full Moon in your sign this month, which amplifies your personal power and allows your beauty to shine. Temper your fears with the excitement of possibility. This month, search for balance between your own needs and what your relationships require from you. Cultivate harmony through compromise. Remember, though, you don’t need to change yourself to make others happy. Express who you are in an authentic way. Boundaries and clear communication show respect for both yourself and others. Seek, then speak your truth.


Awareness, Trust, Choice

This month, revamp your routine. Think about your long term wellbeing in all the realms: mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual. It’s often easier to choose instant gratification over sustainable ways to show up for yourself. Which parts of your daily routine are not currently serving you? Conscious awareness can help you implement new and exciting ways to support yourself. Your body is a vessel for your spirit. This month, make clear and loving choices in how you relate to it.


Renewal, Action, Inspiration

This month brings the energy of renewal. You are connecting with a spiritual purpose, and entering a more loving phase of your life. Libra’s function is to live in harmonic motion with beauty and justice.
Continue to identify and commit to what’s important to you, and then back it up with action. Friendships and relationships are your playground for learning. This month, spend time with those who help you stay inspired.


Release, Presence, Authenticity

This month, keep the ball rolling on whatever you’re working through. Celebrate yourself, and find value in your unique contribution to a group, team, or partnership you’re a part of. It’s time to release your associations with a past self that don’t align with who you are today. Who you are now is very different than who you used to be. Make peace with your past so you can engage more deeply with your present. This month is about embracing your whole self, and finding joy in the parts of your life that support your authentic expression.


Reconnect, Balance, Communicate

This month can help you get “unstuck” if you need it. Reconnect with what brings you inspiration, or find something new to get excited about. You may need to search for a better balance between spontaneity and discipline, work and fun. Notice which side you’re leaning toward. In order for you to find more freedom in your life and relationships, it’s important that you stay true to who you are. Communicate what you need to others. Then, work together to transform words into actions.


Listen, Assess, Sustain

There is bravery in trying something new, Capricorn. This month, apply a different approach to a recurring conflict or problem. Liberate yourself from the responsibility of needing to be “right.” Instead, take the time to listen to multiple perspectives and opinions. You have undergone major changes in the past months. Give yourself a fair assessment on how much growth has happened. The way to sustain your progress is through innovation, and building a new life upon authentic foundations.


Shift, Vision, Compassion

Happy Aquarius Season! You have big goals and dreams, and you can sense that it’s time to move more boldly toward them. First, acknowledge what’s been holding you back, and offer yourself some compassion around it. It’s time to shift your energy into manifestation mode. This month is more about trusting your vision, rather than implementation. When you choose the authentic path over the easy one, it will be more rewarding in the long term.


Insight, Receptivity, Alignment

This month brings intuitive messages, daydreams, and creative insight to the forefront. Allow yourself to exist in a state of receptivity. Be open to surprises and new possibilities. This month, honor the quiet moments and in between spaces. Rather than glorify productivity, allow your ideas to take shape at their own pace. Ritual baths, affirmations, and intentional actions help you stay clear and in alignment with your direction.

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