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Horoscopes | December 2020

November 25, 2020

By Leah Samuels of Moonlight Offerings

It’s December, the final month of a wildly transformative and challenging year. Whether you’re feeling burnt out, fired up, inspired, or somewhere in between- December ushers us into a new era. The month begins in Sagittarius and Eclipse Season.

Eclipses can help us de-program old belief systems so that we can dream deeper into new ones.

Sagittarius follows Scorpio Season. While Scorpio helps us get in touch with shadow and ancestor work, Sagittarius lights the way forward. The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius arrives on December 14th. Sagittarius is associated with the concepts of trust and faith.

Sagittarius teaches embodiment, and encourages you to propel your intuition into action.

This Solar Eclipse reveals hidden aspects about ourselves and our beliefs that need integration. On December 21st, the Great Conjunction occurs between Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius.

The Great Conjunction is a major astrological event of 2020, punctuating the end of this year with a potent new beginning.

At 0 degrees Aquarius, we mark the start of a new 200 year cycle that accentuates the air element. Jupiter will remain in Aquarius through December 2021, and Saturn through March 2023. Whichever house contains Aquarius in your birth chart will be activated by these planetary shifts.

Aquarian themes include innovation, community, equity, and the advancement of technology.

On December 21st, the Sun also moves into Capricorn, marking the Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere. This is the shortest day and longest night of the year.

The Solstice signals the rebirth of the Sun, the dawning of a new cycle.

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Re-align, Emerge, Routine

Take this moment to re-align and recalibrate. It’s been a hell of a year, and it’s now time to settle into new routines that will help you thrive. Notice where you’ve been feeling “off.” It may be because you’re engaging with activities and relationships that don’t quite fit anymore. Pay attention to your emerging ideas and interests, and follow what feels right.


Balance, Passion, Communication

Often when there is loss, there is something else gained. Pay attention to where your focus is, and seek mental balance. Take all of the lessons, energy, and passion you’ve cultivated this year, and point it in the direction you want to go. When it comes to your relationships, be mindful of communication this month. It’s important to vocalize your truth, and be sure to seek out additional information before jumping to conclusions about others’ intentions.


Presence, Commitment, Faith

This month presents an influx of ideas and opportunities. Balance any feelings of overwhelm with presence. You don’t need to do everything at once. Instead, pay attention to what’s right in front of you. That way, you can prioritize practical pathways forward. Move your energy in the direction of confidence and commitment. Have faith in what you’re doing. Remember who you are and what you stand for.


Destiny, Change, Release

This month touches on themes of destiny and direction. Whatever your viewpoint is at the moment, where might you go from here? Although there are many things out of your control, notice where you do have agency to take the wheel of your life. Cancer is a sign that values comfort and security. Although change is constant, that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Release any resistance you have to making the changes you want to make. What comes next is likely more aligned for you than what came before.


Courage, Community, Perspective

This month offers clarity and courage. It’s up to you to direct this energy accordingly. Fire and Air are dominating elements this month, which offers support in your decision making process. Prioritize objectivity over impulsivity. Know that whatever you’re feeling, you’re not alone in it. Lean into community, uplifting your truth and that of others. This is a time to seek out support, and share what you’re experiencing. Be open to hearing new perspectives.


Future, Planning, Potential

This month asks for some deep thought and future planning. A lot has changed for you this year, and now you’re considering what comes next. Even amidst all the uncertainty, now is a good time to prioritize your longer term goals. There’s a decision to be made between sticking with what you know and opening yourself up to new potentials. This is a time to honor the phases of your life that feel complete. Then, you can open your heart to this next part of your journey.


Love, Support, Values

You may feel waves of emotion and heart opening moments as you move through this month. This is a reminder that you are more than worthy of receiving love and support. Although, sometimes you must be willing to ask. This month, allow yourself permission to indulge in pleasure based experiences. In this ever-changing world, it’s important to seize moments of joy and rest whenever you can. Now is the time to create your own rules around your values and needs, and communicate them clearly to others.


Boldness, Honesty, Liberation

This is a time for boldness in your desires, declarations of love, needs, and values. You have a lot to offer, and now is a time to reclaim your power from where it’s been lost. It’s okay to prioritize your own wellbeing. It’s okay to speak up about what’s important to you. Even when it makes others uncomfortable. On a personal note, this is a time to radically love all the parts of yourself that you’ve ever deemed “unlovable.” This month brings a big release of pain you’ve been holding onto for quite some time. Allow optimism and liberation to take its place.


Spirit, Healing, Release

Happy Sagittarius Season! Sagittarius is the spiritual seeker of the zodiac. Now is the time to get clear about what your spirit needs at this time. This month encourages a balance between personal exploration and connections with loved ones. When you heal yourself, everyone you love benefits from it. The healing work you’re doing now can travel through timelines- from your ancestors and into your future. During this Eclipse Season, take the time you need to process, reflect, and release.


Awakening, Completion, Wisdom

This month brings a spiritual awakening. The past year has brought many trials and tribulations, and opportunities for addressing deeply rooted wounds and fears. Acknowledge the ways you’ve undergone a deep transformation as a result. You’ve also found pockets of personal power you might not have known you had. As Jupiter and Saturn shift out of your sign, know that you’ve reached a stage of completion in your spiritual journey. Allow your feelings to flow through you this month, so that you can truly move forward as a wiser, and more compassionate, version of yourself.


Hope, Beliefs, Humanity

This month, name all of the things that bring you hope about humanity. It can be a memory of a strangers’ kindness, an organization or group that you believe in, or something else that’s personal to you. It’s important to be in touch with what motivates you to continue working to make the world a better place. This year, your belief systems have shifted in many ways. Get in touch with the parts of you that feel calm, hopeful, and ready for a new world emerge. Know that your energy is needed right now – all you have to do is be yourself.


Intuition, Change, Decisions

It’s likely you’ve experienced information overload or overwhelm this year. This month offers an opportunity to sift through the noise, and settle deeper into your truth and intuition. Open your toolbox of spiritual skills and coping mechanisms. Notice what’s truly nourishing and what you’re holding onto out of comfort or habit. Now is the time to make personal changes that will influence your broader path. The decisions you make for yourself “behind the scenes” impact the way you engage and interact with the world around you. It’s okay to keep some things to yourself – you get to choose which parts of your journey you want to share with others.

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