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Horoscopes | December 2019

November 28, 2019

By Leah Samuels of Moonlight Offerings

It’s the last month of the decade, and Sagittarius is known to live large. Guided by intuition, Sagittarius points its arrow toward the direction of truth and inspiration. Trust your internal compass. It’s one you can always choose to follow.

Sagittarius Season encourages a big picture perspective. Take note of all the ways you’ve grown this year, beyond what you thought was possible.

Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion, has been in its home sign of Sagittarius for the past year. On December 2nd, Jupiter enters Capricorn, where it will align with Saturn and Pluto over the course of next year. Jupiter’s passage through Capricorn is a shift from vision into application, and helps you focus on your long term goals. Jupiter in Capricorn encourages you to wield your power, ethically, and abundantly.

Continue to heal your past, so you can transform the future.

The last Full Moon of the year arrives on December 12th, and is a punctuation point for the past six months. The Full Moon in Gemini brings a breath of air before Eclipse Season arrives. Allow it to fill you with fullness and light.

On December 21st, the Sun’s entry into Capricorn marks the Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, and the New Moon phase on the wheel of the year. On December 25th, we have a New Moon Solar Eclipse, as the Sun and Moon join together with Jupiter in Capricorn.

The New Moon is a time to vision, plan, dream in the dark, and embrace the unknown of what next year will bring.

Eclipses represent closings and openings, endings and new beginnings, thematic for the remainder of the month and the year. Capricorn Season is a time to ground into your innate wisdom. You’re now equipped with all the lessons you’ve gained throughout the year.

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Intention, Pace, Inspiration

This month, your power is in your pace. You may have energy and drive, but you’ll see the best results when you practice slowing down. The decisions you make now have long term implications, so you’ll want to maintain a calm center as you do so. Seek creative outlets to help you move through the month with greater peace and ease. Be intentional with all of your choices, allowing what inspires you to guide you. Remember, you don’t need to do everything on your own. Ask for help if you need it. Collaborations are likely to be worth your while.


Focus, Align, Learn

This month is about internal alignment. You don’t need to have everything figured out right now. Instead, work on getting clear about what your long term goals are. Consider what you need to learn, and what skills you need to build to achieve them. Don’t allow self-doubt to cloud your vision. Instead, focus on the here and now. When you solve one piece of the puzzle at a time, it eventually leads to the bigger picture. Pay attention to signs and synchronicities that guide you along the way. Seek understanding of the moment you are in, because it’s a significant part of your journey.


Intuition, Transformation, Growth

Inner feelings may bubble up to the surface this month, particularly when it comes to relationships. Use your intuition as a guide through any indecision you face. You are going through a transformative time, and old dynamics may no longer apply to your current situation. Trust what you know to be right and true for you. Growth is natural, and so is change. It’s time to welcome in a new phase of your life. Compassionately release unhealthy attachments to make room for more fulfilling and loving exchanges.


Perspective, Power, Recharge

This month is about perspective. Whether it comes from an internal or external force, it’s time to take your power back from any thought patterns or beliefs about yourself that are holding you back. You’ll find that as you shift your perspective, you shift your reality, too. It’s okay if you need solitude between interactions this month. Moments of pause remind you of the connection between your body and mind. Engage with activities, alone and with others, that help you to relax, ground, and recharge. Create space to reflect on the past year- what went well, and what changes you want to make going forward.


Inspiration, Lessons, Gratitude

Notice what inspiration stirs within you. Process through play, which comes in many forms. Whether that means you’re playing around with a new idea, or simply acting playful, be sure to make room for some enjoyment this month. Practice gratitude for what has blossomed this year, both the gratification and difficult lessons that came along with it. Don’t worry too much about what didn’t come into fruition. Several rough drafts can eventually lead to a masterpiece. Continue to water and care for what you want to see grow.


Reflect, Flow, Authenticity

This month, your message is to go with the flow. Sometimes, the universe has a plan that’s even better than your own. It’s your job to stay open and listen. Notice what helps you feel enlivened vs depleted. Ask yourself, where do your true passions lie, and how can you bring more of that into your life? You may feel impatient as you try to figure out what you want moving forward. Rather than stay busy or distracted this holiday season, take some down time to reflect and acknowledge what you truly desire. That way, you can proceed with deeper authenticity and direction.


Wisdom, Forgiveness, Self-Worth

This month invites you to honor yourself, your hard work, and your achievements. All that you’ve been through this year has helped mold you into a wiser and stronger version of yourself. Take a moment to reflect on the spiritual lessons that have come through. December offers an opportunity for you to release outdated narratives. Forgive yourself for not knowing what you didn’t know before you lived through and learned it. The main message for you this month is “you are enough.” Move through your life accordingly.


Communication, Potential, Self-Acceptance

This month offers an opportunity to approach your life with a fresh perspective. Remember, the past does not necessarily dictate the future. Corrective experiences are “events that challenge one’s fear and expectations and lead to new outcomes.” Positive change is an option, here. Keep the channels of your intuition and communication open. The most important thing to cultivate now is trust in yourself. Break any cycles of self-doubt and replace them with possibility and potential. Allow self-acceptance to clear away residual judgement from the past.


Motivation, Encouragement, Intuition      

Happy Sagittarius Season! Allow this month to charge you up with passion and motivation. Celebrate yourself, and feel the love you put out into the universe return to you. Your guides, intuition, and higher self are all offering messages of encouragement. Practice deep listening. Also, be mindful of your finances this month. As your ruling planet moves in Capricorn, you’ll benefit from future planning and consideration. As always, balance your practical and intuitive sides to lead you toward inspired action and success.


Expand, Transform, Authenticity

This is an exciting month for you, as Jupiter, the planet of growth and expansion moves into your sign. December is a busy month, and also a good time to set intentions and re-align with your goals. The path to your greatest growth tends to be the more difficult choice. Yet, it’s ultimately more fruitful and worth it in the end. 2019 has been full of transformation, and 2020 is likely to bring more of the same. Be wary of burn out. Replenish your spirit by prioritizing activities and connections that are life-affirming. It’s time to expand deeper into your authentic self.


Balance, Center, Appreciation

Deep breaths this month, Aquarius. You may feel like you have a lot on your plate. Be honest about what you can control and what you cannot. Balance your routines and going with the flow. Get organized and check things off your to-do list, one at a time. This month, your task is to keep your worry in check, by not allowing others to steer you off your course. Instead, tap into your spiritual center and energy source. Sagittarius Season can be a wild ride, so try to enjoy it! Appreciate the connections that uplift your life, and count your blessings wherever you can.


Gratitude, Envision, Wellbeing

This month is an invitation to reflect on the big picture of your life. Give offerings of gratitude for the spiritual support you’ve received, and the ways its helped shape and guide you on your path. This month, envision how you’ll continue to build on what you’ve already created. Maintain your long term vision, as it will prove more valuable than instant results. Pour your energy and attention into the relationships and avenues that sustain and support your wellbeing. Bring awareness to how you can use your boundaries to protect your energy and live your life according to your own needs.

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