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Horoscopes | August 2020

August 1, 2020

By Leah Samuels of Moonlight Offerings

We enter August in Leo Season, a time of heightened solar energy. Leo is ruled by the Sun in Astrology, which represents warmth, passion, and vitality.

Leo Season is about becoming more full expressions of ourselves.

August begins with some tense energies. Perhaps typical summer vibes feel inaccessible or inappropriate this year. Yet, Leo’s radiance can show you how to engage with joy as a form of resilience. Self-expression can also be a pathway to self awareness.

On August 2nd, the Sun’s square to Uranus asks how you personally relate to revolution, and what your role is in these changing times.

On August 3rd, there’s a Full Moon in Aquarius, opposite to the Sun in Leo. The Leo-Aquarius axis is a reminder that we each contribute to the larger rhythms of community and humanity.

Just as the Moon reflects the Sun’s light, remember to shine in ways that amplify each other’s brilliance.

Also this month, Mars is in its pre-retrograde shadow and makes its first direct squares to Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn. This aspect activates potential conflict and frustration.

The rest of the year requires us to fortify our energy to stay engaged.

A fiery New Moon in Leo arrives on August 18th. Conjunct Mercury and trine to Mars, it encourages direct communication. This is followed by the Sun’s entry into Virgo on August 22nd.

Virgo is known for its intelligence, diligence, and discernment.

Mercury, at home in the sign of Virgo, trines Uranus on the 25th, and then opposes Neptune on the 30th. Remember to practice critical thinking, especially when it comes to media. Be open to innovative ideas and out of the box solutions. Blend vision with dedication to put your ideals into practice.

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Communication, Strategy, Purpose

This month, create space to brainstorm and problem solve. Conflict can be constructive when you seek effective ways to communicate. Take time to hear yourself and others out. See what emerges from important dialogue and conversations. This is a time to align strategy with purpose. Identify your creative gifts and natural skills. Hone in on them to make the positive changes you want in your life. This requires your dedication and belief in yourself.


Replenish, Priorities, Foundation

This month, it’s important to avoid burnout. How do you replenish your energy? Can you work together with others to ensure you’re not taking on too much? Although you’re capable of balancing multiple priorities, that doesn’t always mean you should. Try to turn down what’s not in alignment with your higher goals so you can focus more energy on what fills you up. Remember that when you pour into yourself, you have more to give to others.


Decisions, Transition, Trust

This month, make decisions from the heart. Regardless of how others respond, it’s important for you to communicate and act in ways that accurately reflect your beliefs and who you are. Sometimes when you do what’s right for you, you lose what’s no longer in alignment. This month is about growing beyond your comfort zone. It’s natural to have doubts when moving through a transition. Seek to resolve these issues by placing deeper trust in yourself. Focus more on what you’re moving toward, rather than away from.


Perspective, Experience, Attachment

You may be going through a period of trial and error, learning from experience. This month, focus more on what you can control, rather than on what you can’t. Give yourself space to step away and think about a project or idea before continuing to move forward. This may provide you with the perspective you need to identify your emotional blocks. Deep insights can arise from a healthy dose of detachment. Try to see and love yourself clearly, in shadow and light.


Awakening, Love, Reciprocity

Happy Leo Season! You’re going through a personal awakening. This month, stay in touch with your emotions and intuition. Place your attention on what truly brings you happiness. This may be very different than it used to be, and that’s alright. Focus on what brings you authentic fulfillment. Allow your relationships to take greater priority in your life. The more you radiate your warmth and loving energy outwards, the more you’ll feel it return to you. Be mindful of reciprocity, and what’s worthy of your attention at this time.


Resilience, Spirituality, Support

This month, take note of all the ways you’ve survived, thrived, and met challenges thus far in your life. All of this has influenced your personality and the ways you approach emotional experiences. Offer compassion to your past selves, and lean further into who you are becoming. Take note of your personal growth these past few months. Work with a spiritual practice to sustain these strides. Integrate the structures and routines that can support you at this time. Know that you can evaluate and shift them as needed.


Clarify, Expand, Replenish

This month, get in touch with how it feels to speak your truth and boundaries, particularly in your close relationships. As someone who often considers multiple viewpoints and the perspectives of others, how does it feel to wield your words with personal clarity? This is a time of expansion for you. Though, expansion often comes with contractions. Just like the breath, this is a natural process. With each courageous movement forward, take time to rest and replenish your energy so you can continue to grow past your comfort zone.


Truth, Self-Expression, Beliefs

Notice where you’re feeling “stuck”, particularly in your work life. Check in with your motivations – how does the influence of fear impact your situation? As always, you’re here to seek out the truth, rather than take life at face value. Confront any self-doubt that’s blocking your authentic expression at this time. You are full of great ideas, brilliance, and potential. If others are challenging you, maintain a strong belief in yourself. Continue to advocate for what you believe in.


Action, Beliefs, Intuition

This month, we’ve moved from water into fire, and you can feel the shift.
Aligned action is your phrase for the month. You are clear about your beliefs, and ready to confront life as its being presented to you. This is a time to move your plans forward with confidence and creativity. Your course is clear- and you won’t allow others to sway you at this time. Instead, look around to see what support you have and who is already with you. Your intuition, as always, is your most trusted guide.


Transition, Relationships, Sustainability

This month, focus more on your personal achievements rather than external success. What are you learning and shifting within yourself? At this time, it may feel more meaningful to share with those close to you, rather than a broader audience. As you go through this transitional moment in time, you may want to evaluate your relationships- to both people and places. Know that it’s okay to experience periods of discomfort when going through growth. Trust that all of this will eventually lead you onto a more stable and authentic path.


Perspective, Worthiness, Intuition

After a period of self-reflection, you’ve emerged with some new perspective and ideas. This month encourages you to connect with your true nature and know your worth in your relationships. If you can, spend some time outside in the fresh air, especially to observe the Full Moon in your sign. This Full Moon asks you to decipher between ego and intuition, and balance logic with the intelligence of your emotions. Try to stay open to what your intuition is guiding you to do at this time.


Determination, Compassion, Routine

This month requires your determination. Be willing to manage your emotions to stay engaged with what matters to you. Each member of a community has an important role to play at this time. Take note of your strengths and what feels right for you to contribute. You move through the world with the energy of compassion. Be sure to extend that compassion toward yourself, as well. Remember what replenishes your energy when you feel down. This month, create routines in your life that are unique to what you need.

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