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Horoscopes | August 2019

July 29, 2019

By Leah Samuels of Moonlight Offerings

Welcome to the fiery month of August! Leo Season has arrived to help you feel more yourself after July’s Mercury Retrograde and transformative Eclipse Season. Get ready for some fresh energy and inspiration. It’s a time to soak up the solar rays of warmth, enjoyment, and creative expression.

We begin the month with a New Moon in Leo. The New Moon phase, exact on July 31st, carries us through the first few days of August.

This is a great time to establish a new groove in your life- one that takes your happiness and well-being into deeper consideration.

Leo, ruled by the Sun in Astrology, is known for its confidence, something many people struggle with. Remember that the Sun doesn’t ask for permission to shine. It simply does. The best way to get in touch with your inner-brilliance is to lead with your heart and notice what lights you up in life.

Be less concerned with comparing yourself to others and more concerned with being your authentic self.

This month, on August 11th, Jupiter turns direct and Uranus stations Retrograde. This frees up a lot of energy. Jupiter’s direct motion propels you into expansion, and gives you a green light to proceed forward. Uranus Retrograde is about releasing your comfort with any self-imposed limitations. Internally, get on board with change and a new level of growth.

On August 15th, we have a Full Moon in Aquarius. Leo’s focus on self-development becomes more balanced when paired with community-oriented Aquarius. Aquarius is concerned with the collective. An important part of knowing yourself and your worth is to share your gifts with others.

The Leo-Aquarius axis is a reminder that you are an individual part of a collective story. Ask yourself: what is your role?

On August 23rd, Virgo Season begins. Virgo, an Earth sign, represents the devotion it takes to sustain the passion of Leo, its previous sign. Virgo exists in the space of improvement, between how far you’ve come and how far you want to go. The New Moon in Virgo on August 30th is a time to set intentions for the latter. Tell yourself you’ve got what it takes.

We begin and end the month on a New Moon note, amplifying the energies of inspiration, potential, and new beginnings.

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Passion, Perspective, Healing

This month, try something new. Whether you pursue an interest, creative endeavor, or change something up in your routine, your ability to remain open minded is a powerful ally this month. Shift your perspective to welcome more blessings into your life. It’s time to break out of any ruts you’ve found yourself in. Your past plays a big role in your present. You might find that an old passion or interest has been resurfacing. Follow where this energy takes you. Also, don’t allow what didn’t work in the past to prevent you from exploring it again. When you give something another try, it can be a healing experience, this time around.


Fulfillment, Growth, Vulnerability

Fulfillment begins within, and is connected with the concept of “wholeness”. In order to feel whole, it’s important to embrace the entirety of yourself, even your most challenging parts. There is a new version of yourself blossoming within the deepest part of you, and it needs your trust to continue to grow. Your internal world is vibrant, and you’ll have opportunities to share these parts of yourself with others this month. One way to free yourself from fear of judgement is through trusting that there is beauty in vulnerability. This is a reminder that good things may come to those who wait, but they also might pass by those who wait too long. Find the balance in your life.


Desire, Truth, Balance

This month, ask for more than what you need in your relationships. Ask for what you want. Being in touch with your desires is a powerful form of expression. You are ready for positive change, but you must reconcile with the truth of what you really want. Rather than try to change your truth, find a way to co-exist with it. Work on aligning your inner growth with your outer world. Notice where there are inconsistencies and resolve to call more balance into your life. Also, remember that change doesn’t need to happen all at once. Stay present with your process by continuing to examine your attachments, and observe whether they are evolving with you or not.


Expansion, Action, Expression

This month is characterized by expansion in several areas of your life. Take a moment to congratulate yourself for the hard work and actions you have taken to get to where you are today. You didn’t get here by chance or with ease. You know the difficulties you have had to face within yourself. You deserve to experience rewards for your efforts and it makes sense if you feel protective over them. If you are struggling to feel confident with what you’re doing, remember to balance out your ideas with actions. Share your thoughts and feelings rather than keep them to yourself. Just remember to do so in an intentional way. Your messages are important for others to hear.


Opportunities, Connection, Satisfaction

Happy Leo Season! Allow the solar energy of the month to rejuvenate you, in whatever way feels right. Your theme for this month is “doing what you want”. Take the pressure off of yourself to perform for anyone. It’s okay to decline invitations that aren’t enticing to you, and say yes to those that are. Opportunities will continue to flow toward you. Re-establish your connection with what’s important to you. If you’re looking outside of yourself for happiness, it will be difficult to feel satisfied. Instead, focus on the idea of sustainable pleasure, which has its roots grounded in self-love. When you stay true to your personal values, it’s easier to celebrate yourself for who you are.


Inspiration, Guidance, Source

There is a fire within you, Virgo. It’s up to you to act on this spark of inspiration. Now is not the time for self-doubt and questioning. You have done enough of that, already. Although you tend to plan and consider all of the details, this month is more about instinctive action toward your bigger goals. It’s time to trust yourself, and to trust in the spiritual guidance that’s available to you at all times. This month is great for rituals and spiritual practices that help amplify and support the actions you take in the material world. Inspiration, creativity, and love all come from a similar source within you. Tap into this source to amplify your life this month.


Trust, Transformation, Authenticity

Libra, you are learning to trust yourself and your intuition more. Although it’s important to take others opinions into consideration, when it comes down to it, you have to feel right within yourself about what you’re doing. This month, it’s time to transform your ideas into action plans. You know how you need to proceed. Now, it’s important that you maintain a level of certainty and trust in yourself. It’s time to show up more authentically in your relationships and your communities. You’re no longer living as the past version of you, and it’s time to update your perspective of yourself and share who it is you are becoming.


Honesty, Expectations, Dreams

This month, it’s time to be honest with yourself about certain situations in your life. Work on releasing the tension that comes along with having expectations that things will change on their own. Try to accept things as they are, and then make personal decisions from there. This is an invitation to listen to your heart regarding your next course of action. Focus on the steps you need to take each day to slowly move toward your bigger dreams and ideals. Although it may seem mundane for the moment, eventually, little by little, you’ll integrate more magic, inspiration, and beauty into your everyday.


Clear, Learn, Change

You are clearing out what isn’t in alignment. At times, this may feel like loss, when really it’s a re-arrangement of your priorities and your energy. This month, it’s helpful to practice the art of detachment. Rather than attach your self-worth to what hasn’t worked out, trust that you’re making space for what will. What can you learn about yourself through your perceived mistakes? The fire element is strong this month, and Jupiter direct will give you a boost of energy and confidence. Remember, you don’t need to jump into action or “fix it” mode. Rather, be intentional with your movements. Proceed with a combination of humility and faith. Allow what hasn’t worked to change shape and form into something that’s more beneficial to you in the long run.


Connect, Heal, Transform

As you release your attachment to the past, you’re willing to see how your prospects for the future can bring you more comfort than you originally thought. Get in touch with your creativity, which helps you command your life in a way that takes your spiritual needs into deeper consideration. Gratitude is the key to creating more serenity for yourself. When you focus on what’s going right rather than on what’s going wrong, you facilitate the peace you need to proceed with the changes occurring in your life. If possible, spend some time in nature. It will help replenish your energy so that you can continue to take care of yourself and others, in both practical and emotional ways.


Passion, Fulfillment, Growth

This month has the potential for passion and wish fulfillment. Now, there are opportunities to move forward with ideas you’ve been ruminating over. Communicate clearly with others and move into a place of confidence and action. This is not the time to keep your thoughts and ideas to yourself. Be open and honest with others in your life, particularly those you care about. Remind yourself that you are no longer living in the past and “the way things were.” Now, it’s time to take stock of your personal growth and allow it to benefit several areas of your life, including your work and relationships.


Emotion, Action, Support

This month, it’s important to believe in yourself and your personal magic. Bright and shiny Leo Season can sometimes feel uncomfortable, since your focus tends to lean more toward spiritual development than ego development. It’s okay to remain in your own flow this month. When your belief in yourself gets tested, ask yourself what you need to feel supported and what activities you can do to recharge and help you feel like you’re on track. Action is often the antidote to fear. Stay gentle toward yourself as you move through the fiery energy of this month. Allow it to inspire your creativity and continue to seek the deeper lessons in your emotional responses to your life.

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