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Horoscopes | April 2020

March 31, 2020

By Leah Samuels of Moonlight Offerings

In March’s horoscopes I wrote “it’s time to get situated in new realities.” Although, I didn’t anticipate the magnitude of what that might mean. Here we are, in Aries Season, a passionate sign associated with rebirth. It’s the beginning of a new cycle on the zodiac wheel. Yet, as nature blooms outside, many of us are asked to stay inside. While doing so, we can take time to reflect on the seeds of change stirring within ourselves.

Aries harnesses the emergent power of “I AM.” Determine which parts of you are calling for expression at this time.

On April 4th, we begin the month with a Jupiter-Pluto conjunction, the first of three this year. Jupiter expands what Pluto transforms. This aspect, which continues to unfold through November, generates new visions of growth within difficult circumstances. Around this same time, Mercury and Neptune join together in Pisces, where imagination plays a role, along with the potential for overwhelm.

Focus on amplifying the truth, and what matters to you long term.

On April 7th, the Full Moon in Libra opposes the Sun in Aries. The Aries-Libra axis is about the self in relationship to others. Libra reminds us that our personal choices impact those around us. As Libra is also a sign of love, this Full Moon illuminates the dynamics worth doting on.

The Sun enters Taurus on April 20th, the sign of worthiness, pleasure, and sustainability. The presence of Uranus in Taurus revolutionizes these themes.

We are an embodiment and reflection of the natural world. Taurus, an earth sign, reminds us that strength lives within our roots, a deeply interconnected system.

Prior to Pluto’s Retrograde on April 25th, all of the planets are in direct motion. This means that April can truly spring us forward, though perhaps in unexpected ways.

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Power, Focus, Attention

Happy Aries Season! Restlessness is a familiar energy for you. Although challenging, part of healing means befriending the different parts of yourself. This month, spend some time getting to know yourself better. In doing so, you learn more about your personal power. Rather than focus on what you can’t do, focus on what you can do. The Full Moon amplifies your relationship dynamics. When you actively seek balance between your needs with those around you, it’s clear where to direct your energy.


Internal, Growth, Support

Your inner world calls for your attention. In stillness, you can hear the parts of yourself that have been ignored in the bustle of daily life. As you sift through the internal noise, fresh ideas and perspectives begin to emerge. What truly matters to you becomes solidified. Ground into this new energy, and seal it with protection and care. Remember that all growth comes with challenges. It’s important to acknowledge when it’s worth it. Connection with others is vital and important to you, now. Find creative ways you can mutually support each other through this time.


Connections, Community, Courage

Connection is a prominent theme for you this month, Gemini. Even when you’re working through your own struggles, it’s important to stay in touch and nurture your connections with others. This will continue to lift your spirits, as well as others. Aries Season is a reminder that you’re an important part of your community. You have wisdom, ideas, and resources to share. Although it takes courage to show up, it will ultimately leave you feeling more energized. This month, tend to the flames of the relationships that matter. Reflect on what loving and inspired action means to you.


Healing, Gifts, Influence

Your sensitivity is your strength, and compassion your gift. The rest of the world is beginning to catch on – your intuitive and healing nature is what’s needed at this time. Even when you have your own internal battles to face, there is strength in sharing your gifts outward, and with others. This month, notice the difference between constructive and unnecessary conflict. Sometimes differing opinions can lead to important breakthroughs. Other times, not so much. Either way, this is a time for you to be influential, in whichever spheres you are a part of.


Curiosity, Patience, Affirmation

This month invites you to have an open and curious perspective, particularly in how you relate to others. Creative self-expression can be easier to dream about than to implement. Be patient with yourself. You are in the process of rewiring your beliefs about who you are. This is a time to deeply consider how you want to show up in your personal relationships. Leo holds the warmth and vitality of the Sun. Connect with your internal energy source for validation, rather than solely seek it from others. This month, commit to choices and behaviors that you can comfortably affirm.


Internal, Focus, Support

Take time to tend to your worries, Virgo. Rather than continue to push through with productivity, give yourself permission to slow down. This month asks for a level of internal focus so you can address some of your fears. The most important thing to take care of right now is you. What kind of support do you need? What can you do to offer yourself love, kindness, and nervous system regulation at this time? A little bit goes a long way. Bring awareness to the emotional patterns you want to break. The more you give to yourself now, the more you’ll have for others, long-term.


Trust, Honesty, Balance

This month brings relationship dynamics to the forefront. It’s a time to overcome self-doubt and trust yourself. Be upfront and honest about what you want and need in your relationships. You may need to confront someone in your life, rather than keep your feelings hidden. Approach your emotions with as much wisdom and maturity as you can muster. Take the time to understand yourself more deeply. Tend to your inner-child when things feel uncomfortable and uncertain. Even in times of imbalance, there is balance to be found.


Perspective, Rest, Catharsis

Pause so you can see things from a different perspective. Intentionally create relaxation time into your routine. Even if your mind stays busy at first, building rest into your days will help you see your life more clearly. It is the Scorpio path to release resistance, and surrender to what you can’t control. You are skilled at navigating difficult emotions. Engage with cathartic activities, such as writing, movement, or a creative practice. Constructively move your energy, or it will move you.


Creativity, Presence, Transformation

Creativity is birthed from the void. Even when you’re feeling down, there’s inspiration to be found somewhere. Life is full of surprises, and so are you. Take some time to reminisce on your past, or your ancestral past, to find stories of resilience. You’re here to seek purpose and presence within any given situation. Observe what truths arise from these temporary feelings you’re experiencing. Allow yourself to be transformed.


Foundation, Healing, Confrontation

This month, tend to your roots and emotional foundations. Time at home or with family can bring up what needs to be healed in this area of your life. Approach conflict with care. Ask for what you need from others. Lovingly confront the parts of yourself that are resistant to change. Ground into the parts of you that desire a fresh start. The deep inner work you do this month will translate into your relationships and future successes.


Perspective, Courage, Dedication

When things don’t turn out as you expected, it’s natural to feel disappointed. Whatever you’re feeling right now is okay. You’re well aware that endings are also beginnings. Take time to view your situation from multiple perspectives before making your next move. Aquarius is represented by air waves, a sign of brilliance and innovation. Be bold when sharing your ideas with others. With Saturn’s entrance into your sign, you’re greeted with important goals and plans that require your patience, dedication, and care. Know that you have the strength you need to both courageously and compassionately move through challenging times.


Emotions, Integrity, Spirit

At times, Pisces can act as a sponge, soaking up collective energies. When painful emotions arise within you, think of them as storm clouds that will soon pass. This month centers around themes of finances/resources, worthiness, and attachments. Addressing these themes head-on can bring up both wounding and healing. All you can do with each moment is move forward with integrity, knowing you’re doing your best. As a mutable sign, you’re skilled at adaptation. Continue to check in with yourself and your guides for alignment. Your creative and loving spirit is a gift and a salve.

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