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Horoscopes | April 2019

April 1, 2019


By Leah Samuels of Moonlight Offerings

We are a quarter of the way through 2019! Although, Aries Season, as the first sign of the zodiac, marks the start of the astrological new year. With the proliferation of new growth, we have shifted from Winter to Spring in the Northern Hemisphere. This is a cue to shake off any leftover sleepiness from March and awaken to the fresh start that April offers.

April 2nd: Under a dark waning moon, Mercury makes its third and final meeting with Neptune for the year. This is a time to integrate and reconnect with the realizations that occurred during March’s Mercury Retrograde. Pay attention to additional layers of information this transit can offer. Note that Neptune often communicates through dreams, symbols, and synchronicities.

April 5th: We are greeted with an activating New Moon in Aries. As the first fire element, Aries contains an initiatory spirit and is known for its courage, passion, and tenacity.
Work with the energies of both resistance and resilience to support what’s taking form within you and around you. On the New Moon, create action plans and intentions that favor sustainability vs instant gratitude.

April 14th: Jupiter in Sagittarius forms a harmonious trine to the Sun in Aries, amplifying the inspirational tone of the month.

April 16th –19th: Mercury clears its Retrograde shadow. Communication is released from the misty waters of Pisces, and moves into straightforward Aries on April 17th. Venus, the planet of values, is exalted in romantic Pisces until the 19th, while Mars, the planet of action, travels through connective Gemini for the duration of April. We also have the second Full Moon in Libra on April 19th.

All of this signifies that love is in the air and relationships are paramount.

April 20th: The Sun enters Taurus. Typically this shifts our focus from fast and furious to slow and steady. Taurus intends to ground the energy that Aries initiates. Yet, when the Sun conjuncts Uranus in Taurus on April 22nd, we get a jolt of energy that continues to fuel us forward with change, restlessness, and innovation.

The end of the month brings several outer planets into retrograde. The outer planets, Jupiter through Pluto, are associated with the collective spheres. Saturn’s station retrograde in Capricorn on April 30th (lasting until September 2019) is particularly potent because of its closeness to the South Node and proximity to Pluto. This leads us up to the much anticipated Saturn-Pluto conjunction of 2020. Themes of security, power, and control are up for review.

Part of claiming personal power means understanding your path. When there are many directions to choose from, choose the one that is yours.

As the South Node relates to the past, bring attention to your ancestry and how you arrived at where you are today. What wisdom and strength can you tap into? Also, what have you inherited/internalized that it’s time to clear? What is your responsibility when there is a need to course correct? As Saturn stations retrograde, sit with some of these questions, as they will assist you in achieving Saturn’s main goal- to move through your life with greater integrity. Amidst the active month of April, remember to choose your commitments wisely, continue to create and establish containers for healing, and always, always remember your worth.

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Action, Patience, Desire

It’s time to combine action with faith and make moves toward what you’ve been dreaming about. Though some of your desires may seem out of reach to you, they’re actually a lot closer than you think. Ignite your inner passion and tell yourself that you’ve got what it takes. There’s no need to rush, as all will come together in time. Connect with those who have the experience you’re seeking and can offer you advice on your path. Something new is beginning to take form, and if you practice the patience needed for trial and error, you’ll be pleased with the outcomes.


Listening, Progress, Trust

Be gentle toward yourself, Taurus. You’re in the midst of establishing new routines that support who you are now vs who you once were. Old attachments and coping skills no longer satisfy. When you stay present with your discomfort, rather than try to “fix” it, you’ll find your grounding. There’s no turning back, as you’ve made so much progress already. You don’t need to know how everything will work out. Trust that you have what you need to keep going now, and the rest will follow. As a Venus-ruled earth sign, you’re deeply attuned to nature and sensuality. This month, work on activating more passion and pleasure in your life.


Perspective, Communication, Big Picture

Think about the long-term, rather than just right now. It may be tricky to “see the forest through the trees” when there’s a lot on your plate already. Ask yourself what’s best for you to direct your focus on. You’ll likely feel energized this month, but remember to seek sustainable passion in all areas of your life in order to avoid burn out. If something has been feeling stuck (an emotion, conflict, project, etc), try to view it from a different angle. See if you can free up that energy and direct it toward something more productive or inspiring. Also, take some risks this month by sharing your thoughts and ideas with others- you have so many great ones.


Love, Vision, Care

Glimpses of positivity shine into your life this month, Cancer. Focus on increasing your sense of self-worth with a reminder that you are enough, just as you are. Invest in yourself in some way. It doesn’t have to be financial. Maybe this means spending time outside, reading a book, or simply doing something you love. When you focus on your long-term goals, find comfort in the fact that you know what you want, even if it will take some time to get there. You deserve to care for yourself as much as you care for others.


Express, Fire, Transform

You’re playing with fire this month, Leo. The fire element is known for many things. Passion. Action. Excitement. Also purification and destruction. You’ve been going through a personal transformation where you no longer align with old modes of expression. There’s something in you that wants to start fresh. Be mindful of what needs to get cleared from your path and what simply needs an outlet for expression. If there’s a hurt you’ve been harboring, address it. That way, you can unravel its strings from your bright and beautiful heart. Creation and destruction go hand in hand, and you have the power to bring both into your life this month, making way for more fulfillment in all areas of your life.


Growth, Presence, Process

The last couple of months have taught you that there is wisdom within your struggles. Remember this- so that you can have more peace with your pain in the future. The ideas running through you now have the potential to bring abundance into your life, but they require more of your commitment and devotion before they are ready to be shared. You don’t need to try to control your growth so much- trust that it’s unfolding organically. Practice staying present, and maintain mindfulness and appreciation for where you’re at. Tend to the necessary details of the process instead of worrying so much about the results. Bring the energy of organization into your life, and learn how to balance working alone and working together with others. Remember- communication is a necessary ingredient in successful relationships.


Growth, Beauty, Renewal

Something has shifted in you and you’re ready to participate in your life in ways that you haven’t for a while. As you feel your strength and romantic energy return to you, tune into the possibilities fluttering around you. Spend some time outside and allow the beauty of the season to fill you up. Pursue what feeds your spirit. When you are feeling full, you have more to share with others. Also remember that not everyone deserves your attention and affections. When you implement boundaries, it exudes self-respect that should be reflected back to you in your interactions and relationships.


Truth, Change, Fruition

You’ve reached a turning point, Scorpio. After mulling it over, you’re ready for something to shift in your daily life. You don’t have to be 100% sure, or even fully believe in yourself. All you have to do is trust that it’s time. You have a unique drive to express your truth. This is where your power stems from. You shouldn’t be giving your all to anything that doesn’t offer a substantial return. Instead, direct your attention toward what nurtures and sustains you. Place your focus and concentration on what you want, rather than on what you don’t want. It’s time to bring your intentions to fruition and pursue what sparks inspiration in your life.


Inspiration, Potential, Channel

Feeling “boxed in” is difficult for you, Sagittarius. Note which limitations are circumstantial and which are self-imposed. Try to trade your perspectives of restriction for those of expansion. In order to do so, you’ll need to stay trained on what lights you up. As your ruling planet, Jupiter, stations retrograde this month, get clear about what beliefs and philosophies propel your life and relationships. Work with your intuition to find appropriate outlets and channels for your energy in order to prevent restlessness. Ask yourself- what helps you stay inspired when it comes to your long term goals? Inspiration requires maintenance.


Movement, Opportunity, Breakthrough

This year is full of changes, new beginnings, and turnings of leaves. These transformations are happening quickly, and you can sense that they are preparing you for something bigger that’s yet to come. Now, you are asked to slow down just enough to assess if the opportunities presenting themselves are the right ones for you. Stay connected to your intuition, and check in to see that what you’re agreeing to aligns with your personal values. Perceived delays are actually leading you toward the points of breakthrough and clarity you’ve been waiting for.


Relationships, Excitement, Balance

Themes of work and relationships are prevalent for you this month. There is excitement in both areas, with the potential for both harmony and discord. Try to seek common ground and listen to what others have to say. If the tension is internal, then hear yourself out! There’s a view of success on the horizon. Honor and celebrate all that it took to clear the path you’re on. Balance out your emotional world by spending time with loved ones and enjoying the people and places that make your world feel lighter.


Release, Ground, Support

If you felt a little all over the place last month, now is time to gather up the pieces and lean into something steady. While it’s easy for you to be supportive of others, it’s also important to be on your own team. Ask for help when you need it and make changes in your life that support your well-being. You know what you need to succeed, and now is the time to really make those commitments to yourself. Every bit of self-care and grounding practice goes a long way. Tap into what’s growing and abundant in your life. There’s an opportunity now to release some of the tension you’ve been carrying as you actively enter this new phase and this new season.


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