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Hailey Jonoubeh

Hailey Jonoubeh


15 MIN |$30

30 MIN |$60

60 MIN | $120



You will be booking an in-person session, unless otherwise selected!


Hailey Jonoubeh is an intuitive tarot reader, empath, and healer. After being given her first deck at 12 years old, tarot soon became a passion that she has dedicated her life to ever since. Hailey’s tarot readings are geared toward helping you along your journey of self-healing and empowerment. It is her life’s work to help usher you through your own powerful transformation to authentic and aligned living. Her reading style is gentle, straightforward, and intuitively channeled through spirits and guides. As a multi-ethnic  person of color, who is also first generation American, Hailey offers a unique and inclusive perspective on the tarot for anyone who is new or familiar with it. Often incorporating elements of the arts in her readings, Hailey’s intuitive practice is inspired by music, nature, and film.

Connect with Hailey via Instagram @ishtaratarot

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