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Davidia Turner

Davidia Turner



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Davidia is here to help others awaken their innate capacity for deep self healing and empowerment through her work as an Intuitive Tarot Reader. She believes in Reading Tarot in a way that serves to create a context for Inner Healing, Alignment, Connection and Expansion. Teaching others to use the feedback they receive from the cards to gain clarity and presence. It’s about working with yourself and not against yourself. Her readings weave aspects of Astrology, Moon Cycles, and Numerology to give you an overview of your innermost landscape. The invitation is to then take the insights and guidance presented and utilize it moving forward on your current path.

Davidia’s work is informed by over five years of experience with holding space for others and years of her own personal healing work with her teachers, spirit and guides. When not exploring through the lens of Tarot she is practicing & teaching Yoga. Davidia offers up her work in service of the Community and believes wholeheartedly that healing work is for everyone. The space that she holds aims to be a Safe, Accessible, Informed, Supportive, and Nurturing an environment as possible for those from and experiencing all walks of life.

Connect with Davidia via Instagram @davidia.turner and through her website davidiaturner.com

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