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Become the Sacred King

July 3, 2018

Can there be a seat of power that is not corrupt and despicable? Is it possible for you to rise the pinnacle of power, in your life, and not lose yourself?

What if it is possible to rule over the realm of your life, in a wise and powerful way that is beneficial to everyone in your life?

Sitting high atop the hierarchy of archetypal expression of the sacred masculine, we find the King. As a wise and powerful expression of the divine masculine, the King knows how to best make use of all of the sacred archetypes of masculinity.

Ordeal of the King

This is not as easy as it might sound. Connecting with the King means you learn to take full, honest stock of your own strengths and weaknesses. This includes learning how to reach out and ask for help, or delegate tasks to the appropriate source of help. It also means a willingness to buttress and fortify the weaknesses of those you hold dear, with your own strengths.

The King, much like Mercury, is the intermediary between the divine and the mundane. Connecting with your own inner King archetype gives you divine authority over your own domain in this world and in your life. And, more importantly, it gives you
permission to have your own domain.

Finding Your Values to Become the King

But first you need to take the time for introspection to contemplate what your values in life are, what ideals you hold dear, and establish an ethical code.

This may not come all at once, but as you learn how to engage this divine aspect of your being, and start to embody your own understanding of the King archetype, this code for living your life will become more apparent. This is where the Warrior aspect comes in, as it will give you the strength and power to act, honorably, upon this code.

Step Into Your Sacred Power

Join us, Sunday July 8th at RitualCravt, to learn how to step forward into the world with leadership, claim the domain of your life with wisdom and power, in order to become the divine authority to rule your own realm of life.

Author: Kaedrich Olsen author of Runes for Transformation and founder of GaldraKraft, has been an ardent student of Old Norse literature, runes and mysticism for 30 years. Building upon the wisdom from the Viking rune masters, he has developed practical techniques for transforming one’s life. The people he helps learn to connect with and become the embodiment of their own higher being. In doing so, they surmount the blocks which have prevented them from achieving their ideal lives and become the creators of their own greatest reality.