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Abby Jane Palmer

Abby Jane Palmer

30 MIN| $44
45 MIN| $66
60 MIN| $88

20 MIN| $33
40 MIN| $55
60 MIN| $77

30 MIN| $44
45 MIN| $66
60 MIN| $88


You will be booking an in person appointment unless otherwise selected!


Abby Jane Palmer is a 4th generation bodyworker with almost 20 years of experience. Whether you are looking to get out of pain, relax or strengthen your mind body spirit connection, she will help create space for your wellbeing. She is an apprentice in Trolldom (Nordic Folk Magic) and is dedicated to Freya, Lugh and Saraswati.

Abby graduated from the Boulder College of Massage Therapy in October 2001 and received her BA in Psychology in 2005. Her practice includes Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports, Prenatal, Zen Shiatsu, Hakomi and Healing Touch. A new modality she is passionate about is Quantum Shiatsu, which works with the chakras, grid and meridians.

She operates a private practice, Green Room Healing Arts in Denver.

Bodywork & Energy Work: Utilizing varied hands on and energetic modalities, this will help you feel good in your body. Sessions are done seated in a massage chair while clients remain clothed.

Mind Body Spirit Reading: Mind Body Spirit sessions are integrative readings focused on self-care, embodiment and finding your next best step. The goal is to create space for your healing and for getting tuned in with your highest self. Abby has been working with tarot and oracle cards since 2000 and is a certified life coach with a BA in Psychology.

Combination Session: Mind – Body – Spirit offering that mixes together reading, channeling, energy work, breathwork, meditation, ritual and/or bodywork to get your whole self more into alignment.

( www.abbyjanepalmer.com , @abbyjanepalmer )

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