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Abby Jane Palmer

Abby Jane Palmer


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60 MIN| $65


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30 MIN| $40



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Magick hand witch Abby Jane Palmer is a 4th generation bodyworker and massage therapist dedicated to Freya, Lugh, Lilith and White Tara.

Abby is an intuitive with almost 20 years of experience. Whether you are looking to get out of pain, relax or strengthen your mind body spirit connection, she will support your wellbeing.

Abby graduated from the Boulder College of Massage Therapy in October 2001 and received her BA in Psychology in 2005. Her practice includes Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports, Prenatal, Zen Shiatsu, Hakomi and Healing Touch. A new modality she is passionate about is Quantum Shiatsu.

She operates The Massage Spot, chair massage in Whole Foods Markets Belmar, Cherry Creek and Washington Park and enjoys opportunities to work with artists in venues and festivals in Denver and around the country including Red Rocks, Fiddler’s Green, SXSW, and Bonnaroo. She was awarded Best of Westward in 2013.

Integrative Massage: A more traditional massage offering that blends Swedish and deep tissue. My intention is to always meet each person where they are at and set a goal for our time together. I listen with my ears and with my hands to help assist people in healing. During integrative sessions clients undress to their level of comfort and are always draped with sheet and blanket.

Quantum Shiatsu: Uses the principles of Chinese Medicine (like acupuncture) to free up the energy inside you and broadens the scope to recognize that your energy field radiates beyond your skin. This works to unify the the energy within and around to create Quantum coherences that amplify the amount of your own energy you have available, helping you to align with path/highest self/source. Quantum shiatsu is done while clothed, please wear comfortable flexible clothing.

Chair Massage: Is great for a quick massage focused on the upper body. Chair massage is done while clothed.

Mind Body Spirit Tarot Reading: Mind Body Spirit sessions are integrative readings focused on self care and finding your next best step. The goal is to create space for your healing and for getting tuned in with your highest self. Abby has been working with tarot and oracle cards since 2000 and is a certified life coach with a BA in Psychology.

Remote Quantum Shiatsu: Quantum Shiatsu works with the qi or energy body. Rather than fix anything our intention is to align your energy with what is strong and expansive, integrating the whole. It’s particularly helpful during transitions and change. Clients report feeling more balanced, clear, motivated and less physical pain. How remote sessions work: You send me a full body picture and we check in via phone or email to determine the focus of the session. It is ideal for you to be able to make time where you can lie down and relax during our scheduled time. Then after the session we check in to discuss what came up.

Connect with Abby on her website www.abbyjanepalmer.com or Instagram @abbyjanepalmer

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