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A Message from the Star

April 29, 2018

The Star‘ by artist: Kimberly Harris
Wyoming Based Artist & Proprietress of Full Frog Moon

The past year, it has often felt like the world is imploding…and yet I feel hopeful. We’re in what feels like a neverending watershed of disclosures of abuse, assault, and harassment by those with power. Some of our icons have been taken down by the truth of their past actions. The shine of our everyday s/heroes has been dulled as they refuse to hold perpetrators they admired accountable. The noise of social media arguing has become deafening.

And yet…I feel joy. Because mold can only grow in the dark. It can’t survive the light. Now we know. Survivors don’t have to suffer in silence anymore. We know who is clinging to the old ways of thinking – “don’t let a person be defined by one mistake” – and we can decide to create something different. A world where our bodies of decision makers begin to reflect our communities. Where “America’s Dad” is finally forced to face a small degree of accountability for countless rapes, where a Southern trans woman can win an election because she wants to fix traffic congestion on a state highway, where record numbers of women and people of color are running for office, and where, no matter how painful, truth that has long been hidden is finally coming to light.

Although I often feel tired, I also feel inspired and I am ready to invoke the power of The Star in all I do. The Star brings joy, inspiration, and hope. She comes when you most need her, which may be different than when you most want her. Whether you are feeling helpless or ready for battle or simply numb, I invite you to join me in invoking The Star. May this tarot spread help you begin to illuminate the dark places and envision a brighter way of being.

3-card reading inspired by The Star

Card 1: What is the root of my joy?

Card 2: What is the root of my inspiration?

Card 3: What is the root of my hope?

Reader tip: If you pull cards with dark or challenging messages, do not get discouraged. Try to think beyond the literal meaning. You may have a block related to the message of that card and if you are able to work through it, you may be able to access something wonderful. Do you find joy, hope, or inspiration from helping others who experience tough situations? Are you inspired to do better when confronted with something awful? Have you conducted yourself in ways that you are not proud of and can you pledge to make amends and do better going forward? Sit with the cards if you pull something that makes you uncomfortable. There may be more wisdom there than you think.

Author: Sterling Moon has been reading cards for over 20 years. A friend’s sister gave her a deck when she was just a teenager, and she was absolutely fascinated by them. Her mom got her a book that took her deeper, and she was officially hooked. In 2013, she began reading and teaching professionally when she became one of the first instructors at Share Denver, a community craft space in the Park Hill neighborhood of Denver, Colorado. Sterling has provided readings and educational workshops for a variety of individuals, businesses, organizations including the Horseshoe Market, the Denver Public Library System, Denver Yelp, and private parties. Learn more about her work at www.sterlingmoontarot.com, and come sit with her at Ritualcravt every other Sunday. To follow along with Sterling via Instagram @sterlingmoontarot