Tarotscopes | October 2022

TAROTSCOPES | October 2022

By Justin Taylor

The hellmouth which was September is officially over, and October is now upon us. After what was one gnarly retrograde season for most of us, there is much healing and rejuvenation to take place this month. On October 2nd, Mercury retrograde finally ends and restores our sense of communication and connection. Part of what made last month so intense was the large amount of Virgos unbending, earthly energy. Now that we’re in Libra season, compromise and peace are at the forefront. Smoothing over past grievances or leftover retrograde mishaps will most probably take up a majority of this month.
In the middle of the month, we are presented with a mass amount of air energy. Venus, Mercury, and the Sun, will all be in the sign of Libra. This allows for more lighthearted and people-oriented discourse. On the 9th of October, we face a full moon in Aries. Passive aggrieve at best, this full moon is a release of something we weren’t very attached to in the first place. A day all of us should be looking forward to is October 22nd, when both the Sun and Venus are in perfect conjunction. This would be an amazing day to attend or throw a party, as the spotlight will be on pleasure and value.
After this glorious and somewhat overindulgent day we are back in the trenches on the 23rd, when both the Sun and Venus move into Scorpio. The end of this month is tumultuous and intense. Emotions will be at an all time high the week of the 25th with a Solar eclipse in Scorpio. Eclipses are historically associated with a malefic signature, as they are about loss and release. This one, in the sign of scorpio, rules death and rebirth and is going to be a heavy hitter to say the least.
Shortly thereafter, on the 28th, Jupiter retrogrades back into the sign of Pisces. Jupiter is exhaled in Pisces and brings back themes from the very beginning of the year. A sense of optimism, spirituality and creativity will embrace the collective. However, this cosmic event tips the scales from air to water dominance in the sky, placating emotions as our driving force.
During this time we will be assessing the deep emotional ties we have to things from our pasts, are where they are finally due to die. This will not be the most pleasant time, but as this event is happening on the south node, it’ll be the step we all need to further our own growth. In essence, we can look forward to both reconciliation and release this October.

The Tarot card for the collective this month is the Queen of Cups. The Queen sits on the edge of the sea, but her feet are firmly on the ground. This is symbolic for observing ones emotions from the outside, and having discernment when engaging with others. When this card appears it is an invitation to tend to ourselves and our feelings before we can extend any help. Themes of intuition, healing and charity may become paramount. As previously mentioned, heavy emotions and endings are to be expected. The Queen of cups is here to remind us of the strength that comes with honoring your emotions and listening to your heart.



Aries - The Fool

A craving to start anew is all encompassing for you Aries. The fool is the omen of new beginnings. On the 9th of this month you have a full moon in your sign which all about releasing an old identity and forging a new one. You may find yourself leaving a job, a relationship or something that doesn’t align with your new code. This card is somewhat playful but ultimately optimistic for the journey that is to come.

Taurus - Seven of Wands

Standing your ground is very important for you this October. Naturally stubborn, you will no doubt stand firmly in our beliefs Taurus. The Seven of wands speaks to protection, and an unbending will to let in compromise. Depending on the nature of the situations you find yourself in some flexibility may be required of you. When engaging in any tensions ask yourself if it better to be right or just to be happy?

Gemini - Queen of Wands

A newfound sense of confidence and optimism is with you now Gemini. No matter in what area of life, you find yourself self assured. You may notice the people around you looking for your skills or leadership as you are embody someone of know-how. Take advantage of this month to put yourself in the driver’s seat of your life to get what it is you desire.

Cancer- The Hierophant

As previously stated, this month will be one of emotional peaks and valleys Cancer. As a sign who is so in tune with the realm of feelings, the Hierophant is here to remind you of the spiritual ramifications. Classically a nurturer, those around you may be in emotional distresses you may not be fully equipped to handle. Finding a spiritual practice to balance it all could be useful. The Hierophant is also connected to discipline and structure. Taking elements of both spirit and structure to stay above water will ease your heart so you can fully help others.

Leo - Seven of Pentacles

This month you are reaping the rewards of past work Leo. The Seven of Pentacles is the card of harvest. So look forward to whatever rewards are in store for your past efforts. The duality to this card is a fear of failing or an unsureness that a reward will be there. I say this to remind you that sometimes its the little things that will have a a big payout in the future. Ultimately, there will be worthwhile surprises for you.

Virgo - The Moon

This is one of, if not the most complex tarot card Virgo. The Moon appears when we are truly uncertain of what’s next. This month may be a period where seeking guidance is essential. The Moon card rules illusions, and things not being what they seem. Having a trust worthy friend give you a second opinion could spare you from taking any wrong turns.

Libra - The Empress

A perfect card for your season. The Empress card is all about beauty and the divine feminine. This October treat yourself to something luxurious, nurture yourself and those you love. This could also be a sign to connect with any of the mother figures in your life. Remember the beauty you see in others is an extension of the beauty that is in yourself.

Scorpio - Three of Pentacles

Teamwork makes the dream work! Scorpio, this month you’ll accomplish things much quicker by pooling energy. Whatever the task at hand, looking around and realizing that it is too much for one person will be a time saver. Along with team work, this card represents coworkers as well. You may find that work related dramas are at a high or, there is some issue at work you may have to leave behind.

Sagittarius -Queen of Pentacles

The Queen of Pentacles rules over earthly comforts. This month, simply reconnect to that which ignites a sense of comfort Sag. Treat yourself to enriching meals, new decor, and cozy environments. As the suit of pentacles also rules over finances and business you might find you are more finically secure to indulge.

Capricorn - Ace of Wands

You are at a heightened level of energy Capricorn. The Ace appears when there is a burst of literal or creative energy. In what framework can you use this boost to further or create your dreams? Apply this time to taking aligned actions towards your goals and watch all you will accomplish.

Aquarius -The Emperor

You are restructuring your life for the better. The Emperor is here to aid you in your self government. Being naturally rebellious, you prefer your own authority to others and now its time to put it to the test. Trust yourself. In what areas of your life would like to gain more control? Now is the time to ask and see what miracles occur once you gain it.

Pisces - Six of Cups

Traditionally, the Six of Cups is associated with nostalgia and the joys of familiarity, but its also the card of pleasure. October will reconnect you with what brings you pleasure and delight Pisces. Create space to fully give yourself over to the things that bring you joy. Lose all shade around the things that grant you pleasure, and feel your heart soar.