Tarotscopes | September 2022

TAROTSCOPES | September 2022

By Justin Taylor

Hello everyone! Summer is ending and fall is dawning upon us. This September, the stars are a little convoluted at best. With retrogrades, harsh lunations and Mars still in Gemini, it will be an interesting month for sure. We start off with Venus entering Virgo on the second of the month. Venus in Virgo isn’t the best collectively, as it highlights flaws and our own limitations around love.  There may be a tendency in ourselves and others to nit pick and fix our loved ones in a way that is not necessary, so be mindful. 

On September 10th we have a full moon in Pisces, an ending around emotional attachments which have not played out as desired. This full moon is transiting Mars the planet of aggression making for what could be a harsh reality of how things are not desirable at this time. On the same day we have mercury going retrograde in the sign of Libra. Rethinking, redoing and renewing our interpersonal relationships. This might be an intense day. 

The theme of interpersonal friction does not end there.  On the 16th we have Venus in Virgo squaring Mars in Gemini. Ultimately, this makes for a semi flirtatious yet serious nagging or annoyed perception of those close to us.

Toward the end of the month we have a beautiful new moon in Libra on September 26th. This new moon will help clear up all of the infighting that has taken place up until this point. Resolution will be found, and hopefully, will look to correct any and all misunderstandings in our personal and collective lives.

The card for the collective this month is the Eight of Cups. This card is a bit of a heavy one as it asks us to to face all the ways we are emotionally unfulfilled. Especially after taking a look at the astrology for this September you can see a theme of ourself and the other. In what ways do we not feel loved back? In what areas are we even scared to be loved? Taking a look at this could be freeing as it shows us our own limitations around the ways we engage with other people. 



Aries – Seven of Pentacles

Investing in yourself is key this month. The Seven of Pentacles is all about planting the seeds now so your rewards are there in the future. Take this literally if you’ve been thinking about financial investments, or abstractly if you know there’s something you want to purchase now that may be helpful later. This card could also be speaking about education, if there is any courses or learning opportunities apply for them!

Taurus – Ten of Cups

This September your dreams become reality Taurus. There is few happier cards than the Ten of Cups. After a long, emotional journey you finally achieve what you’ve been longing for. If single, this could be an indicator of a new partnership. If partnered you may deepen your connection or take things to the next level. Ultimately, you are surrounded by joy and have so much to look forward to.

Gemini – King of Swords

A very austere September awaits Gemini. When the King of Swords appears it is time to take things seriously. What have you been putting off? What have you been thinking but not taking action around? This Card literally screams that it is time to get real. Even though it may be challenging you have to make strict choices in order to benefit yourself.

Cancer- Seven of Cups

Your head may have been in the clouds these past months Cancer. It is time now to look at the reality. Ask yourself what disappointments there are currently in your life, and stop avoiding them. Avoiding your pain is only making it worse. It’s through acceptance that these issues have no more power over you.

Leo – Temperance

Finding balance is hard to do, but is necessary. This September working on balancing your life may be a theme Leo. In some esoteric circles this card is entitled Art. One could say that the art of temperance is the alchemy that comes along with it. It is not about getting it right, but more so leveling things in a way where it is harmonious. Whether you are balancing work and life, social circles and personal time it is all the same. Perfection isn’t the goal, peace is.

Virgo -Justice

The law of cause and effect will never be as clear as it is now. Virgo, this September you will see that there is little to no need to stress. Use this as a reminder that things will naturally resolve and reconcile themselves. Justice appears when things have been off centered and is here to restore order. In essence, step back and let the cards fall as they lay.

Libra – Queen of Pentacles

Getting back in touch with the pleasures of life is a wonderful outlet for you Libra. The Queen of Pentacles is about self care and taking it easy. If things have been challenging as of late, use this as an omen to step back. As you are ruled by Venus, this should come very easy for you.

Scorpio – Queen of Cups

Already highly emotional and intuitive, you might be more tapped into this energy in September. Scorpio, this month take time to process things as they show up for you, but do your best to not become maudlin over the past. Instead find an outlet to use your feelings as tools. Creativity, counseling loved ones, and shared healing are great alternatives to self isolation.

Sagittarius –Two of Cups

Love is on your mind this month Sag! Romantic or platonic the Two of Cups is about deep partnership, shared experiences and love in its purest form. This September chase the things that give you the feeling of love. Be open to sharing your heart with those who give you theirs, and embrace this time. If single, you may not be for long.

Capricorn –Six of Pentacles

What a perfect card for you Capricorn. Success is associated with the Six of Cups. At this moment ask yourself what success means to you. Something this month will spark this feeling, leading you to understand your capability for success. Reminder: success is about a lot more than monetary achievement.

Aquarius -Three of Cups

Your social life is about to take off Aquarius! The Three of Cups is about social circles, parties and celebrations. This September you might find yourself more socially obligated than normal, enjoy it! Surround yourself with the people that bring you joy and soak up all the fun you can. This could also be an indictor of something very monumental to celebrate as well.

Pisces – Knight of Cups

The Knight of Cups is a solider of love. Led by emotions you will be willing to mediate and always put love first this month. Themes of emotional strength and a loving heart are nothing new to you Pisces. If you are confronted with any opposition this month remember to put your love for the other person, or for yourself first and not get caught up in petty fights. As emotional harmony is the true purpose for the battle you are fighting.