What is Paranormal Awareness?

What is Paranormal Awareness?

By Kaedrich Olsen

Paranormal awareness is the ability to sense and perceive subtle energy and spiritual beings in the space around you.

It comes with the knowing that we live in a reality that intersects with various levels of existence and different types of energetic beings that live there.

This can include, but is not limited to, the spiritual realms of the afterlife. This is what we most commonly think of as a paranormal reality.

But there are many other layers to subtle reality that include the realms of nature spirits, ascended beings, interdimensional realities, and a plethora of creatures that defy categorization.

From birth we are all gifted with the ability to connect and interact with these subtle layers of existence. But through our upbringing, many of us were taught to suppress, ignore, and shun any sort of connections we made with subtle beings.

We carry this through our lives, gaining only small snippets of extradimensional contact. Only to shrug it off and admonish the silly notion that there is anything beyond our material plane of existence.

But perhaps you know differently. Perhaps you have seen little snippets of the beyond, even acknowledged that there is something more to our lives. And maybe, with that acknowledgment comes the curiosity to explore even further.

To help take you down this road of exploration we need to challenge the widely accepted notion that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. The more you delve into the complex reality of your being, the more you will find this simply is not true. The truth is far more complex.

We are spiritual and physical beings having a dynamic experience. The spirit and the flesh create each other through the experience of it. The more you experience your spiritual existence, the more you create it. What happens to one side of your existence affects the other.

Your spirituality and physicality are mutually connected.

With that understanding, we can begin to develop and hone your skills in paranormal awareness.

How do you know if you have paranormal awareness? Well, ask yourself these questions.

Have you ever sensed the presence of someone in the room with you? It can feel like someone is staring at you. Maybe it felt like someone was in the room next to you. Even feeling a touch or something moving your hair. But you cannot see anyone in the room with you.

Maybe you had a dream of a loved one who recently died. The experience felt so real, and the things they told you were comforting and gave you hope for their existence beyond the death of the body.

Was there a time you smelled something strange? Like the perfume of someone you once knew. The sudden burst of the smell of flowers, especially roses. Or even an awful smell. Accompanying the smell was a particular emotion or a memory.

How about catching the glimpse of a human-shaped form, only for it to disappear the moment you looked directly at it.

Identifying your Subtle Senses

All of these are examples of your clair-senses detecting subtle energy and conveying that information to your awareness.

Clair-senses include-
Clairsentience – the feeling of energy around you, like someone is nearby by, looking at you
Clairtangency – the feeling that someone touching you
Clairaudience – hearing subtle energy, like a sound or vibration
Clairalience – picking up the subtle smells around you, with a memory associated to it
Clairempathy – feeling the emotions of energy or beings
Claircognizance – receiving subtle communication, like telepathy or just “knowing”

Just as you have eyes to see, ears to hear, skin to feel, and a nose to smell, you have the subtle energy equivalent as a normal and natural part of your existence.

As a child, these senses may have been just as active as your physical senses. But over the years, you have learned that it is safer and easier not to acknowledge the reception of information from your subtle senses.

Believing is Seeing

Reactivating and developing your subtle senses is actually easier than you may think. But it does have its pitfalls.

There is a cycle of believing and seeing. If you at first can believe a little. That there is a paranormal reality around you, and that you have the capacity to perceive it. Then, you open your abilities, just a little.

The moment you perceive something, no matter how slight or subtle, acknowledge it for what it is. If you discount it and push it away, you may close your senses again. Just accept, for now that maybe you really did have a paranormal experience.

This acknowledgment and acceptance open your abilities, just a little bit more. So that the next time, you are even more aware of the paranormal experience. That opens your belief a bit more, enabling you to perceive even more.

The more you engage this cycle, the more you exercise your subtle abilities, and the stronger they get.

What happens next?

If at any time you feel fear, think that you are connecting to something dangerous, or have old fear-beliefs coming up about the scariness of the paranormal, I invite you to do a few little shifts.

If there is an entity you are connecting with. Instead of “OMG what are you going to do to me!!?”, think and feel, “Oh, I know you are there. Is there something I can do to help you?” Feeling this compassion changes the energy of your being and the nature of the connection you are forming. Of course, never agree to do anything you are uncomfortable with.

If your opening perceptions give you confirmation that there is indeed a subtle being in your presence, the moment you feel fear, shift it to awe and wonder. Let yourself express gratitude for perceiving this being. Then turn that into the notion of, “Oh wow! You are real! That is really cool! And I know you are there!”

These shifts in emotional energy will change the energy state around you, circumventing any potential negative interaction, and promoting positive perceptions of the paranormal reality around you.

Of course, you can always reach out to higher guidance, ascended beings, and protective entities to help assist in positive experiences with developing your paranormal awareness. They are always there to help you. All you have to do is ask in earnest.

No matter what, have fun with this process and happy exploring!


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