Tarot Practice for Revolutionary Self-Care

Tarot Practice for Revolutionary Self-Care

By Sterling Moon

Self-care is a big deal. Without it, we burn ourselves out and are unable to nurture the things that matter in our lives. That said, most of us approach self-care in a rather indulgent way. We clear the schedule for our spiritual baths, buy ourselves that treat we’ve been coveting, and push people who are taking a little too much of our energy at arms’ length. I ain’t judging because I do the exact same thing.

I’ve been wondering lately if a lot of us need to add another approach to our self-care toolkits. One of the things I love about Aquarius season is the fresh perspective that it brings and the waning days of this sign gives us an opportunity to examine our lives, our choices, and our responsibility to show up for ourselves in a new way.

There is a lot of collective distress happening as old structures are crumbling or shifting. It’s hard to see the forest for the trees when you are in the midst of the crumbling of The Tower. As things change, we have a tremendous responsibility to live out the missions we were sent here for and that is going to require us to step up our game.

My sweet friends, I challenge you to take charge and take responsibility for the areas of your life that are not working. This is revolutionary self-care and I promise it will literally change your life. You are not to blame for wrongs that have been committed against you or the abuses you have experienced, yet the only one that can bring you true healing is you.

I grew up in a home with an abusive, alcoholic father and a loving, Aquarian mother who was doing her best to manage it all. I could have easily let anger and substance abuse rule my life and had the perfect excuse - I had a shitty, scary childhood. I went down a self-destructive path and had to course correct with loving guidance from friends, my mother, and spirit, because that was not the life I am meant to live. Taking accountability for my choices has led me to reexamine my relationship to money, body image, relationship patterns, and so many other areas...and the work will never be done. I don’t say that with exhaustion. I say it with conviction because I am here for a reason. And so are you.

Tarot Practice for Revolutionary Self-Care

In addition to your tarot deck, please have a notebook or journal and something to write with.

Preparation: Close your eyes and take a few big breaths. Envision that you are surrounded by a perfect circle of light, any color that comes to mind. Ask out loud for your guides, ancestors, and highest self to bring you guidance. Thank them in advance for their assistance.

Writing exercise: What are the things I’ve endured that are not my fault and are still impacting my life?
Tarot draw: What can support me in moving forward?

Writing exercise: What is not working in my life? What are my hardships? In what ways am I unhappy and unhealthy?
Tarot draw: What can support me in making changes?

Writing exercise: What are my strengths?
Tarot draw: Where can I put those talents and gifts to the best use?

Writing exercise: What do I want from my life? Be specific.
Tarot draw: What changes do I need to make in order to reach my goals?

Ask your guides and ancestors out loud for a message of support and guidance. Pull the number of cards that seems appropriate. Trust your intuition.

Sit with what you have learned. Revisit as necessary and, most importantly, do the work.

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