The Lion’s Roar: A Tarot Spread for Strength

The Lion’s Roar:

A Tarot Spread for Strength

By Sterling Moon

Late summer is when many of us get our proverbial poop in a group. August, at least in the West, brings hot days, but also the first hints that Fall is just around the corner. Our gardens are at peak production, but some of the leaves and flowers are showing the first signs of withering. There’s a contrast between sunshine and abundance and knowing that it’s time to start thinking about preserving food for the colder months or going back to school or just how rad it is that Halloween is a couple of months away.

This August carries extra heaviness and it has taken me awhile to put my finger on why. I had a reading with the amazing Karyn Crisis a couple of weeks ago and I told her about the deep anxiety I had been feeling lately. Sometimes the problems of the world feel so huge that I almost can't stand it, which was then leading to almost paralyzing worry in my daily life. She reminded me that often we feel things that are happening collectively and that if I was feeling this way, maybe I wasn’t alone. I began to notice that almost everyone I knew was confronting something that they feared in addition to being petrified by what is occurring in the United States and globally. This got me thinking about two things. The first was the concept of infinite energy. Energy cannot be created or destroyed and the ripple effects of our actions, thoughts, and words live on, potentially forever. I was also reminded of something a good friend always tells me: “What you focus on expands.” We are living in exceedingly trying times and it feels like we are at a tipping point. Our choices are creating consequences that will be felt beyond our lifetime. We also need to own that when we succumb to negativity we can unintentionally “call in” more to fear. Left unchecked, we run the risk of perpetuating what feels like a neverending downward spiral.

I believe it is time to call in the message of the tarot card Strength. Below you will find a tarot spread designed to help you find areas that you can build your strength and consider the infinite energy you are contributing to the world. Strength is ruled by Leo, so it does have a bit of grandiosity and dramatic flair, as shown in the classic Smith-Rider-Waite image of the maiden gently closing the jaws of the lion. More importantly, the Strength card carries a quiet bravery and a willingness to confront danger with a spine of steel and gentle hands. I had planned on creating a tarot spread for the Leo season that was frivolous and fun, but this is not the year for that. I hope you will find this tarot spread helpful. I hope it will call you out in a loving way. I hope it will help you identify ways to step into your own strength and power and tap into the fierce, majestic lion that I know you are!


A Tarot Spread for Strength

Preparation: If you would like, you can take the Strength card out of your deck and use it as a significator, which is just a fancy word for a card that is consciously chosen to anchor your intention for your tarot reading. Close your eyes and take a few big breaths. Envision that you are surrounded by a perfect circle of light, any color that comes to mind. Visualize the lemniscate or infinity symbol. Ask out loud for your guides, ancestors, and highest self to bring you guidance. Thank them in advance for their assistance. When you feel settled, shuffle your cards and begin.


Card 1: Where is my strength being tested?
Card 2: Where in my life do I need to step up to the challenges?
Card 3: Where am I expending unnecessary energy?
Card 4: Where am I at a tipping point of choosing how I use or where I put my energy?
Card 5: Where can my strengths shine?
Card 6: Where is the best focal point for my energy?
Card 7: Where do I need to build strength?
Card 8: At this point in time, what is the infinite energy I am contributing to the world and my own lineage?

Pro tip: If any of the cards trigger a negative reaction, sit with it. Don’t discount it. This could offer an opportunity to search for the proverbial silver lining or it could even offer a suggestion of things to avoid or an area that you need to switch your thought patterns.|@sterlingmoontarot