Love Letters from a Witch: Mentor Breakups

Mentor Breakups

I don’t call myself a Bruja anymore because I’m not of Latin descent. While I have deep ancestral cords that tie me to wisdom beyond my comprehension or within the environment I grew up in. I am apprehensive to fully embrace and reclaim my spiritual origins for fear of ridicule (both real and imagined). For the last 11 years, I have filed my taxes as a Spiritual Counselor. I call myself a Witch and unapologetically take up space with that title. I’m not Wiccan or a devotee of any single Deity. I am an omnipresent non-denominational Priestess. Which means I practice magic, give one on one psychic, spiritual, creative, and life advice. I perform ceremonies, public ritual, teach classes, meditations, and create tools of empowerment. I purposely do not identify with one religious denomination anymore because I need to be available to all people who don’t necessarily feel connected to one thing or another. It’s also part of my own healing of being multiracial and not having a set place of practices or things I can claim because of it. I exist in the liminal for others who do so too. For those who do not know where to go or whom to talk to? I’m not a fashion witch or necessarily the popular one, because I don’t have time, or the agent, or PR team to create a brand or persona. I am not friendly or warm upon meeting. I’m high functioning on the Autism Spectrum (something I’ve only recently been ok with sharing after years of masking, humiliation, and misdiagnoses). I’m just myself. Annoying or off-putting to some. Inspiring or resilient to others. Either way, whatever you think of me is none of my business. But here we are. So in full transparency, I write to you today, about a part of my path that is not mystical but is truly the foundation of my magic, and what I think a lot of us in this community are experiencing. Especially over the last few years. So here it is.

I don’t affiliate myself anymore with certain teachings or teachers specifically because they were problematic, they borrowed (and in some cases co-opted or stole), and were never really vetted by the people who they claim taught them in the first place. I used to revere these beings without question. With a fierce loyalty because I was raised to fear the authority if you want to survive. Only in the last few years have I come to understand how certain things didn’t fully sit right. Not because of someone else’s questioning my own ethics by association, but because how could someone who helped me so much, be so problematic. I do want to take this moment to apologize for the harm I may have perpetuated in the search and struggle with my own identity. I am sincerely sorry for not having wide enough lenses to see beyond my own survival and experience. Only realizing now that none of these bloodlines can excuse me from pain others have endured. However, they can arm me with the strength to do better. I walk with generations of warriors and wisdom keepers behind me. I also share lines of origin with criminals and abusers of power. I no longer hold shame for these truths and not understanding them completely. It’s taken many years, unpacking, uncovering, unearthing secrets, pain, and truth. This is not for the faint of heart! There is a reason why growth is called growth.

We live in important times of acknowledgment, reparations, truth talk, and reclamation. It is now more than ever a time to go back to our magical roots. To uphold the integrity of what we are doing, and truly clear the karmic channel. If we are going to be better, we have to do better. No one has access to all information at all times. But once one does, it then becomes your responsibility to uphold integrity. It is now my responsibility to see where the pain exists and amend it, for myself and others without perpetuating shame culture. This isn’t about canceling people and perpetuating persecution. It’s also not about bypassing the bigger issue. This is about accountability. Making new vows and commitments to true healing on a collective scale. So I offer you this exercise in understanding your part, and what responsibility looks like. I invite you to clear the channel and begin anew. To amend any past action in your lifetime and in your ancestral lines, and start the action of moving towards greater awareness, consciousness, and healing. While it is true we cannot change the past we can certainly course correct the present, allowing the option of a better future.

On either a Saturday or a New Moon, begin with quiet contemplation in a space (indoors or outdoors) where you will not be disturbed. Spend a few moments in long deep breath connecting to your physical body and your presence on this earth. Thank the earth for holding you in support at this time. You may wish to call on your ancestors to hold space for you at this time, as this healing is for them as well. You may wish to just be with the elements. When you are ready, place your hands together with palms up, in the gesture of giving a gift outward from the body.

Then recite the following:
I now clear and release any cords, hooks, vows, or attachments to any teacher, teachings, tools or wisdom throughout the ages that have been stolen, appropriated, or co-opted for the benefit of myself (presently or ancestrally) at the suppression of another. I now give back what was never mine to carry, employ, or gain from. And so it is!

Now take your hands and place them over your heart. Then recite the following:
I am a clear channel for positive, nourishing, and revitalizing sacred practices that are authentic, ethical, and in alignment for my spiritual work and legacy. I honor the gifts of working with my soul’s truth. And so it is!

Now take your hands down by your side, with palms facing down towards the Earth. Then recite the following:
I acknowledge, amend, and course correct as needed with Harm to None. And so it is!

To close the work acknowledge those that have come, gone, educated, and held space for you during this process of learning, and amending. Then recite:
It is done, it is done, it is done!

While this may be the end of the suggested ritual, it is just the beginning of a new way of being. One that will change your life and path perhaps in ways that make it unrecognizable. Let this be the greatest gift of all. The one where we get to make a difference as individuals, but for the collective healing of all beings.

With love always,