Love Note to Taurus Tarot Spread

A Love Note To Taurus:
Tarot Spread to Exalt the Season of the Bull

By Sterling Moon

I love Taurus season. In Colorado, we start having our first 60+ degree days in late April and even warmer into May. We still usually have a random snowstorm or two, but the sweet budding flowers look all the prettier covered with a light dusting of snow. The air smells good, our senses wake up, and we can sink our bare toes into the earth for the first time in months. Life feels good, baby, good!

I love Tauruses. If you’ve ever been lucky enough to be loved by a Taurus, you know the high points. They love to give gifts. They are delightful to share a meal with. They will literally want to share so you both can try a little of least they will want to share until they find their favorites on the table. Then it is theirs, but they may order another round for you. They delight in anything that pleases the senses. Fuzzy blankets and cozy sweaters. Art and music that pulls at the heart and turns the stomach. Back rubs, kisses, and well, you know. Tauruses are grounded and patient. They often have the funniest feet with squarish toes. Once they decide to love you, their loyalty can be lifelong.

Taurus is far from perfect. They can be infuriatingly stubborn. Never tell a Taurus to hurry up. Their delight in the material can lead them to forget that the most important things in life are not things. They can overspend. They can be unfaithful lovers, but not see themselves as such.

That said, we all can find ways to indulge and root down during Taurus season. May you find ways to ground and celebrate the sensual aspects of your life!


Tarot Spread to Exalt the Season of the Bull

Preparation: Close your eyes and take a few big breaths. Envision that you are surrounded by a perfect circle of light, any color that comes to mind. Visualize the astrological symbol for Taurus. Ask out loud for your guides, ancestors, and highest self to bring you guidance. Thank them in advance for their assistance. When you feel settled, shuffle your cards and begin.


Card 1: How can you best indulge your senses right now?
Card 2: Where do you need to dig in your heels & be a bit more stubborn?
Card 3: Where do you need to slow down?
Card 4: How can you best take care of your physical body?
Card 5: Where do you need a bit more patience?
Card 6: How can you best exalt the season of the Bull?

Pro tip: If any of the cards trigger a negative reaction, sit with it. Don’t discount it. This could offer an opportunity to search for the proverbial silver lining or it could even offer a suggestion of things to avoid or an area that you need to switch your thought patterns.|@sterlingmoontarot