Love Letters From A Witch: Be Your Own Witch

Be Your Own Witch

Finding a way through darkness can often feel like you are being swallowed from the inside out. The desperate relief you seek can feel unobtainable when everything you reach for that’s promising to fix you has no effect on your grief or discomfort. Which can often make one feel like they have been abandoned on the threshold of life. I cannot tell you how to live a life without pain. Or how to formulate a ritual that can erase your human nature. However, I can share that Magic in all its forms has been my ally, best friend, and constant companion. No matter how I felt, or who was around. Magic and my practice have never abandoned me, which in turn has shown me even at the lowest of times, how to not abandon myself.

Practicing Magic and being a Witch is something that I used to be scoffed at for. To live in an age to see it so widely embraced is something I’ve dreamed of but I am also frightened by. It was only 10 years ago that I was being screamed at and trolled for setting up in cafes and flea markets for reading tarot cards. Not that long ago that I was called a fucking freak or being jeered at by a group of punks chanting “Burn her, Burn her”. It’s still very real for me when even friends express discomfort with my knowledge of things, or how dating has been an extra surreal experience when your romantic interest is frightened by your kinetic nature. So to see it widely commodified or wanted to be summoned into one’s life so deliberately, I often ask “Why would you want this?’, but then I remember. I remember how magic brought me back to life again and again. How being a Witch empowered me to face all the parts of myself that I was most afraid of. It reconnected me to the spirit living in all things and rooted me back into believing that anything is possible. It gave me faith and hope that no matter what awful ache or loneliness I felt, it would always be there.

You may come to your path by way of your pain, seeking love, wanting community, or looking for a miracle. The reasons may vary and no one can tell you (in my opinion) what is the right approach. My only suggestion would be, to be honest with your intentions. To do it for you and not for the approval of others, on the internet or in real life. Show respect for the energies, tools, and elders who shared the wisdom before you. If not I can promise it will be mirrored back to you, in some way or another. Working with Magic is an exchange and a promise. A life worth living for an honest heart and reverence for all that resides to support you. It will reward you greatly if you are forthcoming. Be forewarned however it will quickly put your ass in check if you don’t respect or honor the exchange of what you are summoning into your life. Also be careful what you wish for. Magic will certainly deliver it. While you may be able to conjure love, money, wisdom, beauty, and vision remember the exchange of your dedication, respect, service, and energy to be met. True magic is not a one sided or selfish practice. It is one of honest appraisal of one’s own heart and life. So here you see the importance of authenticity and finding your own expression within the cosmic interconnectedness of it all, and why it’s so very important during these evolutionary times to Be Your Own Witch.

- Marcella Kroll

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