Black Moon Lilith

Black Moon Lilith 


Archetype:  The Witch

Color:  Black

Symbols:  Owl, Serpent, Wildcat

Gemstones:  Onyx, Black Diamond, Smoky Quartz

Elements:  Water, Fire

Sign:  Scorpio

Lilith is a wild and fierce force. In Hebrew, her name is translated to “night creature, “night monster” or “screech owl.” She is the quintessential witch archetype, and we are mistakenly taught that she is to be feared. Her mythology is a story of exile from the Garden of Eden for refusal to submit to a man. She returns as both snake and seductress, filled with knowledge. In astrology, Lilith represents the parts of ourselves we have exiled into our own emotional wilderness. She represents a primal nature, and what we have been taught to silence or repress. She asks us to reveal and embrace our shadow sides. Lilith knows that by owning and investigating guilt, shame, and pain, it will transform into power. Locate where Black Moon Lilith appears in your astrology chart (sign/house) as this will inform where in your life this reclamation can occur.

In astrology, the Black Moon is not a physical celestial body. Rather, it is an abstract point in space; an obscure vortex. Since the Moon’s orbit around the Earth is elliptical, rather than circular, it has two orbital foci. One is the Earth, and the other is Black Moon Lilith. Some say she is connected to the lunar apogee, the point where the Moon is farthest from the Earth. Although you can’t see her, she is ever-present, always holding space for our mystifying relationship between the Earth and Moon. Black Moon Lilith’s magic is potent and profoundly healing, but is not for the faint of heart. Lilith brings forth the dark night of the soul, which feels isolating and disorienting at times, but is ultimately spiritually rich and rewarding. Lilith illuminates only your most authentic path, obliterating what is false and standing in your way. She unravels egoist structures that interfere with the soul’s true expression. In social justice work, this looks like examining privilege and working against oppressive power structures. Lilith is full of valid and sacred rage, giving voice to those that were previously silenced. When anger is directed and released in a conscious way, it can lead to justice and empowerment. Lilith's hard work is accompanied by courage and deep love. Transformation can be a painful process, but ultimately carries you to a higher octave of consciousness. In birth chart calculations, I use the "Lilith Corridor," the space between the Mean Lilith & True Lilith locations in your birth chart. Contact or visit for an astrology reading or to learn more about this archetype in your birth chart.


Aries- Primal WarriorFire sets boundaries and initiates acts of courage. Develop positive leadership skills and confident assertion. Your fierce independence cannot be tamed, making relationships a challenge. Work with the shame surrounding your primal passion, body, and sexuality- it is the gateway to your power.

Taurus- Steward of the EarthConnect with earth-based traditions. Become embodied. Plant deep, sustainable roots. You have the power to make beauty blossom in unlikely places. Integrate your shadow of rigidity, possessiveness, and issues around self-worth. You are worthy of abundance.

Gemini- Wielder of Words Heal and reclaim the power of your voice. Release what has been silenced. Understand that words and symbols create and reflect the Universe. With that in mind, cast conscious spells. Reconcile false binaries/dualities.

Cancer- Keeper of the HearthSensitivity is strength. Vulnerability is beautiful, regardless of what you've been told. Fiercely reject misogyny and disrespect for mothers. Tap into your healing powers through accessing compassion. Work with healing modalities. Integrate shadow of codependency and false attachments to the needs of others.

Leo- Creative CommanderRelease your inner roar. Lead with your heart, and others will follow. Access your creative gifts. Don't let your fear of rejection stop you from sharing them. Integrate shadows of entitlement and attention seeking behaviors, or it can lead to child-like ego battles.

Virgo- Sacred Servant Break the chains of servitude and resist exploitation. Discipline and devotion should be directed toward spiritual and sacred work. The mastery of your craft is a divine offering to the world. Your perfectionism and fears of humiliation are a response to being mistreated. Forgiveness and self-love are the remedies to self-criticism.

Libra- Scales of Justice Walk the line of delicate balance. Demand equity in relationships. Restore equilibrium when harm has been done. Justice can be served in a cosmic and karmic manner. Integrate shadow of people pleasing tendencies that lead to dishonest relationship dynamics.

Scorpio- Powerful Transformer Develop erotic intelligence. Direct passion in productive ways. Deep investigation leads to psychological breakthroughs, understanding, and growth. Shatter false pretenses. Own your sexual power. Integrate shadows of fixation and attraction to what’s unhealthy for you.

Sagittarius- Wisdom of the WildStep into the unknown. Your intuition is your compass. Wild and expansive energy should not be contained. Listen to yourself, and be cautious not to buy into others belief systems. The archer’s arrow pierces straight through lies. Learn as much as you can about your spiritual nature.

Capricorn- Old Soul Trust your own authority. Walk with integrity. Carry the ancient wisdom of the earth. Also, allow the Earth to carry you. Choose wisely which ambitions to pursue. Integrate shadow of control and the belief that accomplishment depends on the recognition of others.

Aquarius- Electric Energy Plug into the collective consciousness. Set your vibration high. Don’t dim your energy to please others. Allow your unique brilliance to shine. Help humanity progress through innovation and collaboration. Integrate shadow of conformity and detachment.

Pisces-The VisionaryCultivate spiritual intelligence and psychic awareness. Work alongside angelic spirits and guides. Listen to their messages sent through dreams and meditation. Do not sacrifice your gifts to appear normative. Integrate shadow of victim consciousness, escapism, and confusion.

Author: Leah Samuels is an astrologer, artist & intuitive.

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Image 1: Phantom Forest by Husvik